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Prevent Google Adds Click Fraud With Clixtell

Prevent Google Adds Click Fraud With Clixtell

Marko Velimirović
This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Yoram, the Co-Founder of Clixtell. We discussed their beginnings, what services they provide, and what is in the pipeline for Clixtell.

Please describe the story behind Clixtell: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

When Google Adwords was launched back in 2000, we were a young & enthusiastic marketing agency embracing the new platform quickly and efficiently. We’ve quickly created a digital marketing team taking more and more business clients nationwide – from branding through website development and SEM marketing, we’ve done it all.

Somewhere around 2010, we started noticing strange fluctuations in click, CTR, and ROI data across several client campaigns in the most competitive verticals. After thorough research we could isolate the issue we were facing: click fraud.

The phenomenon quickly spread through client campaigns, biting down hard on budget and performance metrics. After several calls with our Google colleagues, we understood we have to come up with a solution ourselves, for the sake of our clients. We’ve found it in the form Google IP exclusion list – where we could manually block suspicious IPs detected in long, detailed server logs. Automating the entire process seemed only logical, and offering it to our fellow marketers worldwide as a service anyone can benefit from is a privilege.

What services do you offer?

Clixtell’s vision is to create a safer marketing experience for PPC advertisers worldwide. We know businesses invest valuable resources in Google Ads & Microsoft Ads advertising, so we provide 3 great tools for analyzing and protecting your PPC accounts:

Automated click fraud protection

The system monitors and automatically detects and blocks suspicious click activity made by bots, competitors, hackers, click farms, etc. Blocking invalid PPC activity saves businesses 20-30% of their PPC budget per month on average while maximizing their campaign performance and Return on Ad Spend.

Call Tracking & Recording

Using Clixtell tracking phone numbers available nationwide, any marketer can track, measure and attribute call conversions to any click source, campaign, keyword, ad, etc. Also, our unique industry-leading click-to-call tracking feature enables call extension and call-only ad tracking.

Website Video Recorder

Our FREE website recorder enables users to gain valuable insights about their website experience and how people interact with it. You can see exactly why people convert, bounce, and if something looks wrong on a particular device.

What separates you from other similar websites/companies?

Many of our users have switched over to Clixtell after testing leading competitor brands. Once testing Clixtell they say Clixtell is smarter, faster, and will save them more money than any of the competitors. Not to mention Clixtell users enjoy our cutting-edge technology and features.

Who are your typical customers, and what do you think is the main challenge that your product solves for them?

Our users are businesses and marketing agencies using Google Ads PPC to promote their business. From SMBs to Enterprises, if your business is running a Google Ads campaign, it’s a total waste not to use Clixtell. Recent researches show that for some business types on average, 25%-30% of ads traffic is fraudulent! That means 25%-30% of your monthly marketing budget could be completely wasted on bot & competitor click traffic that will never convert. Clixtell stands guard and automatically detects & blocks all of those bogus clickers within the Google Ads IP Exclusion list. For a low monthly cost, we are able to save businesses thousands of dollars while maximizing their digital income (ROAS).

Which trends and technologies do you find to be particularly intriguing these days?

We are actively researching and implementing deep learning algorithms and AI technologies into our code. Dealing with vast amounts of data, we believe developing & deploying advanced technologies can help us make the internet a safer place for everybody.

What are the plans for Clixtell for the near future?

We plan on improving our products and services, even more, to keep leading the industry standard in click fraud protection for Google Ads. I wish to thank our valued customers for making Clixtell what it is today.

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Cesar Campos
We have tried and tested other popular ads click protection services and can confidently say Clixtell stands out. We highly recommend them and will remain a loyal user protecting our marketing budget.
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