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Apps, security and low-code with Alpha Software

Apps, security and low-code with Alpha Software

Miguel Amado
Using a good mobile app development platform is the first step to create an awesome app for a company and Alpha Software is one of the main players in that area. We talked with Richard Rabins, CEO and Co-Founder to know more about Alpha Software, how much they value security and how does the platform work.

What is the main customer of your company? Do you attract larger companies, or your goal is to help small businesses to have an app and an online presence?

Alpha Software is in use at major companies such as Xerox, GSK, Netle, Intel and Chevron, SMBs and by independent developers (who build both bespoke custom apps and commercial SaaS apps).

Large companies purchase our products because we can make IT developers extremely productive at building secure, highly complex web and mobile apps that can tie into any data source. SMBs find us particularly helpful because we enable a wide range of employees to build the mobile apps they need at a reasonable cost.

Independent developers love our free low code development software that allows them to prototype and build apps at no cost and with no time limits, and then only pay when they need to deploy them.

What do you see as the most common errors that companies make when they create the apps on their own?

Companies often develop an app, believe the job is done and move onto the next app. However, business requirements, the number of people using the app, and the functionality of the app will likely need to change at some point.

Developers should also consider improving the app based on user feedback. Companies need to ensure that the apps they produce can be easily maintained, updated and scaled to best serve the organizations changing needs in competitive markets.

Safety and security is an important concern and a mobile app needs to protect user’s data and navigation. What do you offer in this area?

In a mobile world where sensitive business information is being accessed by users from a wide variety of devices—be it their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone—comprehensive and robust application security is critical. Alpha Software began as a desktop application software company.

Our legacy is in building secure, desktop apps that integrate into corporate data sources. As a result, security is never an afterthought in our products but is keyed off an extensive security framework that is core to our software. Consequently, customers in health care, finance, infrastructure and insurance, (where security is critical,) have come to rely on our software

Why should I choose Alpha Software and not one of your competitors? What is unique in your company?

Alpha Software offers the only platform with both no-code and low-code development environments than can serve both IT and business users. Our software enables companies to build custom, data-driven apps rapidly, cost-effectively and with the employees they already have inside their organization.

Also with the need for modern apps to also work on mobile, Alpha’s patented offline support offers capabilities not found in competitive products

What are Alpha Software’s plans for the future?

Alpha Software continues to innovate in terms of low-code and no-code app development software that will benefit IT and citizen developers. Our goal remains making app developers faster and easier for any business developer, but making complex development requirements easy and allowing users to focus on the more unique business process aspects of the app.

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