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Premium WordPress Hosting with Pressidium

Premium WordPress Hosting with Pressidium

Miguel Amado
There are many hosting companies to choose from and if you want a WordPress website, you also can’t complain that there aren’t many choices. In that crowded market, Pressidium has strong arguments to capture your attention. Let’s hear them – or in this case, read them – in this conversation we had with Alex Newnham, Content Director.

Please present Pressidium for our audience

Pressidium is a premium WordPress hosting and management service that provides fast, robust, scalable and secure hosting to owners and managers of professional WordPress sites. We were established back in 2014 by a team of experienced engineers and developers who saw a need for a WordPress hosting platform that offered High Availability architecture that is normally only found in very large and costly enterprise environments.

Our platform offers the very best in engineering and technology to ensure that businesses can scale their WordPress websites with ease. In addition to offering our clients the very best in WordPress hosting, we have dovetailed this with industry beating levels of support provided by experienced WordPress experts and Dev Ops engineers. We have no Tier 1 and Tier 2 support structures. Instead, we run a zero-escalation policy, which means our engineers will provide turn-key management of your issue, from start to finish.

WordPress is by far the most used CMS. How can I stand out using a platform that so many also use?

WordPress is the underlying platform that powers a website. Unless you work in the industry (as a developer, web designer, engineer etc.) it’s unlikely you’d have any idea what CMS is being used to power a website when you visit it. Because of this, the fact that you’re running WordPress won’t be the reason a customer reacts favourably to your website… that will be down to the design, usability and overall experience they have when browsing your website.

Whilst of course a great website design will go a long way towards helping you stand out in your industry, an often-overlooked element is the speed and reliability of your website, both of which can significantly impact the experience enjoyed by your users. A slow website is frustrating whilst a website that doesn’t load at all (or loads intermittently) can negatively impact the impression your users have of your business. The solution? Dedicated WordPress hosting that delivers both speed and reliability when it really matters.

You mention on your website that digital agencies, media outlets, tech startups, Fortune 500 companies are your clients. Is one of those groups more frequent than the other (for example, digital agencies is 50% of your customer base…)

We are privileged to host websites for a wide variety of organisations across a number of different sectors. It’s gratifying that not only have we been able to provide a hosting solution that is suitable for large businesses but also for smaller ones who can take advantage of Enterprise grade architecture that would normally only be accessible to businesses with deep pockets.

The standout similarity between all our clients is a desire from them to host their websites with a hosting provider that offers high levels of reliability, along with tools to help them manage their websites on a day-to-day basis, plus high quality support that really delivers when they need it the most.

What do you see is the main concern and needs that companies have when they look for a service like yours?

The reliability of the service and the level of support on offer. We operate in an industry where just about every hosting provider (almost regardless of cost) over promises and under delivers. We were determined not to be one of them! Our Enterprise architecture offers our client unparalleled levels of stability for their websites which means they are never left worrying about whether their site might go down at a critical moment.

Many people are often surprised by the unreliability of numerous hosting services. If your website holds a mission-critical status, even brief outages can result in significant costs. Our hosting architecture eliminates this concern by ensuring there is no single point of failure.

To back this up we have a team of expert engineers who specialize in WordPress who are available 24×7, 365 days a year and offer response times of under 5 minutes for our Enterprise clients. We are continually told by our clients just how reassuring it is to have such high levels of expert support available to them.

Ultimately, website problems can be highly stressful, and we know our clients appreciate the fact that we go above and beyond to help solve their website hosting related issues.

What differentiates Pressidium from your competitors?

We don’t like to brag, but we truly feel the level of support offered to our clients is hard to beat. We treat each client as an individual, not a support ticket that needs to be closed ASAP. And that makes a real difference to the hosting experience enjoyed by our clients. It also helps that our hosting platform is just so darn good!

With scalable, fault tolerant architecture that has no single point of failure, daily backups, staging servers, a sophisticated Dashboard and much more we believe we’re the WordPress host to beat!

What are the next steps for your company? Where do you see the market and technology going?

We continue to grow at a rapid pace as more and more people begin to understand the benefits associated with hosting their WordPress website on High Availability architecture. Our team is continually improving our platform to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. WordPress has a bright future and the numbers of websites that use this incredible CMS just continues to skyrocket. We look forward to hosting many, many more of them in the future!

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