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NeuroSYS – Helps You Streamline Your Business Processes With IT and AI

NeuroSYS – Helps You Streamline Your Business Processes With IT and AI

Marko Velimirović
NeuroSYS is a company focused on putting new technologies and innovations to good use, working on custom-made, unconventional solutions helping their clients achieve their goals.

What is NeuroSYS?

NeuroSYS is an IT company with headquarters in Poland, and local offices in Stockholm and Berlin. Our team consists of almost 120 people, including 20 scientists from the R&D department. We’ve been developing software since 2010 for clients from various industries, incl. industrial, pharmaceutical, and automotive. We specialize in solutions in the field of artificial intelligence, in particular, augmented reality and machine learning.

Our Research & Development department carries out research in the field of augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence, and deep learning, and develops solutions for their commercial application (e.g. research projects in the field of microbiology).

We have two proprietary products – Samelane and Nsflow – that help enterprises in digital transformation and streamlining processes using modern technologies. Samelane is used by the largest television and entertainment provider in the US – Comcast, and Nsflow – by Toyota.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

The idea for NeuroSYS and its focus areas was born in my head when I was still studying computer engineering. I have always been fascinated with artificial intelligence and neural networks – hence the name of the company combining neural + systems. Although finally, I had decided to focus on business rather than an academic career, I’ve maintained my interest. It manifests itself in creating NeuroSYS’s Research & Development team.

What is the mission of NeuroSYS?

Our mission is to:
  • shape the future with technology, artificial intelligence in particular
  • assist companies in digitalization to rise to the Industry 4.0 challenges
  • help people do meaningful and rewarding work only, taking mundane and arduous tasks off their shoulders.

What services do you offer?

We offer a comprehensive range of services for streamlining product development, starting from the ideation stage to making it market-ready:
  • artificial intelligence, in particular, augmented reality and machine learning
  • custom web and mobile development
  • research and development
  • cloud computing solutions
  • IT & business consulting
Our two products help to optimize processes and retain know-how within companies for the next generations of employees:
  • Nsflow is a platform for remote expert assistance, interactive on-the-job training, and service procedure creation. It takes advantage of augmented reality and is compatible with a lot of industrial-grade AR devices. It has been created with the manufacturing industry in mind. 
  • Samelane is a learning management system (LMS) that enables effective knowledge management, employee training automation (onboarding, career paths), and measuring the Learning & Development processes in the organization. It can be used with AR as well. More: samelane.com

Who are your typical customers, and what do you think is the main challenge that your product solves for them?

Production companies from industries such as automotive, chemical, construction, pharma, energy, oil, and gas, that need to automate their processes to remain competitive in the market. They also experience first-hand Covid restrictions, such as travel bans. With our Nsflow AR platform, they can automate their employee onboarding and training, make maintenance and service procedures standardized and less risky, and use remote assistance to solve machinery problems in no time.

Companies with non-standard needs that want to verify their business ideas and break new ground. Our R&D team develops solutions taking advantage of artificial intelligence, deep learning, augmented reality, and natural language processing.

Corporations on the verge of digital transformation, that deal with a lot of data stored in different systems, business processes, and human resources issues. For them, we optimize technological solutions, their architecture, and tools as well as build systems that automate data processing and reporting. With our Samelane LMS, they can gain full control over onboarding and training.

What are the plans for NeuroSYS for the near future?

Our nearest plans concern mainly our two platforms – Samelane and Nsflow. We plan their further expansion, especially to American and Asian markets, and to add more features taking advantage of AI. We’re also working hard to become the front-of-mind partner in terms of AI algorithms and industrial digitization.

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