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The Evolution of Email Marketing and the Future of Interactive Emails with Mailmodo

The Evolution of Email Marketing and the Future of Interactive Emails with Mailmodo

Chené Murphy
In this interview, Aquibur Rahman, Co-Founder & CEO of Mailmodo, shares the story of how the company was founded and the inspiration behind their no-code platform for creating interactive emails. He discusses how Mailmodo stands out from other email marketing platforms by providing a full marketing automation platform with AMP interactive email capabilities. Rahman also explains how Mailmodo helps businesses improve their email engagement and provides insight into the process of creating and sending a campaign using their platform. Finally, he gives a sneak peek at some upcoming features and updates that users can expect from Mailmodo.

Can you tell us about the history of Mailmodo and how it came to be?

I have always had a desire to start my own company, which began during my college years. With a passion for creating and problem-solving, I spent several years working at various startups, with a focus on marketing. My plan was to work for five years and then save enough money to start my own venture.

When the new technology, AMP email, was launched, I became interested in the idea of bringing website-like interactivity to emails. Email technology had remained unchanged since the beginning of the internet, while websites had evolved year after year. With AMP email, it became possible to have interactions within the email, making it more engaging for users and improving conversion rates for marketers.

This gave me the idea for Mailmodo, a no-code platform for marketers to create actionable and interactive emails. Our hypothesis was that by integrating web-like actions into emails, the conversion rates would improve and make it easier for users to engage with the content.

What unique features does Mailmodo offer compared to other email marketing platforms?

We are the only platform that provides a full marketing automation platform with AMP interactive email capabilities. Our platform allows users to include forms, calendars, shopping carts, quizzes, polls, and more within the email itself, so users can take action without leaving the email.

How does Mailmodo help businesses improve their email open rates and click-through rates?

We focus on engagement rather than just open rates since open rates are not a reliable metric due to the release of MPP by Apple, which opens emails on users’ behalf using bots. To improve engagement, we offer actions like NPS forms, spin the wheel, gaming, quizzes, and more within the email itself, so users don’t have to visit a landing page to take action. Additionally, we have added smart template suggestions in the email builder to help marketers optimize their emails for mobile and reduce the size of heavy images, which can improve engagement further.

Can you explain the process of creating and sending a campaign using Mailmodo?

Creating a campaign using Mailmodo is easy. Marketers can create a template with our no-code template builder, including text, images, links, GIFs, forms, and widgets, and even integrate with tools like Calendly, Zoom, or Shopify. They can then upload contacts using a CSV file or integrate with their database or website to bring in contacts. Users can send the email in bulk or segment users based on certain properties or actions and send automated triggered emails or create journeys. At the end, users can analyze the performance of the email and perform AB testing on subject lines, email content, and more.

What are some upcoming features or updates that users can look forward to from Mailmodo?

We’re introducing several new features in our product. One example is the addition of widgets such as calculators within the email. Another exciting feature is the integration of AI to create emails with just a few text-based instructions. Additionally, we’re also implementing collaborative features that allow teams to work together in creating emails. These are just a few of the many things that we’re currently building and improving upon.

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