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The Two Pillars Of Success for Web Hosting Providers according to Hyper Host

The Two Pillars Of Success for Web Hosting Providers according to Hyper Host

Roberto Popolizio
Website Planet had the chance to sit down and chat with Nehal M., Customer Success Manager at Hyper Host. We looked closely at the features that make them stand out as a hosting provider, and how they plan to improve their services in the near future.

What types of hosting plans do you currently offer?

We offer a range of services to meet various web hosting needs. Our web hosting plans include Starter, Solo, Triple, Premium, and Business, with prices starting at just $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year, up to the Business plan, which offers more advanced features at $29.99 per month ($299.99 annually). You can choose to pay monthly, annually, or triennially.

In addition to standard web hosting, we also provide specific WordPress hosting plans that have the same pricing structure as the web hosting plans.

For those who prefer to build their own websites, we offer web builder pricing plans with features such as the Starter, Solo, Triple, Premium, and Business, and prices ranging from $0.99 per month up to $25.99 per month ($259.99 annually) for the Business plan.

Our email hosting services have three plans: Solo, Premium, and Business. The Solo plan is priced at $0.99 per month or $9.99 annually, while the Business plan costs $2.99 per month or $29.99 annually.

This highly flexible pricing model ensures that you can choose the option that best fits your needs and budget, whether you need to host a site on WordPress or any other CMS, web-building tools, or email hosting.

However, we are introducing more packages and pricing plans to cater to the needs of a wider customer segment.

How does your mission differ from the competition?

Our mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online without breaking the bank by offering top-quality hosting services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our clients at cheap prices.

Our hosting service offers great features like unlimited GB SSD webspace, unlimited Bandwidth, free CDN, free SSL certificate, free daily backups, 10 GB Mailboxes, 24×7 expert technical support, and more.

Also, we offer lifetime plans to help eliminate the hassle of recurring renewal fees.

Who are our target customers, and how have you tailored your features to their pain points?

Our target customers are small and medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and individuals who are looking for an affordable and reliable web hosting solution.

We have tailored our features to address the pain points that these people commonly face through:
  • Ease of use: Our hosting platform is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • Affordability: We understand that cost is a major concern for small businesses and individuals, which is why we offer affordable hosting plans that are priced competitively.
  • Reliability: We know that website downtime can be costly, which is why we provide a reliable hosting infrastructure with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Security: We offer a range of security features, including Free SSL certificates and daily backups, to ensure that our customers’ websites are protected against cyber threats.
  • Customizations: We understand that each customer has unique needs, which is why we offer a range of customization options to allow them to tailor their hosting package to their specific requirements.

What is the number one thing that sets you apart from your competitors?

The number one thing that sets us apart from our competitors is our exceptional customer support. We understand that hosting can be a complex field, and our customers may need help navigating issues related to their website or hosting account.

That’s why we have a technical team of dedicated support experts who are available 24/7 to assist our customers with any issues they may encounter.

Our highly trained and experienced support team is committed to providing fast, friendly, and effective solutions to our customer’s problems.

We offer a range of support channels, including email, live chat, and tickets; to ensure that our customers can reach us easily and get the help they need. In addition to our customer support, we also offer a reliable hosting infrastructure with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, affordable pricing, a user-friendly control panel (Hyper Panel), and a range of features tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

Moreover, we focus on performance and have invested heavily in our infrastructure to deliver fast and reliable hosting services. We also utilize the latest technologies, such as solid-state drives (SSDs) and content delivery networks (CDNs), to boost website performance.

How do you ensure scalability for clients that experience sudden traffic growth?

We offer an auto-scaling shared hosting platform, which means when any site generates heavy traffic beyond the normal, the servers can balance automatically and stop it from impacting performance on any other site within that shared hosting area. This also includes our terabyte-per-second DDoS protection, which can automatically raise defenses whenever an attack is detected.

How do you handle technical issues, server maintenance, and upgrades without causing significant downtime?

We have a team of highly trained and experienced technical experts who are available 24/7 to monitor our servers and respond to any issues that may occur. Besides that, we offer backup and restore services to protect our customer’s data in the event of an outage or technical issue.

