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Rytr Review: Can It Help You Create Great Content in 2024?

Andrés Gánem Andrés Gánem Expert

Thanks to its classic word processing interface and variety of AI writing features, Rytr is an excellent tool for writers and content creators1 looking to streamline their workflow. Its selection of tones and use cases also makes it incredibly versatile. But if you’re looking to generate entire articles with just the click of a button, Rytr won’t be for you.


Rytr at a Glance

Free plan
Mobile app
Free templates
Customer support Email, live chat available Monday to Friday
Basic plan features Over 40 use cases, 20+ writing tones, more than 30 languages, built-in plagiarism checker
Starting price $9.00/month

A Competent Writer, but a Fantastic Writer’s Assistant

Unusual spelling aside, Rytr certainly looks promising. The GPT-3-powered software boasts an impressive collection of features, like a wide variety of styles, tones, and even languages. Add to that a friendly user interface (UI) and even friendlier pricing, and it almost sounds too good to be true.

After days of research and careful testing, as well as a deep dive into other customers’ reviews, I found that although Rytr isn’t a content writing genie in a bottle, it’s definitely a useful tool. It won’t be your best bet if you’re looking for an all-in-one bespoke copywriter but for writers or content creators, Rytr is worth a closer look.

Its features for refining both your own text and its generated results can help you streamline your writing process – while still giving you the last word. It has its limitations (such as being only available in English, despite the ability to generate content in over 30 languages), but Rytr is undeniably a powerful AI writing assistant to add to your toolbox.

Is Rytr just the leg-up you need, or would you be better off with something more advanced? Keep reading to find out.



Everything You Need To Punch up Your Content

Rytr Content Generation Capabilities
Rytr offers a wide range of options for creating all sorts of content

Rytr is much more of an AI writing assistant than an AI writing tool. What does that mean, exactly? For starters, it includes a wide variety of tools that can help you expand, reword, or even re-think content based on your original input.

If you’re looking for fully generated content, Rytr performs best at around the two-paragraph mark. Though the output quality starts to slightly lapse for long-form content, Rytr creates outstanding long-form outlines1 through its Blog Idea & Outline template. So you might not be able to write an entire dissertation using Rytr, but it can definitively provide you with some much-needed structure for larger projects.

There are some notable oversights, specifically the lack of collaboration features and real-time spell checking. Overall, Rytr is efficient, flexible, and its feature suite is enjoyable to use.

Create Content in a Variety of Different Voices for a Ton of Different Use Cases

Rytr allows you to generate text using over 40 use cases and templates on every plan. These use cases range from marketing-specific text, such as AIDA and PAS copywriting, to more creative uses like song lyrics and story plots. Like ChatGPT, if you aren’t happy with any of the pre-formatted use cases, you can always use the Magic Command option for more context-based text generation.

You can also choose the tone and creativity of the content you create. Tone refers to how the generated text feels, and it ranges from humorous to assertive, and even worried or urgent. Meanwhile, the creativity level affects how the generating algorithm is treated. The more creative the text, the more likely you are to receive unexpected results, which also means  that it’ll be more prone to factual mistakes.

Rytr AIDA use case
Rytr provides particularly good results for its copywriting and marketing use cases

Once again, most of these text results will require a bit of editing to match exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it. That’s why Rytr also gives you the option to create up to 3 variants at a time for any given prompt, which lets you compare different results without wasting your time clicking the “generate” button over and over.

A One-Click Editor at Your Fingertips

If you’re used to writing copy that’s ready to be published on your first try… Well, good for you. For the rest of us, however, there are bound to be parts of our text that often require a couple of extra passes before they’re ready. That’s where Rytr comes in.

You can use Rytr’s AI tool to improve, rephrase, expand, shorten, or even write full paragraphs from any highlighted text under 300 characters. With the “append” function, Rytr’s AI can expand a specific sentence or even create entire paragraphs based on a single, short sentence. These editing features are great if you must make quick changes on a tight deadline, want to overcome writer’s block, or need a different perspective on a passage.

