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Revolutionizing Email Management with Clean Email

Revolutionizing Email Management with Clean Email

Chené Murphy
In a world where the average office worker receives 121 emails per day, managing one’s inbox has become a daunting task. However, Clean Email is on a mission to revolutionize the way we manage our emails. Clean Email is a smart inbox management tool that uses automation and machine learning algorithms to help users efficiently organize their emails and save valuable time. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Founder, Kyryl Bystryakov to learn more about his inspiration for Clean Email, how the tool works, and what the future of email management might look like.

Can you tell us a bit about Clean Email and what inspired its creation?

Clean Email is an email management tool that helps users quickly and easily clean up and organize their inboxes, unsubscribe from mailing lists, and stop unwanted emails—keeping their inboxes sparkling clean.

It started as a side project to solve the problem of overflowing inboxes with unmanageable amounts of emails encountered by my wife, my friends, and me. When my wife’s iCloud email account became cluttered due to regularly sending photos from her phone to her computer, she tried different solutions. As it turns out, cleaning out the cluttered inbox proved to be a challenging task as all email clients would send the message to the trash bin first instead of immediately deleting it, meaning you still don’t get the free space you’re aiming for.

Such services like Sanebox and Unroll.Me, unfortunately, did not solve the problem – their focus was on “sorting” incoming emails. Unroll.Me only works with subscriptions, while Mailstrom is designed for more advanced users.

So, I created a simple script that filtered and deleted emails directly, bypassing the trash first. As I talked to more people, I discovered various use cases and tried to solve them. Based on what we gathered, we wanted to create a solution that would make it easier for users to take control of their email inboxes, reduce clutter, and improve their productivity. The service has grown organically through beta testing and word of mouth, to hundreds of thousands of users using Clean Email to solve their Inbox clutter issues now.


How does Clean Email differ from other email management tools available in the market?

Clean Email uses advanced algorithms to group emails into easy-to-manage bundles, such as newsletters, social media notifications, promotional emails (and more!), and offers a number of unique email management features such as Screener, Privacy Monitor, Sender Settings, and others. One of the key differences is our unique approach to email organization, which saves users a significant amount of time and offers all the necessary tools to maintain a secure and clutter-free inbox within a single, comprehensive app.

Our automation features (Auto Clean, Cleaning Suggestions, Unsubscriber, and more) can sort, categorize, unsubscribe, and organize your emails in a jiffy. Cleaning Suggestions provides you with shortcuts to clean messages quickly and easily—it saves you a plethora of time and effort and ensures that your inbox stays organized and clutter-free. Clean Email is highly customizable and allows you to create custom rules and filters to manage your emails according to your preferences. It is also compatible with all major email services, including Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, and more, meaning you can use Clean Email to manage all your email accounts from one place. It is available on the web and has apps for iOS, Android, and Mac users.


What features do you think set Clean Email apart from its competitors?

Clean Email offers a variety of tools that differentiate it from its rivals. One of the most popular features is the ability to unsubscribe from unwanted emails with a single click. Among other our features, here are some our users love the most:
  1. Cleaning Suggestions – offers users efficient and swift shortcuts to clean up their inboxes. This feature allows Clean Email to make suggestions based on similar messages that the user has previously cleaned or based on messages that are frequently cleaned by other Clean Email users.
  2. Sender Settings – provides users with a convenient way to manage email messages from their senders. You can easily block a sender, mute or automatically move their messages to the trash bin after a particular time, keep only the latest of their messages, and more.
  3. Auto Clean – creates customized automated rules based on various criteria, including sender, subject, keywords, and more. Once these rules are set, Clean Email automatically applies them to incoming emails, streamlining the organization process and reducing clutter in your inbox without requiring additional effort from the user.
  4. Screener – when this feature is enabled, it quarantines all incoming messages from unknown senders (Screener tab), so that a user decides to either block them or unsubscribe (if this is a junk email) or move to Inbox/another folder (if this is a legitimate sender).

How does Clean Email prioritize privacy and security for its users?

Clean Email ensures the utmost privacy for its users by never sharing, giving away, selling, or anonymizing any personal data, including email addresses, content, and attachments. This promise is fundamental to Clean Email’s philosophy.

In addition to its strong privacy stance, Clean Email utilizes advanced algorithms that only analyze email headers containing essential information such as the subject line, sender and recipient details, dates, email size, and metadata. Full email content and attachments are not downloaded, and data is only stored for a maximum of 45 days.

Clean Email goes further in protecting users’ privacy by encrypting mailbox access details. These details are only used for scanning the mailbox and performing selected actions and are never accessible to anyone at Clean Email. Each year, we pass a multi-step process including verification by email providers and external security assessments.


Can you share any plans or updates for future developments of Clean Email?

As for plans, we are continuously polishing Clean Email and adding new features that will benefit our users. We appreciate the feedback we receive from our users and are always looking for ways to improve.

Some of our upcoming updates include improvements to our user interface, email bundling algorithms, filtering, and automatic email cleaning rules. We’re also exploring ways to integrate Clean Email with other productivity tools to create a seamless workflow for our users as well as utilizing new technology such as AI, for example.

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