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One platform that houses all work with ClickUp

One platform that houses all work with ClickUp

Miguel Amado
The idea of a platform that concentrates all the functionalities that you need, with integrations, communications and most important of all, one login and password to remember, is almost an oasis. Well, ClickUp wants to deliver just that and we talked with Aaron Cort (Director of Marketing) to know more about the platform. Check it out!

The onboarding process in a company usually includes dozens of logins, passwords and links to many platforms. ClickUp wants to replace all of that. Why should I trust that this is possible?

The primary reason companies have to provide dozens of logins, passwords and links to their platforms when onboarding new employees, is because they are using too many niche systems that don’t integrate or share data well. ClickUp changes the game by providing one platform that houses all work across all teams in an organization.

This means project management, communication, docs, goals and OKRs, and so much more, all in one place and connected seamlessly across teams for full company transparency and alignment. This makes it infinitely easier for new employees to get onboarded and up to speed with a company, and gives managers automatic access to all reporting and productivity across their teams and the business.

Plus, organizations can better manage resources by keeping all work in one place, which in turn creates a clean and thorough historical record of operations and work, that helps with making onboarding as seamless as possible.

Since your motivation is to put everything under your umbrella, how can you guarantee that the platform – specially for a company with many collaborators – won’t be confusing and convoluted?

The key to making our platform work for everyone is in enabling everyone to use ClickUp to work how they want to work. This means everyone can customize their views, workflows, folders, tasks, automations and much more, while still keeping all data and teams in one platform for seamless collaboration and alignment.

We also enable everyone to turn on or off whichever features of ClickUp they want to use, while also being able to create custom ClickApps, so that they have access to everything they need without having to wade through anything they don’t.

Amongst your clients, do you see more small companies, startups, big companies? And which sector is more frequent?

Our clients represent a diverse cross-section of small startups all the way to large enterprises. We support teams of 2 all the way to 20,000. Tech and professional services are some of our biggest sectors, but our platform is built to service any type of industry. We have customers from retail, healthcare, education, finance, human resources, media, and more!

Cybersecurity is a hot topic and a main concern for any company. Since your platform wants to concentrate the information and all the workflows, security must be bulletproof. What does ClickUp offer in that sense?

We take security very seriously at ClickUp. That includes offering vital login security like 2FA, maintaining our customers data privacy in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA, and even successfully completing the rigorous SOC 2 Type 2 examination.

ClickUp is also hosted entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing end-to-end security and privacy features built into the platform. Finally, our team takes additional proactive measures to ensure a secure infrastructure environment beyond what is provided by our hosting platform.

Integration is something vital for any software today. What can I integrate with ClickUp?

ClickUp goes above and beyond with integrations. Not only do we offer thousands of integrations through third-party services, we also have built natively integrations with more than 200 of the most popular workplace platforms, including Time Tracking software like Harvest and Toggl, Cloud Storage like Dropbox and Google Drive, Development tools like Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket, Calendaring tools like Google Calendar and Outlook, and Communication tools like Slack, Front and even Amazon Alexa.

We also recently launched a first-of-its-kind native email integration that enables our users to send and receive email directly from within ClickUp!

You take pride in your support, offered 24-hours per day. What does ClickUp offer that other companies don’t?

The key to great customer support is empowering your customer support team to do whatever it takes to provide the best experience. At ClickUp, we do this by enabling every frontline rep to use their best judgement in determining the best solution to any customer inquiry, regardless of the cost.

Where other companies look for ways to pinch pennies through minimum viable solutions, we look for ways to consistently exceed expectations at every turn. This also means investing in our team to ensure that all customers are met with under 1 hour response times for email and under 1 minute for chat!

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