Rytr Editing Options
Rytr provides an interesting variety of options to edit and improve your text

Keep in mind that your tone and creativity settings will also apply to any text you prompt the AI to edit. That means that if you want to shorten a phrase in your essay about Kant’s moral philosophy but forgot to change the tone from “humorous,” you might get results like  “Categorical imperatives are totally rad, dude!”

You can also use these functions with fully generated text. However, I’ve found that they work a lot better if you start out with something original, which gives Rytr the opportunity to recognize your writing style.

Powerful Marketing and SEO-Oriented Features

Besides the previously mentioned copywriting frameworks, Rytr’s use cases also include social media and google search ads, landing page copy, and a selection of call to action and tagline options.

If you’re looking to improve your search engine rankings, Rytr offers tools to create SEO-optimized meta elements and keyword generation. You can also paste text from a rival high-ranking page and use the “keyword extraction” use case to discover the most important keywords for ranking. You can then use that information to include those keywords in your own content and improve your rankings.

Complement Your Writing With a Classic AI Chatbot and Image Generation

Though these tools aren’t the main focus, you can complement your writing with Rytr’s dynamic AI chatbot and DALL-E image generation features1. Though the image generator isn’t outstanding, you can still use it to insert some visual interest into your articles.

On the other hand, the chatbot’s more dynamic nature makes it a better option if you’re just looking to bounce some ideas around. The chatbot works a lot like ChatGPT, all you have to do is input a prompt, select your language and tone, and send a direct message.

Something that I found particularly noteworthy is that Rytr’s chatbot took no time to generate a response, regardless of the prompt, tone, or language. Not only was the chatbot able to give me condensed explanations of everything from cooking recipes to general relativity, but it also  did a stunning job of self-adapting when I followed-up with prompts like “refine the previous text to be more serious,” “expand,” “shorten,” and more.

Privacy & Security

Rytr follows a strict set of rules and regulations to keep your data secure. Rytr fully adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for EU residents and The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Though all credit card payments are processed through a third-party processor, it still ensures that your credit card info is secure under the rules set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Rytr clearly states that all content generated using its site belongs to you, with the exception of what you post on its forums. That means that whatever you create or generate using Rytr can be used as you see fit.


Ease of use

About as Easy as It Can Get

The whole point of an AI writing assistant is to help you develop your creativity by taking care of some of the hard things for you. It should ideally be easy to use so you won’t have to spend hours just trying to figure out how it works. Fortunately, everything about Rytr works to provide you with an intuitive and efficient writing experience.

At no point during my experience with Rytr did I ever feel lost about or confused about how to use the software or generate the results I was looking for. Sure, what makes it stellar are its AI features, but the pleasant UI makes it comfortable to create an entire document from scratch without switching between different software or even tabs.

Getting Started With Rytr

To get started with Rytr, all you have to do is go to Rytr.me and click on Start Ryting1. You’ll have to create an account with your email address, or sign up by linking your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile. If you registered using email, you might have to input a verification code sent to your inbox.

Rytr Homepage
Signing up is as easy as clicking on the giant “Start Ryting” button

After that, you’re all set! You can start using the free version of Rytr immediately, or you can click on Manage Billing on your account tab to upgrade to a paid plan.

Generate Text in Over 20 Different Languages

If you’re writing for an international audience, Rytr offers every one of its text generation tools in over 20 languages. I wanted to test the quality of these results for myself, so a French-speaking friend and I took some time testing different prompts, use cases, and tones in French and Spanish.

The French and Spanish results from the prompts written in English were fine overall, but they did require some editing to make up for some errors in pronouns, grammar, and consistency. Interestingly, when you write your prompt in any of these languages, the results improve significantly.

Rytr Multi-Language Support
For multilingual writers, this could be a gamechanger

That means that while you shouldn’t fire your translator yet, if you write your prompts in a language other than English, you can be confident that your results will be accurate and high-quality1. It is a bit of a letdown that the service itself isn’t available in more languages, though.

A Simple Document Manager To Keep Your Work Organized

Rytr provides simple file management features to help you keep your work organized. On the Create tab, you’ll be able to see basic information about all your files, such as word count and last modified date. You can also create custom folders to categorize your work and mark important files for later reference.

