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Why 4000 Marketers Use AppstoreSpy To Analyse The Competition

Why 4000 Marketers Use AppstoreSpy To Analyse The Competition

Roberto Popolizio
Website Planet had the chance to sit down and chat with Roman Medvedev, a tech entrepreneur with over 20 years experience and a track record of over 50+ apps downloaded so far by 10 million users and counting.

We asked him how his impressive expertise led him to start AppstoreSpy, a no-code tool that helps mobile developers and marketers analyse apps and markets with one click, and how he grew it to 4000+ users per month.

Let’s introduce AppstoreSpy to our audience. What is it, and how does it work?

AppstoreSpy is a tool that helps mobile app developers and marketers grow by spying on competitors. It collects information from various sources and uses advanced mathematics to analyze and extract key insights about app competitors.

These are some of its features:
  • Market Explorer: Quickly find data you need about apps, developers, and niches.
  • Watchlists: Gather competitors’ data, monitor their updates, and discover new ones daily.
  • Chrome Extension: Explore mobile app metrics without opening app pages.
  • Niche Finder: An easy way to find niches with low competition, high traffic, and growth potential.
  • App Timeline: Take a look at the changes to the apps and understand their impact on installs and revenue.
  • Market Overview: Explore market size, vital market metrics and dynamics, trends, and key players in just a few clicks.
Businesses that use AppstoreSpy can monitor their competition, conduct research more effortlessly, and select the most effective keywords for their apps. It’s a valuable tool for achieving success in the world of mobile apps.

How does your mission differ from other companies in your niche?

AppstoreSpy’s unique mission is driven by core values of simplicity, accessibility, and automation.

  1. Simplicity: No specialized knowledge or skills are required to navigate our platform effectively. We prioritize user-friendly interfaces and ready-made templates.
  2. Accessibility: Our platform caters to a broad audience, including business owners, marketers, product managers, and indie developers.
  3. Automation: AppstoreSpy leverages technologies to uncover valuable insights and guide growth. Say goodbye to the need for hiring a Python engineer or a business analyst.
  4. Outsourced Analytics: We provide on-demand outsourced analytics, making it easy for users to access in-depth reports and expertise when needed.
Our long-term vision is to ensure that our solution is accessible to a diverse audience by combining user-friendliness with an inclusive pricing strategy. We measure our success through user satisfaction, the expansion of our tool, and the simplification of the AppstoreSpy experience. We empower app developers and marketers in the dynamic world of mobile apps.

How did it all start, and what are your achievements to this day?

As an app developer, I’ve had a hard time finding an affordable tool to quickly assess app niches. I had to collect information from competing apps by hand, which took up much time. Recognizing this inefficiency, I saw the chance to create a better solution, which led to the creation of AppstoreSpy.

Initially, I created an extension for Google Chrome that embedded key app metrics directly into the Google Play search results, allowing me to perform niche analysis without opening any extra pages. This simplified the process for me and my friends, saving considerable time and effort.

As the extension gained popularity, I expanded it to a web service with advanced analytics. Users can quickly explore apps, assessing downloads, revenue, countries, releases, ratings, and similar apps. This comprehensive service aids in competitor research, curating app collections, and tracking changes.

Now, AppstoreSpy has about 4,000 people using it every month. These users come from different backgrounds, such as small startups, individuals who create their own apps, marketing teams, and even large companies. Many of these users are from places like Morocco, India, and Pakistan. So, AppstoreSpy is used by people all over the world to understand how apps work and what’s happening in the app market.

By the way, in September we achieved an incredible milestone by being awarded the #1 product of the day on Product Hunt. It’s a great achievement and victory for us that motivates us to work harder.

Who are your typical clients, and what problems do they have when they come to you?

Our typical clients, including app developers, product managers, marketers, business owners, digital agencies, and publishers, come to us to explore market size, vital market metrics and dynamics, trends, and key players.

AppstoreSpy helps indie developers by simplifying competitor analysis, providing valuable market insights, assisting in idea generation, and enabling the tracking of successful developers.

Product Managers & Marketers benefit from AppstoreSpy’s actionable data, aiding in competitor analysis, trend identification, and refining product strategies for growth.

App publishers can drive more downloads and revenue by identifying potential clients, optimizing app listings, and integrating additional value for their users using AppstoreSpy’s market research tools.

Business owners leverage AppstoreSpy for data-driven decisions, understanding their app’s global performance, identifying growth opportunities, and maintaining a competitive edge.

AppstoreSpy empowers digital agencies to effortlessly acquire new clients by monitoring new releases and developer contacts in Live Collections, tailoring services with deep market insights, and outperforming competitors with data-driven strategies, ensuring exceptional client retention and revenue growth.

We offer efficient tools that can be used without the need to hire a Python engineer and a business analyst that provide market insights, competitor analysis, and automated contact prospecting, allowing users to save time and make informed decisions. Our solutions address issues such as manual competitor monitoring, sluggish market insights, and unreliable publisher searches, preventing missed opportunities and facilitating faster growth.

If you had unlimited funds, what improvements would you make?

If I had unlimited funds to enhance AppstoreSpy, I would prioritize several key improvements to take our platform to the next level. One significant area of development would be the integration of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. For example,

Advanced AI Competitor Analysis: We’d develop a sophisticated AI system to automatically analyze competitors’ apps, including user engagement, feature updates, and sentiment.

Predictive Analytics: AppstoreSpy would use machine learning to predict trends and opportunities, guiding developers on features, pricing, and marketing.

Automated Insights: The AI would provide actionable recommendations, offering a clear app improvement roadmap, such as feature enhancements, keyword optimizations, and potential partnerships based on market analysis.

User Behavior Analysis: Enhanced AppstoreSpy would include AI-driven user behavior analysis to understand interactions, identify pain points, and suggest UX/UI improvements for better user satisfaction and retention.”

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