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How Akiflow Saves You One Hour Per day: Q/A with CEO Nunzio Martinello

How Akiflow Saves You One Hour Per day: Q/A with CEO Nunzio Martinello

Bethenny Carl
Website Planet had the chance to interview Nunzio Martinello, CEO of Akiflow. We learned how their productivity software helps workers save over one hour every day by bringing tasks from various apps into one single platform.

What problems are you solving with your product?

We address the challenges that knowledge workers face in maintaining control of their schedules and staying productive.

These challenges have escalated with the shift to hybrid or remote workspaces. The proliferation of applications and communication channels, along with the expansion of work-related connections like cross-team collaborations, has led to tasks being scattered across multiple platforms and a constant influx of new tasks through emails and messaging apps.

Akiflow is designed to streamline the entire ‘productivity journey’. It captures tasks across the workspace, consolidates work and personal calendars, and facilitates faster task processing and planning. Our tool adapts to changing priorities, helping users avoid productivity loss at both individual and company levels.

Using Akiflow has led to users gaining over an hour per day and experiencing a significant boost in productivity and achievement at work.

How does your mission differ from other companies in your niche?

Akiflow stands out by recognizing the importance of integrating all calendars and tasks in one place and minimizing the friction of staying organized.

We’ve adopted the Time Blocking methodology, incorporating insights from various productivity methods like GTD, to make their consistent application easier and faster.

Our mission is to empower individuals to unleash their potential and achieve their goals, shaping a tool that aligns with this vision.

What industries or business sizes benefit the most from your solutions?

Initially targeting Founders, C-levels, and Managers, Akiflow has expanded to serve various segments like freelancers and developers. Our primary users operate in fast-paced, often hybrid environments.They share a common goal of optimizing time and achieving goals.

Akiflow simplifies task and calendar management, providing a unified, effective solution where previous methods fell short.

What makes them eventually choose you over your competitors?

Users are drawn to Akiflow for its immediate impact on productivity, thanks to our automations and consolidation features. Once integrated into their routine, the user-friendly features of Akiflow make it indispensable.

Our approach to simplifying productivity has received high praise from users who have tried multiple tools in the past.

What other tools and best practices do you suggest using in combination with your product?

We recommend Time Blocking and our adapted version of GTD, introduced during onboarding.

Our blog covers various productivity methods, offering insights into personal habits, motivations, and routines that influence productivity.

There’s plenty of apps that can manage time and calendar effectively, but self-awareness and adaptability are key to a productive life.

Can you share any success stories where your product made a significant difference for a business dealing with those challenges?

One notable success story involves a team that integrated Akiflow into their daily operations. This team experienced a remarkable increase in overall productivity. By adopting Akiflow, they gained more clarity among team members. Our platform ensured that calendars were not just a source of data, but a tool for synchronizing and respecting each other’s time and priorities.

This shift led to fewer unnecessary interactions and greater respect for individual workloads and priorities. Additionally, there was a significant decrease in task loss and delays. Team members were better able to track, manage, and complete tasks on time, thanks to the streamlined and intuitive interface of Akiflow. This case exemplifies how our product can transform team dynamics, leading to more efficient and effective collaboration.

What opportunities and challenges do you see in the future of your industry?

AI-powered personal assistants are on the rise, offering the potential to democratize access to skilled personal assistant services.Tools like Akiflow can leverage this trend by incorporating AI to provide context-aware support, enhancing user productivity. This means understanding users’ tools, tasks, meetings, and past interactions, resulting in more tailored assistance.

It’s worth noting that while the current state of AI may not fully realize the ideal personal assistant, rapid advancements in the field are making the possibility of such an assistant a closer reality every single day.

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