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Meet alugha: Video Localization Is Now Faster And Cheaper

Meet alugha: Video Localization Is Now Faster And Cheaper

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet had the chance to sit down and chat with Bernd Korz, CEO of alugha. We discussed how the company started, what made alugha disrupt the video localization market, and what his expert eye can see in the future of their industry.

Let’s introduce alugha to our audience. What is it and how does it work?

At its core, alugha enables users to translate and localize their videos in multiple languages. With our platform, users can upload their videos, transcribe the audio, and then translate the transcriptions into different languages.

What sets alugha apart is our focus on quality and efficiency. Our AI-driven translation process ensures accurate and contextually relevant translations, while also saving time and resources. So content creators can effortlessly produce high-quality multilingual videos that resonate with global audiences.

In summary, alugha empowers content creators and businesses to expand their reach and connect with international viewers through effective video translation and localization.

How did it all start, and what are your achievements to this day?

The whole project was born out of my need to provide my YouTube videos in multiple languages. Which back then was a lot of work because you had to re-record or reshoot the whole video, resulting in 2 video files which was wasteful.

Fun fact, my son actually came up with the first multi-audio track video player during a weekend coding session solving one piece of the fragmented multilingual video puzzle.

From these humble beginnings, we have achieved significant milestones. We have built a robust software that has served thousands of content creators and businesses worldwide, who use our platform to reach a multilingual audience faster and more affordably.

How does your mission differ from the other companies in your niche?

We started with a bold vision: to make video translation and localization accessible to everyone. Our goal is to revolutionize the industry by offering cheaper and faster video localization, enabling knowledge distribution on a global scale.

Through the smart implementation of AI, we have made significant advancements in reducing costs, enhancing user-friendliness, and accelerating the turnaround time of video translation projects.

Who are your typical clients and what problems do they have when they come to you?

Our typical clients include educational institutions, multinational corporations, coaches, and marketing teams in the hospitality vertical.

When they come to us, they often face common problems such as the need to reach a global audience, overcome language barriers, and efficiently translate and localize their video content.

We provide our users with what they need to effectively communicate their message, engage their target audience, and expand their reach across different languages and cultures.

And what makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

Our advanced technology sets us apart. We offer a unique and user-friendly platform that combines video translation, localization, and distribution capabilities in one place.

This streamlines the entire process and saves our clients valuable time and resources.

Our personalized approach and excellent customer service make us a trusted partner. We understand our clients’ specific needs and provide tailored solutions to meet their requirements.

Finally, our competitive pricing and flexible packages make us a cost-effective choice.

Can you share one success story from your customers? What was their pain point, and what results did they get thanks to alugha?

NPAW, the leading provider for holistic end-to-end video intelligence solutions came to us with the need to make their learning video portal multilingual in both text and voice.

They had around 100 product explainer videos that required translation and multilingual subtitles.

Their pain point was the regular updates and replacements of these videos, which required a tool that could efficiently and quickly handle the multilingual aspect while maintaining high quality.

By using alugha, they were able to achieve significant results.

Our simple and intuitive user experience (UX) helped them streamline their processes and improve efficiency. They no longer needed to rely on translation studios for their videos, as they could handle everything in-house using alugha’s software.

This not only saved them time but also reduced costs, all while maintaining the same level of translation quality.

“[…] we are very satisfied with the results and have received very positive feedback from our customers throughout.”

– Till Sudworth, CMO at NPAW

What do you see in the future of your industry, and how do you plan to cope?

In the future of our industry, we see advancements in AI playing a crucial role in transforming video translation and localization.

AI technologies are becoming more sophisticated, enabling us to achieve even higher quality translations while reducing costs and turnaround times. We are actively investing in research and development to stay at the forefront of these advancements. Our plan is to continuously improve our AI-powered algorithms to enhance accuracy, language fluency, and cultural context understanding.

Additionally, we are focused on expanding our language support and offering more customizable features to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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