Rytr History Tab
The extensive History tab ensures that you never lose your previous work

If you want to elaborate on an earlier prompt or simply track your progress, the History tab saves all the relevant information about your previously generated prompts. You’ll see information about your original request, its language, use case, tone, and even the exact date it was created.

API Integration for Developers and a Chrome Extension for Everyone

If you’re a developer looking to integrate Rytr’s capabilities into your website or project, Rytr is one of the few AI-writing assistants that offer full access to its proprietary API. This can be an easy way to integrate AI writing into your project and add value for potential customers.

If you want to integrate Rytr’s content generation into your day-to-day text, you can also use its Chrome extension to generate content directly into your emails, cloud documents, and social media. Do keep in mind that the API comes with costs of its own though, so you will have to invest a little extra if you want to include this feature into your workflow.



Rytr Does Exactly What You Ask, but Refinement Options Are Limited

To test the quality of AI writers fairly, I’ll be using the same written prompt – in this case, a 2-paragraph mission statement for a nonprofit organization called the Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP). In addition to the mission, I’ll also include WSP’s vision for long-term sustainability, public education, and advocacy for animal welfare/rights.

I’ll then judge the results based on the quality of the output, how much it sticks to the prompt, how much refinement it takes to be usable, and how it compares to the result of other AI writers. Since Rytr offers such a wide variety of use cases and voices, I also tested several combinations with different prompts to see if there were areas where it particularly shone or struggled.

Overall, Rytr delivered quality results consistently1, adhering to each use case and tone combination I tested. I was a little disappointed that Rytr doesn’t offer options for regenerating prompts or following through on its standard mode though. This means that while Rytr’s results were definitely high-quality, I had to manually make any edits that were necessary.

Rytr’s Abilities Made Me a Little Jealous

To generate text based on the standardized prompt, I chose the Magic Command use case paired with an Inspirational tone, with creativity set to Optimal. I was honestly expecting to have a lot more to say about the refining process, but Rytr blew me away with the quality of its first result. Sure, it did add some details here and there, but that’s what the creativity setting is for.

Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP) is committed to the protection and conservation of wildlife and their habitats. Our mission is to create a safe haven for endangered and threatened species, while actively promoting public education and advocating for animal welfare and rights. With a long-term vision of sustainability, we strive to inspire individuals to take action, fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world and empowering them to become stewards of our planet.

Vision for Long-Term Sustainability:

  • Develop sustainable practices that minimize our ecological footprint
  • Utilize renewable energy sources to reduce our carbon emission
  • Implement responsible waste management strategies
  • Collaborate with local communities to promote sustainable livelihoods
  • Foster partnerships with like-minded organizations for shared knowledge and resources

Public Education and Advocacy for Animal Welfare/Rights:

  • Conduct educational programs, workshops, and guided tours to increase public awareness about wildlife conservation
  • Collaborate with schools and universities to develop curriculum materials on environmental stewardship
  • Engage in advocacy campaigns that promote the ethical treatment of animals
  • Lobby for stronger legislation protecting wildlife and their habitats

Core Values:

  1. Compassion: We believe in treating all living beings with kindness and empathy.
  2. Integrity: We are committed to honesty, transparency, and ethical practices in all aspects of our work.
  3. Collaboration: We recognize the power of partnerships and strive to work together with individuals and organizations towards common goals.
  4. Conservation: We are dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems.
  5. Empowerment: We aim to empower individuals to make a positive impact on the environment through education, advocacy, and action.
  6. Sustainability: We embrace sustainable practices in order to ensure a thriving future for both wildlife and humans.

At WSP, we envision a world where every individual recognizes the importance of wildlife conservation, actively works towards protecting our planet’s biodiversity, and respects the rights of all living creatures. Join us in our mission to create a better future for wildlife and inspire a generation of compassionate environmental stewards. Together, we can make a difference.

More impressively, when I compared the generated result with one generated from the same prompt with GPT-4, the result was virtually indistinguishable. In fact, I think I liked the Rytr results better (though that honestly comes to personal opinion).

Rytr’s tone variety1 is definitely one of its strong suits. I will say that its “funny” and “humor” tones tend to deliver somewhat repetitive structures, usually by ending a passage with a rhetorical question (“Our furry friends need a sustainable habitat to survive. Isn’t nature rad?”). But Rytr managed the more serious tones exceptionally well, and there is a clear difference in the results depending on the use case of your choice.

