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Creating a one-of-a-kind campaign for each client with Three Girls Media

Creating a one-of-a-kind campaign for each client with Three Girls Media

Miguel Amado
Only in 2021, Three Girls Media and Erika Montgomery won Most Outstanding Boutique Content Marketing Agency (Global Business Awards) and Best Female Marketing & PR CEO (Global CEO Excellence). With a diverse client base and a unique strategy for each one, knowing more about Three Girls Media is definitely something interesting. Check out this special interview for Website Planet with Erika Montgomery below!

Please present Three Girls Media to our audience.

Three Girls Media Inc. is a full-service marketing and public relations agency. We were founded in 2005, so in a couple of weeks we are coming up on our 17th anniversary of being in business, which is exciting.

We offer a full suite of marketing and public relation services. Everything from social media management to blogging for search engine optimization, email marketing, advertising, graphic design, website design and build, public media relations … we really offer a lot to our clients.

How is the process to design a one-of-a-kind campaign for each organization that reaches you? Seems to be challenging.

It’s definitely a challenge. It starts with a complimentary consultation. We meet with each potential client one-on-one and I ask them about three things in particular: their needs, goals and budget. Based on those three things, I’m able to recommend which services would be best fit for them,

We then put together a customized proposal for each client that really outlines a one-of-a-kind campaign that is based on their stated needs, goals and budget. Finally, we have a negotiation process that hopefully ends with us doing business together.

What should small businesses do to create a positive presence in social media? It needs time, money and attention and small businesses usually can’t have all these things.

First of all, I think it’s a mistake that a lot of small businesses think they need to be everywhere on social media. That is simply not true. You do not need to be on every major social media platform. You need to be where your customers are.

Each social media platform has a unique set of core demographics for the audience they serve. If you are trying to reach men who are age 45 to 65, for example, you should focus your efforts on Twitter. If you are trying to reach youth and teenagers, you want to be on TikTok.

So, you really need to pay attention to knowing the target audience for your business, and then learn which social media platforms they use and focus your energies on those one or two platforms. It’s rare that companies need to be on more than two social media platforms. Most of them don’t have that broad of an audience reach for their services or products.

The key is consistency. You want to be consistent in your posting. Also, I think many businesses miss out on quality over quantity. It’s much more important that you are posting quality content twice a week than to post a bunch of junk that nobody really cares about seven days a week.

Can you share with us an example of a company for which you’ve created a remarkable social media presence?

One of the companies whose social media we manage is WEI, short for Worldcom Exchange Inc. We manage their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages. If you see these pages, you’ll notice that each of them is managed differently. We share different types of content that is geared specifically toward the users on those particular platforms.

Facebook is more related to lifestyle content, less professional and contains more content that people would use in their everyday lives. On the other hand, content shared on LinkedIn is more for helping their audience professionally. We really excel in managing this company’s social media.

Your blog has meaningful, insightful tips. How can I create original content in overcrowded markets? Not every market is a niche and sometimes you have to compete and differentiate from big corporations.

When it comes to blogging, it is really about quality, long-form content these days. That’s what Google is looking for. Google wants to see long-form articles, which means 2400 to 2500 words. These are in-depth articles that really cover a specific topic very thoroughly.

I think that’s how you compete: by producing long-form content that has a ton of really helpful and useful information to the audience. Anyone can produce a 300-word blog article, and that’s what a lot of companies do. But that’s not what Google is looking for anymore. When they are showing content in their results, they want in-depth content that really provides terrific advice and helpful information to readers.

You also need to be mindful of basic search engine optimization (SEO) these days when writing content for the web. This means that you need to do keyword research and insert keywords into everything, from your title to your captions. You also need to include quality inbound links and outbound links in your posts. There are lots of little tricks to SEO, and if you are going to do your own blogging for your business, it’d really behoove you to spend some time and learn those basic techniques.

I’d like to congratulate you and Three Girls Media for receiving so many awards. To what do you attribute that success?

Thank you. I think it’s a combination of a talented team, the great quality of customized work delivered to our clients and good customer service. We have an amazing, very talented team of marketing and PR specialists and managers and I think the awards speak to the quality of work that we provide. We are not a content mill. For example, we are not representing three hotels and sharing the exact same social media updates for all of them. We never do that.

Everything we do for all clients is highly individualized, very specifically written or produced for their brand to meet their target audience, and I think our clients recognize that. We also are very keen on customer service and being extremely responsive to our clients, which is a complaint I’ve heard about a lot of other companies. We try to be transparent and overly communicative with our clients.

What are Three Girls Media’s plans for the next three to five years?

We’ve been on a growth trajectory over the last four years and I’d definitely like to continue that. Right now, we are looking at expanding our sales team. Over the last 17 years I have been the one in the company doing sales and I’ve realized that I cannot grow the company anymore on my own. I only have so much time in the day as the CEO of the company.

So, I am looking at different solutions for that right now, whether it’s bringing in a sales team, outsourcing or something in that regard. Also, certainly we plan on continuing to grow our client base and bringing on more employees to support that client base.

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