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Local SEO and in-person attention with Mr. Technique

Local SEO and in-person attention with Mr. Technique

Miguel Amado
With more companies thinking globally, with small teams and automatized tasks, including customer support, Mr. Technique prides itself of being a “legitimate digital marketing firm” from St. Petersburg, Florida, that takes only one new client a month.

We talked with Tom Nguyen, self-proclaimed “Website Janitor, SEO Guy, and Head Burger Flipper” (it’s true!) from Mr. Technique to know more about the strategy and his vision.

Please present Mr. Technique to our audience

Mr. Technique provides Web Design and SEO services mainly to small businesses in St. Petersburg, FL. Our clientele is small business owners who have a monthly budget for online marketing. We do have several clients in Atlanta, GA (where were previously located) and other states throughout the US. For several years in a row, we’ve won several Web Design and SEO awards.

We can build sites using WordPress or we can code them from scratch. We’ve been told by a few clients that we were a big part in their business growing because of the amount of leads that we helped them generate.

I thought it was interesting that you present your company as a digital marketing firm from St. Petersburg (Florida) and in your website it mentions the service areas (in your state). Localized SEO still has good results?

Yes. There are digital marketing firms all over the U.S., but most small businesses want to use a local company close to them. Google understands this, too. If you do a Google search for web design, the Google My Business listings show up at the top. If you add in a location (such as St. Petersburg) after web design in your Google search, most of the organic search results will be local web designers.

Your company has in its mission statement the focus on “less clients, more attention”. In a time where even small companies automatize everything and we are “talking” with robots most of the time, how do you compete?

We only take on one new client each month because we don’t want to overload ourselves. We also spend most of our time helping existing clients instead of trying to get new ones. When we take on new clients in St. Petersburg, we ask for an in-person meeting.

Many small business owners prefer to meet in-person at some point. I’m not interested in growing the company into a big corporation where every task is automated.

What would you recommend for someone that wants a new website but doesn’t know much about first steps and goals to reach?

If they plan on hiring someone to create a website for them, I recommend that they do a Google search for web design or web designers. Once they find a company that interests them, they can do a search for that company followed by the word “reviews”.

Once they’ve read the reviews, they can decide whether to use them or not. The person looking for a website should find out if they will own their domain name and their website as well.

SEO “mantras” and Google’s algorithms are changing all the time. How do you keep up with all of that and what should website owners prioritize in 2022?

To keep up in SEO, I read email newsletters from industry websites like Moz and Search Engine Journal. Website owners should make sure that their website has an SSL certificate. They should also prioritize updating the content (blog posts, service pages, projects, etc) on their websites on a regular basis.

What are Mr. Technique’s plans for the near future?

I plan on making more updates to our company website. Our web design portfolio needs an update since we’ve completed a few new web designs and redesigns for businesses in St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area.

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