Performance Score: 4.8 (out of 5)



One of the Most Affordable Alternatives in the Business

Compared to similar options like AI Writer and Jasper, Rytr is one of the most affordable options of its kind. That’s good news considering that the free plan is rather limited, only giving you access to up to 10,000 characters and over 20 voice tones. That might sound like a lot, but I burned through most of it after generating text for my first two prompts.

If you’re looking for something more substantial, the Unlimited Plan gives you unlimited content generation, one tone match, and 50 plagiarism checks for only $9.00/month ($7.50/month for an annual plan). If you want to upgrade even further, the Premium plan gives you access to 35+ languages, custom use cases, and priority customer support for $29.00/month ($24.16/month for an annual plan).

Though the Unlimited plan is still incredibly affordable when compared to the competition, I’d recommend the Unlimited plan for almost anyone1, unless you need to unlock multiple languages and custom use cases.



Great Knowledge Base and Supplementary Materials, but Disappointing Otherwise

If there is one area where Rytr could stand to improve, it’s customer support. Though it offers an extensive library of well-written supplementary material, if you want to contact another human being with any questions, your options are rather limited. Rytr offers support through email and live chat. The exact working hours for live chat are not clear, outside of not being available on weekends.

To test the quality of customer support, I sent a variety of questions through live chat. I wanted to test email too, but whenever I tried clicking on the Send us an Email button my browser would just freeze on the redirect page.

I started by asking what kind of model Rytr uses and whether the tool could be used for collaboration. I received very unsatisfactory answers to both questions about half a day later. Then I tried asking about the availability of support, and Rytr’s security policies. Ironically, I received no answer whatsoever to those questions.

: Rytr Live Chat Support
Rytr’s support quality was pretty underwhelming

Registered users get access to the Rytr forum, which seems a lot more active and filled with useful information. Despite this, Rytr’s support leaves a lot to be desired.


Rytr’s name isn’t as much a description of what it is as who it’s for. Sure, the software is easy to use and affordable, which makes it an attractive option for just about anyone looking for an AI writer. But its creative-focused features like editing and rewording tools are what really steal the show.

It’s not an all-in-one content writer. Its outputs still need a bit of human help to be fully usable, and customer support is very lackluster. Even so, if you’re an established writer or content creator, Rytr can do wonders for your workflow and your creativity.
Pros Cons
  • Great editing tools for expanding your writing
  • A simple and easy-to-navigate UI
  • Powerful marketing and SEO tools
  • Incredibly affordable pricing
  • Lack of refinement options for generated content
  • Lackluster customer support


What is Rytr used for?

Rytr is a GPT-3 based writing assistant that can help you generate content in a wide variety of tones, use cases, and languages. Although its easy-to-use AI generation and affordable plans make it a good option for almost anyone, writers and content creators will make the most of its writing assistant tools.

Is Rytr good for long-form content?

That depends. Rytr isn’t a great option if you’re looking to click a button and generate long-form content instantaneously. However, Rytr does provide excellent tools for outlining, planning, and assisting the creation of human-made long-form content. It even provides use cases specifically designed for outlining.

Is Rytr safe?

Rytr adheres to all the latest cybersecurity rules and privacy regulations. You also don’t have to worry about copyright issues, since everything you create using the Rytr app belongs exclusively to you. It also closely follows the safety regulations set forth by the state of California and the European Union.

Is Rytr free?

Not only does Rytr offer a free plan, but it also comes with every single tone, use case, and language that the premium plans offer. While you can be sure that you won’t be getting a subpar version of the same product just because you’re on the free plan, you will have limited monthly generation. If you find that the free plan is not enough, Rytr’s paid plans might be absolutely worth it, especially considering that Rytr is one of the most affordable apps of its kind.
Andrés Gánem Andrés Gánem
Andrés writes about a variety of topics aimed at helping business owners and merchants grow and manage their ventures. These topics include (but are not limited to) website building, web hosting, project management software, and credit card processing. Andrés has 3+ years of experience as a writer and content creator. He’s also worked as a project manager, website designer, and social media manager for a variety of science communication groups.
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