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Meet GSheetConnector: The Best Way To Connect WordPress and Google Sheets

Meet GSheetConnector: The Best Way To Connect WordPress and Google Sheets

Roberto Popolizio
Website Planet had the chance to sit down with Abdullah Kaludi, Founder and Developer of GSheetConnector. During our conversation, we covered the origins of the company, its roadmap for enhancing and expanding its services, and explored the journey that has led the company to its current position, as well as its upcoming plans and projects for the future.

Let’s introduce GSheetConnector to our audience. What is it and how does it work?

GSheetConnector is a WordPress Addon plugin for Contact Forms, Page Builders, and WooCommerce that enables users to connect and send submissions to Google Sheets in real-time. It’s a Most Popular and Secure Bridge between WordPress and Google Sheets

GSheetConnector works by using the Google Sheets API to communicate with the Google Sheets servers. This API allows GSheetConnector to read, write, and manipulate data in Google Sheets using a variety of programming languages and frameworks, Currently only available for WordPress. [make sure this is a secure method and approved by Google.]

GSheetConnector is a Freemium plugin, available for the following
  • Contact form 7 (Oldest and most popular contact form plugin)
  • WPForms Lite & PRO (Best WordPress contact form plugin)
  • Gravity Forms (Most trusted WordPress form builder)
  • Ninja Forms ( ( Top-notch & easy to use form plug-in))
  • Caldera Forms ( Transition to Ninja Forms )
  • Elementor Forms (Form Widget (Pro))
  • Avada Forms (easy way to add forms to your site, using the power of Avada Builder)
  • Divi Forms ( Lets you build beautiful forms using Divi Builder)
  • WooCommerce (World’s most popular open-source eCommerce solution.)
  • Easy Digital Downloads ( eCommerce plugin that focuses purely on digital products.)
To use GSheetConnector, there are two ways:

1. The Auto Method
After installing the plugin simply Authenticate with Google Along with Permissions of Google Sheets and Drive, It’s a secure method, we have Approved one API to use for all, but there is a limit from Google API for sending requests on per minute basis. [Available in All FREE versions as well]

2. The Manual Method
You’ll need to first create a Google API project and obtain API credentials.
Once you have your credentials, you can use GSheetConnector to authenticate with the Google Sheets API and start interacting with your Google Sheets data. [Available only in PRO versions]

With GSheetConnector, you can perform a wide range of operations on your Google Sheets data, including retrieving data from specific cells or ranges, updating and deleting data, creating new sheets, and even formatting cells and ranges. This makes GSheetConnector a powerful tool for automating data entry, building custom reporting and analytics tools, and integrating Google Sheets data into your existing workflows.

Who can use GSheetConnector?

The Google Sheet Connector WordPress plugin by GSheetConnector can be used by anyone who has a WordPress website and wants to connect their website with a Google Sheet. This plugin can be particularly useful for website owners who want to display dynamic data from a Google Sheet on their website, or for those who want to collect data from their website and automatically update a Google Sheet.

The plugin can be used by individuals, small businesses, large corporations, and anyone in between. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, so even people with little technical experience should be able to use it effectively. However, some familiarity with WordPress and Google Sheets is recommended to get the most out of the plugin, therefore GSheetConnector Can be used on every WordPress website, who are using Contact Forms or have a WooCommerce-based website.

In every website, there must be a contact form to generate leads to get in touch, In WordPress, the most popular contact forms are CF7, WPForms, GravityForms & NinjaForms, and if created a form with popular page builders such as Elementor Forms, Divi Forms, Avada Forms then it can be connected easily with 3 simple steps

If having a WooCommerce-based store then you can use GSheetConnector for WooCommerce to get the orders, products, and customer details into the sheet in real-time along with a sync feature to get the past orders as well.

Also, if using Easy Digital Downloads to sell digital products then can use GSheetConnector for Easy Digital Downloads, All the plugins are available to use in free and advance features available in PRO version.

How did it all start, and what are your achievements to this day?

Our journey began in 2016 when we were working with CF7 and identified a significant challenge. CF7 did not store data in the database, making it difficult to track and manage form submissions beyond email. This sparked the idea of creating an addon that would seamlessly save form records to Google Sheets, providing a centralized and easily accessible database for users.