In addition, we use several strategies for handling technical issues, server maintenance, and upgrades without causing significant downtime:

  1. Plan ahead: We schedule maintenance and upgrades during off-peak hours when traffic to your server is likely lower. This will minimize the impact on users.
  2. Redundancy: We set up redundant servers so that if one server goes down, another one will take its place. This is accomplished through load balancing or clustering.
  3. Implement rolling updates: Rather than upgrading all servers at once, we upgrade them one at a time staggered. This is done by taking one server offline, upgrading it, and returning it online before moving on to the next server.
  4. Virtualization allows us to migrate virtual machines from one physical server to another without downtime. This is useful for performing maintenance or upgrades on a physical server.
  5. Testing thoroughly: Before performing any upgrades or maintenance, we test the changes thoroughly on a staging environment. This helps us identify any potential issues before they impact production.
  6. Having a backup plan: Even with the best planning, unexpected issues can still arise. We have a backup plan in place to quickly address any unplanned downtime or issues.
By combining these strategies, we minimize the impact of technical issues, server maintenance, and upgrades on our customers and ensure that the server remains reliable and available.

What challenges and opportunities do you see in the future of your industry?

The web hosting industry is constantly evolving, and there are several challenges and opportunities that we may face in the future. By keeping an eye on the market, we discovered some challenges we have to overcome and opportunities we are working to use in our customer’s favor.


  • Increasing competition: We are trying to overcome this challenge by offering great service and developing new creative features and services to help customers.
  • Security threats: To overcome this challenge, we offer our customers Free Wildcard SSL and 1 Tbps+ Protection with terabyte-per-second DDoS protection, which can automatically raise defenses whenever an attack is detected. Also, we are always searching for new ways and techniques to protect our servers and our customer’s websites.
  • Scalability: We provide auto-scaling solutions to handle high traffic by:
  • Implementing load balancing: Load balancing distributes traffic across multiple servers, ensuring that no single server is overloaded. This is done using hardware load balancers and software load-balancing solutions:
  • Use caching: Caching can help reduce the load on servers by storing frequently accessed data in memory. This means that when a user requests the data, it can be quickly retrieved from the cache rather than having to be regenerated by the server.
  • Monitor performance: Monitoring server performance is essential for identifying potential bottlenecks and ensuring that the infrastructure can handle sudden traffic growth.
  • Sustainability: With the increasing focus on environmental sustainability, we took part by using 100% renewable energy to power websites.


Customer experience: Hyper.Host prioritizes the customer experience and provides exceptional service to attract and retain customers.

Cloud hosting: By identifying this opportunity earlier, we managed to offer an auto-scaling, accessible, and reliable hosting platform. Also, by depending on cloud hosting, we reduced costs, thus offering cheap prices.

Artificial Intelligence: We aim to make the best use of the AI techniques available.
We are now in the research stage of the best tool to help users in creating well-optimized content and image processing. Also, we are developing an AI tool for e-commerce that can be applied to WordPress to analyze data (sales, content, products, etc…) and recommend solutions to optimize resources better.
We aim to find new ways to help our customers succeed online.

What’s in your roadmap for the next 12 months?

We are focusing on establishing Hyper.Host as a shared hosting trustworthy solution through these updates:
  • New Website Design: Our team has been working tirelessly to provide a more modern and user-friendly website design that will improve our user experience on the platform.
  • New Plans and Services: We will be providing new plans and services to cater to the needs of a wider customer segment. Our website builder and email hosting services are just a few examples of what we have in store.
  • Improved User Experience: The rebranded version of our website has been specifically designed to enhance users’ experience on our platform. We understand the importance of providing seamless navigation and easy-to-use features, and this revamp will definitely do just that.
  • Enhancements to Our Affiliate Program: We plan to develop our affiliate program. This includes putting explicit and clear terms in place to make it easier for marketers to earn through our program.
This is just the beginning of what we have in store for you. We have exciting plans to come that we can’t wait to share!

Overall, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and an exceptional user experience. We hope these updates and changes will reinforce that commitment and help us provide an even better service.

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