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Design, Development, Maintenance – Ronas IT

Design, Development, Maintenance – Ronas IT

Bethenny Carl
Ronas IT is a team specializing in business process automation with a human-centric approach. Roman Surikov, the CEO of Ronas IT kindly agreed to provide us with more information about the company, how it evolved, and what is its mission.

Please present Ronas IT to our audience.

We are Ronas IT, an IT-consulting company that specializes in developing software solutions for startups and medium-sized businesses. Ronas IT has been on the market for 14 years and it grew from 3 freelancers to 70 full-time employees. During this time, we gained profound experience in app and website development, design, and analytics.

What is the story behind the company? Tell us what your idea was and how it evolved so far?

In 2005 I was working in a web development company. I had to go to the office every day. The work started at 8 and ended at 5 o’clock. I was fed up with such a format of work. During that time only a few IT specialists worked remotely or as freelancers, while IT companies only offered 8-to-5 office format of work. So, in 2 years I was confident enough to start my own business with 2 friends. One of my friends is a developer and another is a designer.

Once all three of us gathered up in a local cafe and defined 3 main rules of our corporate culture. So, for the whole 15 years, our employees have had flexible hours, hourly payment, and remote work. Our work has always been based on these three principles.

For me, freedom is an opportunity to work when and where I want. The work is a process, not a place. And this rule has always been with me. Even when our team started growing and we decided to rent our own office. Members of my team value freedom too. They take responsibility for planning their own working schedule. We give our newcomers some tips on how to manage the work process: how to plan their daily workload or when to use chats or email to communicate with colleagues. That’s how we keep a flexible work schedule for 70 employees and remain a team, not just a group of freelancers.

What services does your company provide?

We create technology solutions that help our clients to solve their problems. Mostly there are two types of services we provide. We help startups to test their business idea using the software. And we help already existing businesses to automate their internal processes.

Our workflow is divided into three stages – analytics, design, and development.

We implement analytics to understand what our client’s problem is and to set product requirements. Analytics is the first stage of our software development workflow but it can also be a separate service.

Design is the second stage in our workflow. We deliver design services of various sizes and complexity. We can design interfaces for websites, platforms, and mobile applications. Also, we create UI kits and brand identities – logos, mockups, and souvenirs. Our aim is to build high-quality design concepts that would fit the development guidelines. Our team of developers implements best industry practices to create the software tailored to our client’s business goals.

Development is the third stage in our project work. We can create web products like landings and high-loaded platforms. Also, we are able to build custom mobile apps for iOS and Android using Swift and Kotlin, as well as cross-platform solutions by implementing React Native and Flutter.

What is the mission of Ronas IT?

We believe that technologies make our lives and businesses more productive and give new potential for growth and development. So, we automate our work and raise our service quality to help our clients do the same thing.

Another part of our mission is to hire people who are passionate about design and software development. We provide them with an opportunity to develop their skills and grow professionally while being in their comfort zone.

How is your company different from other similar companies?

Clients who come to us to build an app or platform usually have a problem that they need to solve. Often they don’t know what they need exactly to solve this problem. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to analytics. Using it we reduce the risk of creating an app or site that our client doesn’t need.

We’d like to see our clients as our partners and a part of the project team. So, we keep communicating with them throughout the whole process of project work to create something our client exactly needs. We try to reduce the amount of bureaucratic paperwork and focus on project requirements and values instead to create a product that will fit the current market.

Also, we’ve been on the market for 15 years already. During this period we’ve gained profound development experience. So, now we can not only see the technical side of the projects but also their business side. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge about various subject areas like fintech, real estate, and delivery and the ways the business is conducted in these spheres. So, it’s easier for us to find a common language with our clients.

What are the plans for Ronas IT for the near future?

There are two main aims we want to achieve. First of all, we want to create a maintenance department. After the project work ends, the digital products still need to be maintained. They require constant fixing and updating. So, we want to create a separate maintenance team that will streamline our maintenance process and solves our clients’ technical problems quicker and more efficiently.

As for another aim, we want to become full partners with some of our clients. We have already become them with some companies. For example, we formed a partnership with Lainappi. At first, Ronas IT employees were just contractors of this project, but now we have a stake in the project, so now we can take part in board meetings and share our opinion about the development of this project.

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