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Exabytes – Top-Level Service for the Web

Exabytes – Top-Level Service for the Web

Eytan Morgenstern
In the crowded space of web technology, it can be challenging to cut through and be a leader. Chan Kee Siak, CEO of Exabytes discusses how he built the company into a leading service provider with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and dedication to an excellent experience.

Tell us about Exabytes, how it was founded and how you got involved in web technology?

When I started, I was just a student at Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Malaysia, making extra money by selling computer hardware and helping design websites for customers. I soon discovered the lucrative market of web hosting and decided to launch hostkaki.com, a web hosting reseller site. I then went onto establish Exabytes Malaysia in 2001, with the vision of providing the best web solution to customers. Unable to cope with studies and business, I have decided to drop out of college to focus on my online web hosting business, and through hard work and perseverance, the company went on to become self-funded, and we managed to break even in our first year.

With so many web technology companies out there what makes Exabytes unique?

From day one, I knew that we are not selling a product but, rather, providing a service. A lot of effort is put into our service team, apart from our technical team. We provide 24x7x365 support to all our customers, through live-chat, helpdesk, or email. All this is to ensure we keep our customers happy.

With a heavy emphasis on customer service and product quality, Exabytes is trusted by countless reputable and noted clients such as Abbott, Bridgestone, NTU (Nanyang Technology University, S’pore), Sharp, Hyundai, etc.  Our service maxim is “Although our products are not 100% perfect, we will serve our customers until they are 100% satisfied.”

In addition, Exabytes provides its customers with the latest technology and innovation, a customer-first guarantee, service-oriented customer service, 99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee and more. But the backbone of all that, and what makes us stand out, are our friendly and helpful specialists who are always prepared to assist the customer in solving their concerns.

Furthermore, product innovation is key to maintaining our continued commitment to meeting customer needs and providing them with solutions that are ground-breaking. We provide the latest technologies in the web industry, continually upgrade our products’ features, and maintain a dedicated Research and Development Department focused on the next iteration and improvement.

At the heart of our products and technology is an enthusiasm to energize customers’ online web presence, digital marketing, website creation solutions, business startup solutions, and more.

What are the primary services Exabytes offers? What kind of clientele do you serve?

Exabytes is a cloud service provider. Our primary services are cloud hosting, web hosting, E-Commerce hosting, domain registration, virtual private server hosting and provide dedicated server (for enterprise customers). Beyond those core services, we also provide related services, such as backup and web security such as SSL certificate and Site Lock website security.

As far as clientele, although Exabytes was founded in Malaysia, our first customer was from the US. That set the tone for an international business able to serve clients from around the world. Currently, we have more than 100k customer worldwide, serving over 121 countries.

What are some key trends in the website industry today?

People are increasingly dedicating additional time to mobile devices when compared to PCs. We must create websites that prioritize mobile-friendliness and, of greater significance, offer an excellent mobile experience. However, although mobile websites already constitute a noteworthy trend, the most substantial transformation in this regard is yet to arrive – the advent of AI-powered websites capable of constructing a complete site with a single click.

 What is the most challenging/interesting on the horizon for Exabytes and the web technology community?

The challenging part of the technology business is the ever-changing pace. You could be the pioneer today but replaced tomorrow. We are continually working to keep up with the pace to equip ourselves with the latest trends and knowledge. Still, I see every challenge as an opportunity. When there is a challenge, that means there is a problem to be solved, which in turn give you the opportunity to provide a solution.

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