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Make needle-moving changes & gain high-impact returns with Mindbowser

Make needle-moving changes & gain high-impact returns with Mindbowser

Karen Wilson

Please tell us about the Mindbowser journey?

The journey began when Ayush Jain(CEO) got a call from his common connection from Silicon Valley. Little did Ayush know then that this call would lay a foundation for his own startup. During the conversation, the connection mentioned a startup that was going through a development crisis. They outsourced the development work to a company based out of Bengaluru, India and now they were not happy.

Being in the tech domain for around 4 years, this was a little mainstream for Ayush, but this call provided an opportunity to fix the issue on their own.

Ayush approached this startup and offered them a solution. Being doubtful at the start, the startup considered them for code review, then as a tester, then for a module, and eventually, the team found that they were doing everything- so, they thought of hiring a person.

To hire they registered a company in order to impress the person who would be coming for the interview. Slowly things moved from one client to two and then four and then ten.

You have four values- why are these important to you and how do your customers experience these in practice?

Values are important to guide our behavior. In every strategy meeting, the values are in front of us and when making a decision we try to tickmark if we are adding further to our values.

Leadership: We have a consistent effort to build leaders in the team and we run constant programs to recognize and reward leaders. We believe that once we have the people, everything else can be taken care of. With a continuous effort in this direction, we are able to attract good people and report one of the lowest attrition rates compared to industry peers.

Excellence: This is about challenging ourselves- can we be the best in this technology/ process/ as a team and so on.

Agility: allows us to move fast and adapt to new technologies, processes, or even commit to smaller changes every day.

Passion: is the fuel to drive all of the others.

Once we have all of the above values working, good customer experience, successful delivery, zero headaches, and zero hiccups are the by-products.

What is the benefit of founders’ involvement?

Founder to founder conversations are always special. Most times founders have perspective that others do not understand unless they are a founder. Hence the founder involvement helps in being able to collaborate better and work with fellow founders.

Please describe the process that your customers can expect you to follow?

When we start building a product it typically starts with a Blueprint phase. We work with founders to create a roadmap of their idea. The phase is led by UX expert and our technical lead who checks the technical feasibility of the decisions taken. Since products can be built in various ways, we focus to find the answers by interviewing customers, checking existing solutions and their gaps, and creating high fidelity wireframes. Once the blueprint is ready we create a development plan and divide it into timely sprints and demo days.

What makes you stand out from companies that offer a similar service?

Our Zero headache Zero hiccup guarantee ensures success every time. This is something unheard of in our industry but through our processes and team we achieve it every time and guarantee performance to our customers

Mindbowser supports the career success of women returning to work. How do you do this and why is it important?

We have a team with around 50% women in team. As part of diversity and inclusion, we are committed to being an equal opportunity employer.  Furthermore, we like to give a special focus on being able to help women start their careers post any kind of break. We find that not only does it fits our values, it also does some good for the world.

And finally…

We have a Mindbowser Mileage (M2) program for our employees. The program unlocks the potential growth, celebrates significant events, and protects the health of every individual working at the organization. Right from the first working day, 50 percent salary assurance for 2 years is insured under Accidental benefit, supporting the extended family of the employee.

Then there are rewards on employee’s life milestones such as marriage, childbirth, new home, etc. The rewards increase for each year of experience with the company. As the growth trajectory of the employee evolves, the M2 program encourages further growth by providing high-tech laptops that employees can own, accessories, and learning opportunities. Added to these perks are a contribution to the first home cost, family holidays, support for self and children higher education, and children marriage. The M2 program also secures the last milestone, i.e. Retirement of its employees with monthly pensions.  M2 also has an entrepreneurship fund and support for employees that want to build their own ideas.

The program is one of its kind in the IT industry that is long marred with high attrition rates and cutthroat competition for talent.

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