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Re-target Your Ideal Customers With Perfect Audience

Re-target Your Ideal Customers With Perfect Audience

Ditsa Keren
Perfect Audience is an ad-tech platform that helps online advertisers to reach their ideal customers. In this interview, customer success manager Max Stewart talks about the fundamentals of retargeting and explains why it is so effective at getting the engagement and conversion you want.

*The views and opinions expressed in this interview are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Marin Software.

Please describe the background behind Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience was founded in 2012 and was built on the principle that every business should be able to easily and effectively personalize their marketing and deliver a high ROI. The Company today has thousands of customers leveraging a powerful cloud platform that enables marketers to create, manage and optimize their retargeting campaigns across Facebook, Mobile Apps, and the Web.

Through direct integrations with the top ad exchanges and Facebook, marketers are able to reach hundreds of thousands of publishers and mobile apps from one interface, ensuring that marketers reach customers with the best ads through the most cost-efficient means possible.

We are not too big to know our advertisers, and we’re able to speak to them on the phone if they have questions about onboarding or optimization. We act like a small, eye-level business, and that’s a major advantage in our marketplace. We take a proactive, hands-on approach to customer service.

Our product is a complete retargeting solution for websites that allows our customers to segment users based on categories, actions they take on the website, products they have viewed, and content they took an interest in. We can retarget them on the Web, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and mobile devices.

Some retargeting platforms are completely DIY; others are complete managed services where you don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes. We look to empower our users with the ability to manage campaigns themselves while standing at the ready to help them if needed.

We give our advertisers control over their campaigns, creatives, budgets, and a number of other factors that go into a successful campaign.

If you need assistance, you can have a one on one session with a customer success manager, browse our extensive video library, or join our webinar series. Our aim is to strike a balance where we’re not doing it all for you, but you’re also not alone.

We show and share things like where your ads are being displayed, how well they are performing, where they work best and what you can improve, and we provide assistance to help you act upon our recommendations.

We’re also very flexible with our customers in that we do not require a long term commitment.
Some providers are difficult to get on the phone, so unless you’re paying for premium services, most chances are you’ll need to figure things for yourself. We offer a lower point of entry and we are more accessible than other providers, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Using our services, you can run multiple campaigns, perform A/B testing, and see which ads are generating the most engagement.
We have detailed reporting functionality that allows ad agencies and brand managers to make decisions based on the data they are seeing and their audience’s behavior.

Want to give Perfect Audience a Try? Here’s a quick start guide:

What are the main key points for getting retargeting right?

The first thing is to target the right people. It usually doesn’t work when a website has just launched and has low traffic. Having enough people to have a good retargeting audience is one of the main drivers for success.

We give you the tools to target people who shop for products, who clicked the pricing page, or showed initial interest so you can define your ad spend effectively. If someone just visited your site for a split second and immediately bounced, you can choose not to retarget them, using Perfect Audience’s powerful audience segmentation tool.

Having the right people also means your ad creatives don’t simply address their need or the problem they are looking to solve, but also that your copy matches the landing page they came from and the offer that you have made for them.

Many times I see a difference in the design, style or offer, and the ad doesn’t look anything like the original page that the users came from. Confusing the viewers like that is never a good idea. Make sure you deliver the right message to the right people and maintain consistency throughout your campaigns.

Next, there are certain industries or businesses where time is a factor. Sometimes purchases begin with an impulse decision, like getting a new shirt. This kind of decision can be made within a day or two, so the targeting will focus on people who visited your shop recently, offering the specific product they were looking at.
If it’s a travel website, your recent visitors are looking to book and they have a time limit, so you want to focus on recent visitors before they book elsewhere.

It’s the other way around too: if you’re offering a high ticket item, or if you’re marketing for B2B clients, the purchase decision will usually take longer, so naturally, that campaign will draw over longer periods of time. What’s effective to do there is more sequential. They will be seeing your ad for weeks or months, staying on their mind is key.

The main thing is to test and refine: test different creatives, see what works, get rid of the ones that don’t work, and start a campaign that targets particular segments. Perfect Audience was built to allow you to easily launch and edit campaigns on the fly.

Sometimes you want to launch a campaign and expect a huge boost in sales, but it usually takes longer to get traction until viewers are more comfortable seeing your ads.
90% of people don’t convert on their first visit but the more they visit, the more likely they are to convert. Stats show that someone who clicks a retargeted ad is 70% more likely to convert than someone who clicked a regular ad.

A growing number of users fear that retargeting violates their privacy. What are your views on this?

Personally, I think people should have the ability to opt-out of any type of advertising they don’t wish to see, and we are compliant with that.

We capture certain information such as order ID or product type, behaviors and actions that people take on the website. We do not collect personal information like names, demographic backgrounds, place of work and things like that. We are more focused on which pages they viewed, buttons clicked on the site, etc. We are not as invasive as people think, and we require every one of our advertisers to be compliant to their local jurisdictions.

We have customers all over the world and we’ve recently seen a big difference between the way people use our product in the EU and the US – in the EU it’s more focused on eCommerce whereas in the US just about any type of business will use retargeting: law firms, realtors, automobile dealerships, etc.

How do you see the future of Personalized Digital Marketing?

When people opt into more things we’re going to start seeing more dynamic creatives – ads with elements that can change based on a user’s location or other information they’ve shared. That’s where I think it’s headed. As technology improves it’s going to be a richer experience, with more animations, video, and more immersive.

It’s like the equivalent of when television moved from black and white to color to widescreen to HD. I think there will also be more awareness from the consumer’s side about privacy and how to handle it.

Finally, I think that with the internet of things we will see longer customer journeys that encompass more devices: not just laptops, phones and tablets, but also various devices that might be in their home like a smart fridge, smartwatch, etc.

The customer journey will get longer and advertisers will have to be ready for that to continue delivering the right message at the right time. Some people are going to accept this as the cost of doing business. The sacrifice is that you get some advertising like we’ve seen in magazines previously. The advantage is that advertising will become more and more relevant, useful and informative rather than invasive or irrelevant.

Where can people learn more?

In terms of Perfect Audience, we offer a 14 days free trial or $100 in ad spend, so long as the website is approved and follows our guidelines. We’re happy to offer it to WebsitePlanet readers. Visit Perfect Audience.

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