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Turn A Website Into An App with Appy Pie

Turn A Website Into An App with Appy Pie

Roberto Popolizio
Why would you convert a website into an app? What are the key challenges? How can you go from website to app in the quickest, most affordable way possible?

In this interview, Abhinav Girdhar will show you why converting a website to apps is worth it, and what are the options for getting the job done – and explain why Appy Pie might be a safe choice for you.

A little intro first. What’s Appy Pie’s story? What was the idea behind it?

Headquartered in Noida, India, I founded Appy Pie in 2016. Appy Pie is a no-code business solutions provider for businesses of all sizes, scales, and scopes. We are on a mission to democratize application development by empowering anyone to build digital products that meet their needs without coding. Here are the salient points that set us apart from the competition.
  • Affordable solutions for any budget
  • Easy to use platform that needs no programming experience
  • Single platform for a whole range of no-code business solutions
  • No need to hire a new resource
Prior to Appy Pie, I ran a new media firm specializing in website design & development and SEO & SEM. We started getting inquiries about mobile apps on very tight budgets. So we started researching for a CMS like WordPress for mobile apps; however, we could not find anything. Hence, I decided to develop our own CMS.

Most of the leadership team transitioned from the new media service business to the no-code solutions business. Today we have 220+ team members working on various Appy Pie products.

As the SaaS market is booming, app-makers are popping up like mushrooms. What’s your secret to staying ahead of the competition?

We are the only company that offers an entire bouquet of no-code solutions for SMBs, and I don’t see any competitor on the horizon, as ours is a unique platform. The most important and unique value we offer is – democratization of technology so that anyone, irrespective of their technical knowledge, can use the platform to launch and grow their business. To take it further, we offer affordable plans to level the playfield for businesses of all sizes, scopes, and scales.

Further, there are many crucial ways in which we stand apart and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Round the clock assistance from start to finish
  • Help with app submission to app stores from start to finish
  • Real-time updates on the app
  • A single platform for multiple business solutions

What are the Reasons to Turn a Website into an App?

A mobile app can support your business website and help boost your business in several ways. 

Apps are popular, and an average user spends at least two hours a day on apps. So, when you have an app, you improve your business’ visibility. Additionally, a mobile app has multiple convenient features like push notifications, one-tap access to business contacts that can help you stay connected with customers 24/7, from anywhere, and through any device.

Apps also work faster than websites. Users can save their preferences on an app which significantly speeds up the processing. Also, an app stores data locally, making data retrieval and delivery a lot more efficient. 

Mobile apps are safer, especially when you need to make a purchase and use sensitive financial information. 

Adding an app to your digital identity goes a long way in establishing your brand, increasing your revenue, adding a layer of security, and displaying your authority to your target audience. 

Let’s be honest here… Can free apps really help websites make money?

Of course! Free apps are one of the most effective ways to make money. Let me tell you how. You can show ads in your app and charge the advertisers based on views or clicks. You can also offer an ad-free experience in exchange and levy a charge for it. 

Sell physical merchandise, branded goodies, or virtual goods from within your app. You can also sell upgrades or access to premium features. 

Offer basic content for free, and for those users who want more, offer a subscription or premium version of your app with more content, advanced features, etc. 

Seek out a sponsor with a comparable target audience, craft a white label app, and customize the app’s design to align with their brand. You have the opportunity to negotiate a sponsorship arrangement that includes a revenue sharing arrangement or a monthly sponsorship fee.

Join a mobile affiliate network and advertise relevant apps, products, and services on your mobile app to make money from your free app. 

If you have an app for a religious or non-profit organization, your mobile app is a great way to organize a fundraiser or crowdfunding campaign. 

What are the Ways to Convert a Website into an App?

There may be more than one way, but honestly, the most efficient way to convert a website into an app is through Appy Pie. You need no coding skills, you don’t need to hire a special resource, and most importantly, it only takes a few minutes! 

Here’s how you do it:
  • Enter the name of your business
  • Enter the URL of your website
  • Click to convert the website into an app and go live!
It is that simple! And you get hands-on assistance from our support team all the way through!

Can you provide some ideas for apps that are in demand right now?

Work from home has become a norm these days, and for that reason, we see a lot of demand for education apps, on-demand delivery apps, food delivery apps more than the other categories. 

And some tips on how to get your app noticed?

The most effective way to get your app noticed is through ASO. It consists of a combination of best practices that help you rank higher on the app store search results. Some of these include using a proper title, clearly defining the purpose of your app, listing out features in bullets, adding keywords in your description, creating a vibrant app preview, choosing the right category, and replying to all the reviews (even the negative ones, especially the negative ones).

Apart from ASO, you should focus on a good app icon so that people enjoy looking at it on their home screen. Additionally, promote your app on social media, online forums, online app directories, app review sites, and more. You can also participate in awards and encourage your happy customers to write reviews for you! Traditional methods like SMS and email marketing are as effective as creating blog posts and engaging in content marketing. 

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