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Hidrent – Connecting Qualified Off Duty Firefighters with Communities who Need Jobs Done

Hidrent – Connecting Qualified Off Duty Firefighters with Communities who Need Jobs Done

Chené Murphy
Dave Heimbuch is a visionary entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Hidrent, a revolutionary app that connects homeowners with certified firefighters for their home projects. With his passion for innovation and a drive to make a positive impact on the community, Dave has successfully turned his idea into a thriving business. In this interview, Dave shares their story and the innovative approach he took to tackle a real problem faced by homeowners.

Please share the story behind Hidrent. Where did it start and how has it evolved since?

Hidrent was started from a conversation that I had with my brother-in-law who is a firefighter. I was telling my brother-in-law about how I had hired a contractor to do a job around my house. My brother-in-law informed me that he and all of the firefighters at his station are equipped to do jobs like that. In fact, the firefighters at his station actively look for handyman jobs for supplemental income. This inspired me to start Hidrent, the first home service platform that connects off-duty firefighters to people in their community that need jobs done around the house.

What services are available through your platform?

Hidrent offers a variety of services for our users to choose from! Users have the option to choose from light fixtures, holiday lights, TV mounts, hanging, smoke detectors, furniture assembly, furniture moving, hauling, and gutter cleaning. We also offer a general handyman service which includes anything that is not regarded as HVAC, plumbing, or complex electrical work. We’ve seen Hidrent Pros do anything from tiling a shower to mowing a lawn. With Hidrent, the options are endless.

16-9 - Firefighter 1-100

How large is your network of home service heroes and where are they available?

We currently have 7,000+ off-duty firefighters signed up for Hidrent! We’re available across the United States in most large cities. Hidrent is excited to expand into more towns to help both off-duty firefighters and the community.

How does the pricing for services work?

With Hidrent, the off-duty firefighter and the homeowner set the price. Once a firefighter accepts a job, they open up a conversation with the homeowner about the scope of work. You’ll get an estimate for the project up front, based on trends in your area. Once your job is accepted, your firefighter will quote you a fair price based on your specific project.

What security measures are in place to ensure that customers feel safe and comfortable?

Every firefighter in America is continuously background checked through their individual fire stations. To ensure customers feel safe and comfortable, we verify the employment of these firefighters with their fire station through the Hidrent App. If a customer ever has a problem they can report a Hidrent Pro, and if needed, we can permanently remove them from the app.


For more check out www.hidrent.com or download Hidrent on the App Store or Goolge play.

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