We initially developed a simple free version of the addon, which gained traction as more people started using it. Within a few months, the positive feedback and increasing downloads indicated a growing user base, reaching an impressive milestone of 10,000 users.

As the user base expanded, we actively listened to their feedback and requests for additional features. Users expressed a desire for automation, such as
  • Avoiding Creating Sheet Manually,
  • Avoiding Managing fields Manually,
  • Arranging Columns Settings using drag and drop,
  • File URL into the Sheet,
  • Entry Leads Sorting (Get Latest Submitted Data at TOP),
  • Freeze Header Settings,
  • Color Row Settings,
  • Merging two columns into one,
  • Sync unsaved data which leads to creating your own database functionality,
  • Saving 3rd Party plugin fields data to the sheet
Responding to these demands, we continuously evolved our plugin to meet their requirements.

In 2018, based on user feedback and growing demands, we launched the PRO version of our plugin. This allowed us to provide even more comprehensive features and support for various contact form plugins.

Continuing our commitment to innovation, we have expanded our functionality to include the ability to save uploaded files directly to Google Drive, providing users with a seamless and integrated solution for managing their form submissions and associated files.

To date, we take pride in the achievements we have made. From the initial concept to the widespread adoption of our free version, and the subsequent release of the PRO version with advanced features, we have established ourselves as a trusted solution in the industry.

Our journey has been driven by user requirements and feedback, and we remain dedicated to providing high-quality solutions that simplify data management and enhance productivity for our users.

How does your mission differ from the other companies in your niche?

GSheetConnector stands out in its niche by prioritizing user-friendliness and accessibility. Our mission is to provide a plugin that can be easily used by individuals who may not have extensive technical expertise. We understand that not everyone is a tech-savvy user, so we have put extra effort into making the authentication and connection setup process as simple as possible.

Unlike some other companies in the same niche, our primary focus is on providing a seamless user experience rather than overwhelming users with complex features. We believe that technology should be inclusive and empowering for all, and our mission reflects this belief.

Additionally, we pay close attention to our users’ requirements and work diligently to implement the best solutions that help them achieve their goals effectively. We strive to go beyond the basics and continuously improve our plugin based on user feedback and evolving needs.

By emphasizing user-friendliness, simplicity, and responsiveness to user input, GSheetConnector sets itself apart from competitors and aims to be the go-to choice for individuals seeking an intuitive and hassle-free Google Sheet integration plugin.

Who are your typical clients and what problems do they have when they come to you?

At GSheetConnector, we cater to a diverse range of clients, including individuals, small businesses, and organizations across various sectors such as schools, universities, corporates, e-commerce websites, and government agencies. We understand the importance of maintaining effective customer relationships in these industries, which involves securely storing and managing customer contacts and details.

Our GSheetConnector plugins offer a convenient solution by allowing users to save and organize customer information directly to Google Sheets. With our sync feature, users can effortlessly recover lost data by syncing it back to Google Sheets.

In addition to data management, many clients approach us to make third-party plugins compatible and integrate their value with Google Sheets. We recognize the significance of leveraging existing plugin functionalities and ensuring seamless connectivity to Google Sheets. Our dedicated team provides support and customization options to meet clients’ specific requirements, enabling them to enhance their workflows and fully utilize their chosen plugins.

When clients come to us, they often face common challenges:
  • Data Management Challenges: Many struggle with efficiently managing and updating data between their WordPress website and Google Sheets. They seek streamlined solutions for automating data synchronization or displaying real-time data to Google Sheets from their websites.
  • Limited Technical Knowledge: Our clients may possess limited coding skills or technical expertise. They require a user-friendly plugin that seamlessly integrates and syncs their websites with Google Sheets without complex configurations or coding.
  • Time and Resource Constraints: Clients value their time and seek ways to optimize workflows. They need solutions that simplify data entry, updates, and retrieval between their websites and Google Sheets, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.
  • Collaboration and Accessibility: Collaboration within teams or with external stakeholders using Google Sheets is crucial for many clients. They require a convenient method to share and display Google Sheet data on their WordPress websites while ensuring data accuracy and security.
Understanding these challenges, we have developed GSheetConnector to effectively address them. Our plugin provides a seamless and intuitive solution that simplifies data integration, enhances workflow efficiency, and ensures accessibility to real-time Google Sheets data. Regardless of technical background or resources, our clients can leverage GSheetConnector to streamline operations and strengthen long-term connections with customers.

