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How S-PRO Reached 78% annual growth: The Full Story by CEO Igor Izraylevych

How S-PRO Reached 78% annual growth: The Full Story by CEO Igor Izraylevych

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet had the opportunity to speak with Igor Izraylevych, CEO & Co-Founder of S-PRO, a Swiss-based software engineering company. The company has over nine years of experience, 250 people and more than 300 delivered solutions.

A must-read for anyone looking to learn how a successful agency reached an impressive 78% annual growth rate through solving the common pain points faced by their clients. We will also learn what skills and tools are essential to their success, and how they plan to make their growth sustainable in the future.

Let’s introduce S-PRO to our audience. What services do you offer?

S-PRO AG is a digital strategy and software engineering firm for startups and enterprises. The company has over nine years of experience, 250 people and more than 300 delivered solutions. S-PRO’s primary expertise is FinTech, Healthcare and Energy domains and technology competencies in AI, Blockchain and CX solutions.

The main services are business consulting, product discovery, UI/UX design, MVP development, and software engineering.

How does your mission differ from other companies in your niche?

We are driven by our values which help us to research newer technologies and practices and deliver technology projects in a better way. (Personal Development, Knowledge, Product Mindset, Client Satisfaction)

How did you get started in the software development industry, and what inspired you to start your own agency?

We started as innovators in the Mobile development area by using a cross-platform mobile development approach, which helped to make mobile development more efficient, faster and easy to support. The whole idea was always to combine such new software development practices with business needs to find better solutions.

The company’s history timeline:
  • February 2014 – S-PRO was founded
  • 2016 – 40 people. The best innovative office in the city, in the old rocket factory. First Swiss customer
  • 2018 – 100 people in the company. Created a branch in Kyiv. Launched Blockchain department
  • 2021 – 200+ employees
  • 2022 – Office in Zurich and Poland

What industries do you typically work with, and what are the common pain points your clients have when they come to you?

Our clients are mainly FinTech, Healthcare, and Energy, lacking expertise inside their teams, but that at the same time, need a quick scaling solution, or are about to get an investment and need to lay out an MVP quickly.

The process that we follow is divided into three main steps:

  1. Business needs and challenges identification
  2. Assembling the competence team
  3. Solution delivery
The benefits we provide to these industries can also be grouped into three categories:
  • Strengthen digital leadership and innovation
  • Generate growth
  • Increase operational efficiency

What makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

We have been praised over the years for four unique aspects:
  • Our Product management & consulting office in Zurich
  • Our Tech expertise: AI, Blockchain, Web, Mobile
  • Our Deep FinTech, Energy & Healthcare industry expertise
  • Our Pool of partners in investment, law, marketing, etc.

Let’s dive into S-PRO’s expertise in AI. Describe the experience and benefits of S-PRO in this area.

S-PRO is a trusted AI and machine learning development company that offers a wide range of advanced software services to help businesses automate their day-to-day operations and efficiently overcome complex challenges.

We can integrate AI into your current infrastructure to increase customer engagement, eliminate human error, and maximize your profits. S-PRO AI developers have years of experience handling everything from building tools to securing channels.

Why people trust us with their AI projects:
  • 5+ Years of experience with AI projects
  • 10+ Experts in the AI department
  • 5+ AI projects delivered
Our main AI services
  • AI Feasibility & Potential Research
  • AI & Data consultancy
  • Data Architecture & Management
  • AI & ML Solutions
  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

Where do you go to hire new people, and what are the most important skills you look for?

We use several different channels and search methods to recruit employees. This is the publication of vacancies on our website and popular job portals. It depends on the country we are hiring in. We also use various social networks, including LinkedIn & professional channels.

As for skills, it depends on the specific vacancy and role. But there are general competencies for any position (in addition to professional knowledge and experience): teamwork skills (teamwork), communication skills (both for communicating within the team and with clients), efficiency, responsibility for decisions made, ownership (caring for the result and project success, innovative ideas for product and process improvements).

How S-Pro helped build the best Swiss Fintech in 2022

Stableton AG wanted to develop a platform to help investors source outstanding growth companies and create unique top-tier investment opportunities.

With our technical knowledge and their expertise in the industry, we were able to build an investment platform that earned them the award of best Swiss Fintech in 2022.

The implementation of the S-PRO investment platform yielded significant results for the Swiss investment firm:

Improved Operational Efficiency

The streamlined investment workflow reduced manual effort, minimized paperwork, and enhanced collaboration among stakeholders. This led to improved operational efficiency, enabling faster deal execution and improved time-to-market for investments.

Enhanced Investment Decision-Making

The platform’s powerful data management and analytics capabilities provided investors with comprehensive insights and real-time investment performance tracking. This empowered investors to make informed decisions, optimize their investment portfolios, and capitalize on market opportunities.

Compliance and Security

The robust compliance measures and security protocols implemented within the platform ensured adherence to regulatory standards and protected sensitive investor data. This instilled confidence among investors, leading to increased trust and strengthened client relationships.

What challenges and opportunities do you see in the future of your industry, and how do you plan to cope?

The main challenges are:

  1. The rapid advancement of technology. We have to keep up, educate the team, and change processes.
  2. Time limitations. In this rapid world, meeting the client’s dream deadline is sometimes challenging.
  3. Legal regulations for Fintech, Healthcare and Energy industries. It’s essential to consider all the needed rules before the start of the development process.
  4. Security Threats.
We see the development of AI as the main opportunity. It’s a hot topic now, and I believe it’s going to continue to develop and grow.

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