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Full Service Strategic Marketing with Penguin Strategies

Full Service Strategic Marketing with Penguin Strategies

Chené Murphy
Penguin Strategies helps B2B Technology Companies, enterprise software and hardware companies increase brand awareness, reach more qualified leads and close more customers.

I’m sitting with Perry Nalevka from Penguin Strategies, HubSpot’s  #1 Diamond Partner in Israel. Hello Perry.


Penguin has established itself as the go-to marketing agency for B2B startups. Can you tell me how you achieved this?

By understanding the needs at each stage of a high-tech startup and developing a solid inbound marketing plan. I have to hand it to our strategy team who really gets to know each client and their technology and then develops a thorough strategic plan.

You are known for being HubSpot Diamond Partners and now also Salesforce Certified. That’s a unique combination.

Yes, we are the first, and offer 360 outsourced marketing from writing technical blogs to everything that goes with running a digital event to bringing together marketing operations and sales operations to improving SEO.

SEO too?

Absolutely. We provide full SEO services that include managing our clients’ website health, improving their core vitals, and doing all the other technical SEO things to increase the website’s loading speeds and delivering a better user experience. Our clients rave: “Quadruple this. Faster that. Tripled sessions. Better UX.”

So both HubSpot and Salesforce are known as “power-houses” for B2B companies. But they are more complicated to manage if you’re a small team. What would you suggest for new companies?

I think that for new companies starting out HubSpot is a great fit.  Their products are really easy to use and the fact that they have a free or low cost version makes it an easy choice.  As companies scale and their sales process and operations become more complex, they may need to re-assess based on their specific situation on which of these “power-houses” are the right fit for them.

When do you think companies should make the switch, if at all, from easier CMS’s like Wix to WordPress or Hubspot?

For B2B companies looking to scale up, I would say the sooner the better. Both WordPress and HubSpot provide a very robust platform to build out your website which is your most important digital asset. If your company is using the HubSpot suite, then using the HubSpot CMS will likely be the right choice.

Many website’s owners have been hit hard with Google’s recent switch to focusing on faster loading as a defining part of ranking. Can you give a couple of tips to website owners for quick wins?

Absolutely. We’ve been working hard at cracking this, and I’m proud to say that we’ve achieved great results in improving page speed for clients. By and large, usually the quickest wins you’ll be able to achieve are by optimizing images on your website. It’s funny, because decreasing image size has been a standard mantra in the SEO world for years now, but it’s still one of the most important (and quickest) improvements you can make.

Also, take a hard look at the code that is installed on your website and Google Tag Manager. Many times, and especially as your website gets older, people tend to add a lot of plug-ins, 3rd party apps, and code. For example, do you still need your Hotjar code? Are all the plug-ins on your WordPress site still relevant? Reducing the number of these would be another great place to start.

What do you think are the 3 top trends that marketers and website managers should consider in 2022?

Websites will become more dynamic rather than being static.  This will lead to the following trends:

Websites will have a deeper integration between the company’s CRM platform.  This will provide companies with realtime website data and insights on visitors.

AI will be used to compile and decide what to with these insights in order to drive value for the website visitor and the company

Personalization. Customers understand that companies are collecting their data and expect a much higher level of personalization when they are shopping and interacting with their brand. This expectation is much more than just seeing their first name on emails. With deeper integration and AI, we can deliver individual experiences to website visitors (think Netflix and Amazon).

Integration, AI and personalization. How is Penguin Strategies addressing these?

We did a webinar a while back to discuss this and broke down some great tips.

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