And What makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

We love to listen to our customers, and provide them with the best implementation and our support.

Hence the user reviews makes other users choose us.

Clients choose GSheetConnector over our competitors for several reasons:

Clients choose GSheetConnector over our competitors for several compelling reasons:
  • User-Centric Approach: At GSheetConnector, we prioritize our clients and value their input. We actively listen to our customers, understanding their needs, challenges, and feedback. This enables us to continuously improve our plugin and provide the best implementation possible. Clients appreciate our user-centric approach, knowing that their voices are heard and their suggestions are taken into consideration.
  • Excellent Customer Support: We take pride in offering top-notch customer support. Our dedicated team is committed to assisting clients throughout their experience with GSheetConnector. We promptly address any questions, concerns, or technical issues that may arise, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory user experience. Clients value our attentive and responsive support, which sets us apart from competitors.
  • Positive User Reviews: The positive reviews and testimonials from our satisfied clients play a significant role in attracting new users to choose GSheetConnector. When potential clients see the positive experiences and success stories shared by existing users, it builds trust and confidence in our plugin. The user reviews serve as a testament to the effectiveness, reliability, and value that GSheetConnector delivers.
  • Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuously improving GSheetConnector based on user feedback and evolving needs. Our clients appreciate our proactive approach to enhancing the plugin’s features, functionality, and usability. By staying ahead of the curve and implementing necessary updates, we ensure that our clients always have access to the latest advancements in integrating WordPress websites with Google Sheets.
  • Competitive Advantage: GSheetConnector offers a competitive edge over our competitors through a combination of user-friendliness, seamless data management, customization options, and responsive customer support. This comprehensive package of benefits, along with our commitment to client satisfaction, positions us as a preferred choice for those seeking an effective Google Sheets integration plugin.
We take pride in providing the best implementation and support for our clients, fostering trust, and delivering a solution that exceeds their expectations.

Can you share a recent success story from your customers? What was their pain point, and what results did they achieve with / to your help?

Here’s a recent success story from one of our clients:

Pain Point: The client, a growing e-commerce company, faced challenges with managing their product inventory and order tracking. They were manually updating data on their WordPress website and Google Sheets, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, they struggled to keep their website’s product information in sync with the latest updates on their Google Sheets.

Solution and Results: The client reached out to us seeking a streamlined solution to automate their data management processes and ensure accurate inventory tracking. We recommended utilizing GSheetConnector to integrate their WordPress website with Google Sheets.

By implementing GSheetConnector for WooCommerce, the client achieved remarkable results. They were able to automate the synchronization of product inventory and order data between their website and Google Sheets in real time. This eliminated the need for manual data entry, reducing errors and saving significant time and resources.

They could easily update product details, pricing, and availability on their Store, and the changes would automatically reflect on their connected sheet. This improved the accuracy and consistency of their product listings, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction.

With GSheetConnector’s seamless integration and synchronization capabilities, the client experienced improved efficiency, reduced data management overheads, and increased productivity. They could focus more on scaling their e-commerce business and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

This success story exemplifies how GSheetConnector helped a client overcome their pain points related to manual data management and achieve remarkable results. By automating data synchronization and ensuring accurate inventory tracking, our plugin empowered the client to streamline their operations and enhance their overall business performance.

What do you see in the future of your industry, and how do you plan to cope?

As we look into the future of the integration industry, we anticipate several key trends and developments that will shape our industry. At GSheetConnector, we are committed to staying ahead of these trends and adapting to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

We envision a future where data integration becomes even more critical, automation plays a vital role, security is paramount, and emerging technologies shape the landscape. At GSheetConnector, we are committed to remaining agile, innovative, and customer-focused. By anticipating industry trends, embracing new technologies, and prioritizing client feedback, we will continue to evolve our plugin and deliver value-driven solutions that empower our clients to succeed in the rapidly changing integration landscape.

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