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Lucky Orange Helps Pinpoint <em>WHY</em> Your Visitors Don’t Convert

Lucky Orange Helps Pinpoint WHY Your Visitors Don’t Convert

Gail Lobel Rand
While analytic data can show you where visitors abandoned your site – it is critical to figure out WHY they left. We spoke with Sarah Bond, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Lucky Orange, about their powerful suite of tools, which include the ability to monitor real-time visitors so you can offer them help with their real-time problems and creating, tagging, and filtering recordings of visitor sessions for future viewing. Analyzing these actual user experiences will help you identify which parts of your site are encountering resistance or causing confusion, so you can make practical improvements and boost conversions.

This interview was originally published on July 28, 2020.

What is Lucky Orange?

Lucky Orange is software that allows you to improve your ability to monetize your website, whether that means gaining more sales or leads by understanding what visitors are doing on your site.

What are some of the analytics displayed in your dashboard?

Within the Lucky Orange dashboard, you can access a variety of tools to help understand your user experiences. You can use Live View to see what current visitors to your site are doing – where they’re scrolling, what they’re clicking, whether they’re reading, or dismissing pop-ups. If you notice a visitor has run into trouble, you can initiate a chat to answer questions or co-browse with them as you view their session in real-time.

We also have a recordings tool that allows you to view previous visitors to your site. You can watch a playback of their actual activity and see if they’re scrolling far enough down a page to see your calls to action, where they’re clicking, and the different pages they’re navigating.

You can also set up conversion funnels allowing you to track a specific order of events on your site. Let’s say you’re an e-commerce site, and you want to see how people are engaging – coming to your home page, clicking on a product page, adding it to their cart and, checking out. We’ll show you where throughout that process people are leaving your site. So, if you see that 25% of your visitors are dropping off at your product page, you can look at that step in the funnel and choose to view recordings of people who fit that criterion. You’ll be able to see if perhaps they encountered an error on that page or looked for information that wasn’t available, and now you can address those issues.

What are the advantages of your Dynamic Heatmaps?

While most heatmaps only display the static elements of a page, our dynamic heatmaps update in real-time and also include dynamic elements such as drop-down menus, hover overs, and even single-page apps. Dynamic heatmaps are valuable for giving you a sense of how people are interacting en masse with different elements on your website. Let’s say you have product listings within the main navigation of your site, and you want to know which one is getting the most engagement. You can compare these elements on our color-coded heatmap; the warmer the color, the oranges and reds, show that a lot of people are engaging with this particular element, whereas the cool blues and greens means people aren’t engaging with it as much as other elements on your site.

LuckyOrange Dynamic Heatmap

What problems can your Form Analytics Tool identify?

Our form analytics software allows you to see where different aspects of your form are losing visitor engagement. By running a Form Abandonment Report, you can see at which field(s) in your form people dropped off. We often see many people dropping off at a phone number field because they simply don’t want to give that information. So, it is really useful tool for understanding where people might be getting hung up and why visitors aren’t converting.

You can also view analytics, such as the amount of time it takes users to complete a field. Fields that take a long time to complete could indicate that from a user experience perspective, something about that field is confusing. Likewise, our repeated fields analytics report shows if users had to repeat a field before successfully completing the form, as that might also be a sign of an issue that needs addressing. For example, if you see that your password field is getting repeated multiple times, adding a tooltip explaining your password parameters, such as the need for a special character, a number, a capital letter, could significantly improve that form’s conversion rate.

At what point would you classify a form field as a widespread issue?

When you pull up reports within the Form Analytics Tool, whether it’s abandonment or repeated fields, or time to complete, you’ll also see their percentages. Although percentages vary for each website, you’ll want to look at fields with the higher percentages of problems as indicators that many people are struggling with it. You can now fix those issues to increase the form’s conversion rate.

LuckyOrange RepeatedFields

What are Behavior Tags?

Behavior tags allow you to note when a particular action occurs during a visit. If, for example, you want to observe visitors who get to your site from a pay-per-click campaign or visitors who engaged with a specific call-to-action button, you can set up tags for these events. Now instead of hunting through all your recordings, you can filter by that behavior tag and quickly find just the recordings you want to view.

Think of it as a keyword you can use to keep track of user behaviors and actions that matter the most to you.

How can your Chat feature help boost conversions?

Our Lucky Orange software suite has a built-in chat feature that functions like the live chat systems you’ve probably seen on other sites. It can be configured with chat operators’ hours of availability, so when they’re not available, visitors can send messages which can then be followed up.

You can also set chat sessions to begin based on specific triggers. For instance, if you’re a software as a service company, you can trigger a pop-up chat window asking users if they have any questions about your plans or pricing once they have been on your pricing page for 15 seconds. Additionally, a chat operator watching live view can initiate a chat session offering assistance if they sense a user might need help.

LuckyOrange Chat

How are polls helpful?

Our polls feature allows you to survey visitors from a research perspective. You could invite them to take a quick survey about their user experience, or if you’re an e-commerce fashion site, you might want their input on your new summer line. You can also offer incentives such as a discount for participating in your poll.

So, this is another excellent feature for intelligence on what people are doing on your site by asking them directly and to help save lost conversions with enticing offers to keep them on your website.

What can be seen when watching a live visitor session?

With Live View, you can see what visitors are doing and experiencing on your site at that very moment. You see which pages they are navigating to, where their mouse is scrolling, what they’re clicking. Within Lucky Orange, we do have security and privacy features in place, so sensitive information such as credit cards or passwords, is not recorded. So, if you are watching a recording or a live visit and someone types in a password, you’ll see only asterisks in its place.

Coupling Live View with chat is a great way to help a visitor who may be experiencing an issue or struggling to find something. An operator can initiate a chat and say, “Here’s where you go to find that,” or “Yes, I see the issue you are experiencing. Here’s how we can work through it together. “So, it’s a great diagnostic and customer service tool to help prevent lost conversions.

Is there a way to tag and filter Live View with user behavior that you want to be brought to your immediate attention?

That’s a great question! Yes, behavior tags can be brought into play with Live View. Let’s say you want to view all users currently on your shipping page or any other page that is important to you. You can filter sessions by that criteria and see what individuals are doing on that page

How are recording created and indexed, and what are their advantages?

Recordings are a great way to accomplish a variety of tasks. When using a traditional analytics tool like google analytics, you might notice that visitors are bouncing off your website more so than usual. Still, the bounce rate does not necessarily tell you why they are bouncing. By using the recordings tool, you can watch the playback of what visitors experienced on the page(s) with the high bounce rate. It could be that images are not loading, or perhaps a page fails to load because of a coding error on your site. Viewing the recording of that page shows you exactly what happened so you can fix that user experience issue.

LuckyOrange filter recordings

Or let’s say you have a customer who says they ordered a blue shirt but received a red shirt. Lucky Orange allows you to pass customer information such as account ID or username from your CRM system to pull up that recording so you can see what went wrong and fix it. Now you’ll be able to see if your fulfillment department or the customer made the error.

As you’re looking at data in various Lucky Orange tools, whether it’s a heatmap, form analytics, or survey results, you can launch into a session recording that helps you understand why certain actions might be happening.

For privacy and security, recordings will not capture anything that is happening on a visitor’s device outside of their experience on your website.

You know I have to ask – why the company name Lucky Orange?

(Laughs) Our co-founders chose the name Lucky Orange because they wanted a name that was unique and would stand out in the marketplace.

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