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Amazon Launches Bedrock to Drive GenAI Growth

Amazon Launches Bedrock to Drive GenAI Growth

Sarah Hardacre
Amazon launched Bedrock, a platform that allows businesses to access ready-to-use machine learning models that can then be trained using their own private data. Bedrock will reduce the barriers to entry when it comes to the world of generative AI.

Bedrock gives companies access to Foundation Models (FM), which are large and complex machine-learning models that have already been trained using vast amounts of data. Amazon is looking to help businesses reap the benefits of Generative AI without the high level of investments needed for infrastructure and research and development.

With the use of APIs, a company can then use the models to build AI-powered apps with chatbots, text or image generators, or advanced search and personalization capabilities. It will be able to train the models on AWS using private and in-house data that will not be shared or used to further train the original FM.

Bedrock allows users access to a variety of models from Amazon as well as third parties, such as Amazon Titan for text summarization, AI21 Labs Jurassic-2 for text generation in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch, Anthropic Claude for conversation and Q&A, and Stability.ai Stable Diffusion for image generation.

Bedrock is available in limited preview, with many users providing positive feedback on how easy it is for developers to get set up. Shishir Mehrotra, CEO of software company Coda, shares that “since all our data is already on AWS, we are able to quickly incorporate generative AI using Bedrock, with all the security and privacy we need to protect our data built-in.”

No details on pricing models and general release date have been released.

Amazon, while investing in machine learning and AI for nearly 20 years, has not entered the Generative AI arena at the same pace as some of its competitors. Rather, many of its programs help various companies connect with each other while boosting AWS usage.

Amazon also announced early April the launch of the AWS Generative AI Accelerator, a 10-week program that, among other things, helps start-ups connect with investors and customers.

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