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Zurvey.io – Helps You Maximize Customer Satisfaction With Humanly Precise Text Analysis

Zurvey.io – Helps You Maximize Customer Satisfaction With Humanly Precise Text Analysis

Marko Velimirović
This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Peter Szekeres, the Co-Founder and CEO of Zurvey.io. We discussed how the company evolved, what is the mission of Zurvey.io, and what are the plans for the company in the near future.

Please describe the story behind the company. What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Zurvey.io has evolved as part of an enterprise text analysis toolkit, provided by Neticle. Neticle was founded in 2012 by three fresh graduates from the Corvinus University of Budapest, who had an interest in big data and Natural Language Processing. There was a study published at the time that showed how analyzing tweets could lead to predicting changes on the stock market, which was very inspirational. Automatic text analysis was on the rise at the time (it still is), but it had mainly been available for English. Neticle’s own algorithm was developed for Hungarian first, and more than 20 other languages have been added since. The majority of them are European languages, but there are exotic ones as well, such as Indonesian. The company’s products all utilize these text analysis capabilities (including sentiment analysis), paired with several other features. Each product is tailored for a different purpose, but they can often be used together as well.

What is the mission of Zurvey.io?

Zurvey.io is a professional CX tool and survey software that helps you understand the voice of the customer. Its mission is to maximize customer satisfaction through humanly precise text analysis.

What services do you offer?

When you sign up for Zurvey.io, you can have all your CX data analyzed. The platform displays the results and insights on several informative and highly customizable charts. The results can also be exported to Excel, and outbound integration into other platforms is also available, ranging from internal business intelligence platforms like PowerBI and Tableau to project management tools like Jira. Our team of expert analysts can also help you get the most out of your data.

There are currently five data input methods to choose from.

If you don’t have your data yet, we recommend Zurvey.io’s very own, easy-to-use WYSIWYG-type survey creator to collect it. You can simply compile the survey you need, and then share it, or embed it at any customer touchpoint (such as your website, your newsletter, or your mobile application, and so on).

If you already have your CX data, it is easy to channel all of it into Zurvey.io. This can be done through file upload, through an email- or API-connector, and you can even integrate your Neticle Media Intelligence data, to find all your insights in one place.

What is unique for Zurvey.io?

Zurvey.io’s most important and unique feature is its built-in text analysis. If you have any kind of textual CX data (or vocie recordings that can be turned into text), Zurvey.io will analyze it for you and save you from having to read through thousands of individual answers. Including open questions in your surveys is no longer a problem, in fact, it is encouraged. We believe that one of the most useful tools you can have if you want to understand the Voice of the Customer is text analysis.

Who are your typical customers, and what do you think the main challenge is that your product solves for them?

Our typical customers are enterprises who regularly deal with large amounts of customer feedback. Our product often saves them even hundreds of hours of manual coding, and provides more accurate results because artificial intelligence doesn’t get tired, but humans might. They can use their working hours and expertise on creating action plans based on the consistent insights that Zurvey.io provides.

Which trends and technologies do you find to be particularly intriguing these days?

We love that in the world of CX, surveys are generally getting shorter. This is because more and more companies realize it is possible to get great results even from a couple of scale-type and open questions, and without having to ask for very much of the customers’ time.

Other than that, the growth in the production of renewable energy and the electrification of our world is super exciting. We hope that the smart cities of the future will be able to benefit from artificial intelligence and that we can all live better lives because of it.

What are the plans for Zurvey.io for the near future?

New languages are always being added: our next goal is complete European language coverage, which is only a couple of months away. We would also like to add even more input methods, especially voice input. We’re continuously working on improving our data visualization and our integration capabilities. As a Customer and Data Experience Platform, we always strive to provide better and better insights for our customers’ data-driven decisions, for Marketing and CX departments as well as for HR or Sales.

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