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How Creo Engine Increases The ROI Of Play-To-Earn Gaming: Q/A with Co-Founder Darrel Wijaya

How Creo Engine Increases The ROI Of Play-To-Earn Gaming: Q/A with Co-Founder Darrel Wijaya

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet had the chance to interview Darrel Wijaya, co-founder of Creo Engine and indie game developer at heart with a focus on merging gaming and finance in the blockchain industry.

Creo Engine is a one-size-fits-all gaming hub for all web3 applications and services with its native token called Creo Engine (CREO). Their first game, Evermore Knights, surpassed 50,000 downloads and the CREO token counts 5000 holders to this day.

We discussed how Creo Engine provides a more secure marketplace for users to buy and sell digital assets utilizing blockchain technology, and what opportunities it provides to its users and business partners to generate immediate income.

What problems are you solving with your products and services?

Creo Engine emerges as a transformative force in the gaming industry, addressing critical pain points faced by individuals in Indonesia. Our primary objective is to create meaningful job opportunities in the gaming sector, recognizing that conventional employment may not always align with the passions and interests of the workforce.

For many Indonesians, playing video games is in fact not just a pastime but a potential source of income. However, without a platform like Creo Engine, these aspirations remain largely untapped, leading to a missed opportunity for personal and financial growth in a country where the average worker earns minimum wage, and the need for supplemental income is palpable.

Creo Engine passionately tackles this issue, envisioning a future where individuals can leverage their gaming skills for a sustainable livelihood. Failure to address this pain point results in a perpetuation of financial struggles, limiting the potential for economic empowerment and upward mobility.

See, the problem is that traditional methods of earning income in the gaming industry often involve centralized structures, limiting opportunities for players.

Incorporating blockchain technology ensures legitimate trade and prevents fraud. This innovation empowers users to earn money sustainably through blockchain practices, creating a secure and transparent environment for financial transactions within the gaming ecosystem.

One key feature of Creo Engine is its commitment to providing users with valuable insights into the web3 gaming industry. Unlike other products that rely on gimmicks and unsustainable methods, Creo Engine prioritizes customer welfare and financial literacy. By offering a comprehensive guide on what games to invest in and play within the web3 industry, Creo Engine empowers users to make informed decisions, fostering a responsible and sustainable approach to play-to-earn gaming.

Moreover, Creo Engine goes beyond individual players; it extends its impact to developers by providing a platform for onboarding web2 products into the web3 space. This not only broadens the array of gaming opportunities for players but also creates a larger and more diverse ecosystem for developers to showcase their creations. Through a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Creo Engine facilitates the seamless transition of developers into the web3 space, unlocking new possibilities and expanding the overall gaming landscape.

Creo Engine is not just a gaming platform; it’s a catalyst for economic empowerment, financial literacy, and sustainable growth in Indonesia.

By making web3 gaming accessible and viable, Creo Engine envisions a future where every Indonesian, regardless of their background, can find meaningful and sustainable means of income within the dynamic and innovative web3 gaming industry.

What’s your story? How did it all start?

Embarking on the journey of creating Creo Engine has been a deeply personal venture rooted in my lifelong passion for games and a fervent desire to instigate meaningful change within the gaming industry. Having always loved games, I found myself increasingly disheartened by the exploitative practices of large game companies profiting from users through predatory means. It became evident that there was a stark gap in the market, where players were craving an alternative— a system that not only allowed them to have fun but also benefit from their hard work in-game.

The idea of creating a mutually beneficial system utilizing Web3 technology crystallized as a response to the unsustainable practices prevalent in the Web2 gaming industry. The conventional model often led to fraud and an unhealthy trade economy. Recognizing this, I saw an opportunity to leverage the transparency and security offered by Web3 to revolutionize the gaming experience. This was not just an idea; it was a conviction that gamers deserved a fair and rewarding environment.

My background as an indie game developer, game designer, and product manager equipped me with a nuanced understanding of the industry’s intricacies. This expertise became a driving force in shaping the vision for Creo Engine. Validation came through extensive research, market analysis, and most importantly, the resonance of the idea with gamers and developers alike. The feedback and enthusiasm from the gaming community affirmed that Creo Engine was not just a concept; it was a solution waiting to be realized.

Since the inception of Creo Engine, the impact has been tangible. After its launch, the average Indonesian user now makes an additional $40 a month through the platform, representing a 10% increase in their minimum income. This data validates the real-world impact of Creo Engine, showcasing the potential for substantial positive change as more games and users join the platform.

In essence, Creo Engine is not merely a project born out of ambition; it’s a commitment to reshaping the gaming landscape, fostering a sustainable and equitable gaming economy, and making a tangible difference in the lives of players in Indonesia and beyond. The journey is ongoing, fueled by the belief that gaming can be a force for good, offering both enjoyment and economic empowerment to those who partake in it.

How has your website evolved during the years?

Building the first version of CreoPlay presented its fair share of challenges, notably in finding and nurturing talent. Talent acquisition was a hurdle, and while finding skilled individuals was tough, the greater challenge lay in ensuring their alignment with the vision of Creo Engine. The realization dawned that hiring based solely on skill set without considering character and shared vision could hinder productivity. This led to a strategic shift toward not just finding talent but actively engaging in their education to cultivate a team with both skill and a shared vision.

