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How to start and advance in your digital transformation with CTL

How to start and advance in your digital transformation with CTL

Miguel Amado
Digital transformation is a term that appears in many industries and is a goal for companies of all sizes and regions. But starting major changes in your organization is not so simple and that’s where CTL enters the picture.

CTL is an Argentinian company with more than a decade of experience in management and implementation of digital transformation initiatives. We talked with the CEO, Juan Guido Camaño, to know more about CTL, examples of their work and plans for the near future. Check out this special interview for Website Planet.

Please present CTL to our audience.

CTL is a 15-year-old IT company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that provides several services and products. Initially, we were oriented to support services to workstations, via remote helpdesk and on-site support for technological infrastructure but started to grow in our scope of offerings during the last 5 to 7 years.

We focus on the B2B solutions. Also started providing cybersecurity services and are now working really hard with business intelligence, data analytics and data science. We also work in the software industry. Currently, we look at a holistic, integrated view of the needs of companies.

Our clients are big Argentinian companies and our focus is in Argentina, but we are planning to expand offshore. We now have some commercial activities in the region and the representation of some products for which que can sell licenses, integration and deployment worldwide.

Although we work with big companies, Because of the digital transformation sped up by the pandemic, we realized there are a lot of needs in IT infrastructure for companies of all sizes.

Originally, it was something mostly big companies paid attention to and invested in, but now even the smallest company is paying attention to the user experience, how they reach their audience and customers, how to make automations and improve efficiency with technology.

At some point, this starts to be a problem for companies, since they usually have small IT teams or small infrastructure or contractors who sell them solutions on demand. Their business starts depending very much on technology and they often know little about efficiency, infrastructure, cloud computing. That’s where we can mostly add value

Regarding that, we are working first in the assessment of the infrastructure, identifying vulnerabilities and what are the priorities in the projects and activities. We also offer solutions of many kinds for these vulnerabilities: consultancy, product, licenses, building, implementing or configuring software, monitoring infrastructure. We are currently trying to get the processes and transform them into something innovative, building new value propositions in some cases for companies to push products and solutions into the markets.

Can you give us practical examples of your work with clients related to automation and digital transformation?

Regarding helpdesk, we are working with WhatsApp, Google Chat and several different tools and configure different bots for troubleshooting, so that every user can manage the solution. Relying on automation and machine learning, every solution delivered in that fashion feeds databases and algorithms, so that the base of knowledge gets more and more sophisticated with information about common incidents.

In that example, processes can be very specifically defined, a bot can be built to give answers and machine learning can be set up to keep on improving time, quality and scope of solutions for troubleshooting in a support service.

Another opportunity for automation is monitoring. We’ve built a product by which any company can link their hardware and have a quick panel with the availability of services. It’s completely automated, very affordable and operates seamlessly. It provides an overall view of instruction and includes alerts and push notifications whenever problems happen.

What is an example of a small organization that can use your solutions to improve efficiency and revenue?

Mostly, they need to be disoriented with their own infrastructure and not understand how competitive they are to achieve their goals. It is important to map and understand what they are dealing with and what would be their expectations, in order to draw the path between where they are and where they want to be.

The consultancy would be the first step. Afterwards, this often includes the procurement of equipment, providing licenses, managing vendors. Often, there’s a staffing opportunity in which you can provide a qualified person to work on-site and be the reference for technology, knowing that person can provide a scope of offering. That person does a follow-up of the improvement processes and brings solutions from other companies or vendors and manages those contracts or solutions.

We work a lot with omnichannel and monitoring. Usually, we are the ones who take care of issues accused by monitoring systems.

What does CTL offer in terms of cybersecurity to its clients?

We have partnerships with different cybersecurity vendors. We provide protocol Trend Micro, which is security at many levels. Also, we have a security operation center, a service we provide in which we also watch for intrusions, users and policies at all times. We are certified by ISO27000.

What are CTL’s plans for the near future?

At CTL, we envision a world in which every company has gone through a digital and cultural transformation, making the most of what technology can offer and improve for their products and services, and for their people’s experience (employees, customers, and everyone involved).

Our latest launch was related to observability for monitoring. We have become partners with Zabbix and are now ready to continue helping companies supervise their IT infrastructure 24/7 as we have been doing for over 10 years, but now backed up with Zabbix official support. That’s our north star: a continuous improvement path for our clients and ourselves.

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