Brianna Blaney began her profession as a tech writer for an environmental testing firm, and later moved on to digital media marketing. She understands the logistics of content management strategies and SEO enriched frameworks, and she thrives in a deadline-driven environment. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, painting, and playing with her dog Blu. Brianna has her B.A. in Political Science from California State University Northridge, with a minor in Psychology.

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How to Minimize Your Costs When Working on Freelance Platforms

Do you cringe every time you see how much it costs to work on a freelance platform? Watching a percentage of your hard-earned pay disappear before your eyes is painful. However, we all know it’s a necessary evil if you want to take advantage of the available job opportunities. The fees a freelance platform collects can represent a good portion of your income. On some sites,...

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