Mistakes were made in the early days, particularly in the selection of third-party integrations. While the allure of magic addons was strong, their compatibility with the project was limited, especially in a multi-chain environment. Lessons were learned, emphasizing the importance of selecting tools and integrations that align with the specific needs of CreoPlay.

CreoPlay’s current tech stack is anchored by Nunito, a fast and efficient platform known for its prowess in transaction processing. As a homegrown platform within the Creo Engine ecosystem, CreoPlay benefits from the speed and reliability of Nunito, ensuring a seamless experience for users engaging in transactions within the platform. The tech stack has evolved organically, with each component serving a specific purpose in optimizing the user experience.

Screenshots from the early days of CreoPlay reveal the journey from its nascent stages to its current form. These snapshots showcase the evolution and growth of the platform, from overcoming initial challenges to establishing a robust tech stack that aligns with the goals of Creo Engine.

While the journey involved trial and error, the emphasis on talent education, character alignment, and selecting the right tech stack has proven to be instrumental in the success and continued growth of CreoPlay. The commitment to refining processes, learning from mistakes, and staying true to the vision has solidified CreoPlay as a dynamic and user-friendly platform within the broader Creo Engine ecosystem.

What other tools help you run your online business?

In our daily operations at Creo Engine, Jira stands out as a mission-critical tool for keeping multiple facets of our projects in check. Jira’s robust project management capabilities allow us to efficiently track tasks, collaborate with team members, and maintain a streamlined workflow. Its versatile features enable us to adapt to the dynamic nature of our projects, ensuring that we can meet deadlines and deliver high-quality results.

While Shopify is a popular choice for many, Creo Engine has chosen a different path, opting not to use Shopify for our operations. Instead, we leverage automation tools like Make.com to schedule leads for clients and other important meetings. This strategic choice aligns with our specific needs and allows us to tailor our processes to suit the unique requirements of Creo Engine.

Jira remains an indispensable tool that we cannot live without. Its role in our day-to-day operations extends beyond mere project management; it serves as a centralized hub for communication, collaboration, and progress tracking. The ability to customize workflows, integrate seamlessly with other tools, and adapt to our evolving needs makes Jira an essential component of our toolkit. As we continue to navigate the intricacies of our projects, Jira remains a steadfast companion, ensuring that our operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Since you started, what helped you grow your audience and get constant business?

In our marketing endeavors at Creo Engine, we’ve employed a multifaceted strategy to ensure visibility, engagement, and sustained growth within the gaming sector. Leveraging the influential power of social media, we strategically partner with gaming influencers to promote CreoPlay. This not only broadens our reach but also lends credibility within the gaming community, establishing trust through the endorsement of respected figures.

Driving traffic and sales involves a combination of strategic advertising, public relations efforts, and search engine optimization (SEO). Paid advertisements on platforms like Instagram and Facebook are carefully crafted to resonate with our target audience. Simultaneously, PR initiatives focus on garnering media coverage and reviews, building a positive online presence. SEO techniques optimize Creo Engine’s online visibility, ensuring our platform ranks prominently in relevant searches, thus attracting organic traffic.

Monetization strategies hinge on the dynamic nature of the gaming industry. We implement a tiered subscription model for premium features, while in-app purchases and NFT transactions create additional revenue streams. Discounts, bonuses, and the strategic creation of hype, often accompanied by progress showcases, have proven effective in driving sales and keeping users engaged.

Ultimately, at Creo Engine, our marketing strategies are not just about attracting users; they’re about cultivating a vibrant and engaged community within the gaming industry, where our platform serves as a nexus for innovation, entertainment, and sustainable growth.

How are you doing today and what do you see in the future?

In the dynamic landscape of the web3 gaming industry, Creo Engine recognizes both challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. One challenge is the rapidly evolving technological landscape, demanding constant adaptation to emerging trends and technologies. However, this challenge also presents an opportunity for innovation and staying ahead of the curve by leveraging advancements in blockchain, AI, and other transformative technologies.

One trend that will play a pivotal role in the future of the web3 gaming industry is the integration of AI. Creo Engine is strategically planning to incorporate AI into its services to enhance feasibility and efficiency in the tech space. AI can optimize user experiences, provide personalized recommendations, and streamline internal processes, contributing to a more seamless and user-friendly gaming ecosystem.

In terms of expansion, Creo Engine has its sights set on being the first mover in Indonesia regarding the web3 gaming industry. With the country boasting one of Southeast Asia’s largest mobile gaming user bases, there’s immense potential to tap into this market and establish Creo Engine as a pioneering force in the region.

As Creo Engine navigates the challenges and opportunities in the web3 gaming industry, the commitment to innovation, employee satisfaction, and market leadership remains steadfast. The incorporation of AI, expansion into new markets, and a vigilant eye on emerging trends position Creo Engine at the forefront of the evolving web3 gaming landscape.

Are you offering any partnership opportunities at the moment?

At Creo Engine, we are open to establishing partnerships with a diverse range of brands, influencers, and media entities that align with our vision and values in the web3 gaming industry. We welcome discussions with influencers who have a genuine passion for gaming and a substantial following within our target audience. Media collaborations that focus on providing insightful content, reviews, and features about CreoPlay and the broader web3 gaming ecosystem are also of great interest.

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