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Accelerate your growth on Amazon with eComEngine

Accelerate your growth on Amazon with eComEngine

Karen Wilson

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

About 20 years ago, I was involved in a major project for the state of Virginia that took a very complex process and automated it to put it online. It was the first of its kind in the US and was studied by other countries. This project opened my eyes to the capabilities of the internet for connecting people and creating transactions.

I started selling products on eBay in the early days and then began selling on Amazon. While I enjoyed eCommerce, I found that my true passion was solving seller problems. I initially created eComEngine as a consulting business that created custom software to help sellers save time.

In addition to creating software, my team and I were building Amazon web stores for our customers. Lockheed Martin needed assistance creating a web store in order to compete for a large government contract. Amazon recommended eComEngine. We enjoyed the work, but after the contract was won we realized that we weren’t energized by federal contract work. Our focus shifted to moving all-in with Software as a Service (SaaS) with our flagship product, FeedbackFive.

FeedbackFive sends automated feedback and review requests. Created in 2007, it was the first software of its kind on the market. It began as a custom solution, but demand was so strong that it was clear there was a need for this software. Amazon sellers need strong seller feedback metrics in addition to product reviews to be successful. We took a tedious and time-consuming process and made it repeatable as well as customizable.

We’ve always had a strong partnership mindset. Ultimately, we want our customers to be successful and we’re here to help them solve their problems.

Please explain the services that you offer and how they benefit your customer:

Product Review Consultation:
Getting reviews on Amazon is critical to a product’s success. Our expert team provides a free 15-minute consultation to discuss each seller’s current review strategy (if applicable), provide a brief overview of Amazon review guidelines, and recommend strategies for requesting reviews.
Buyer-Seller Messaging Optimization:
There are many guidelines for what not to do when communicating with buyers on Amazon. In this brief call, we meet with sellers to explain policies related to Amazon’s Buyer-Seller Messaging and make recommendations for improving existing feedback or review request messages that are sent through Buyer-Seller Messaging.
Agency services:
Many of the top Amazon agencies use FeedbackFive to manage reviews for their clients. The software makes it easy for agencies to manage multiple accounts, helps to get more reviews for their clients, and includes the detailed analytics they need to impress their clients.
Amazon category analysis:
We’ve teamed up with Buy Box Experts to offer a free category analysis for Amazon sellers. This valuable competitive intel can help sellers understand their niche and see opportunities to stand out from the competition.

Is a customer required to sign up for all services or only those that they feel are necessary for their business? What support can a customer expect when signing up for these services?

No, all of these services are completely optional. Sellers receive a free consultation with eComEngine or a detailed category analysis from our partners at Buy Box Experts.

Please tell us about your software solutions and what makes them unique?


FeedbackFive is the #1 rated Feedback and Reviews Software in the Amazon Appstore. Both seller feedback (based on a buyer’s experience with a third-party seller) and customer reviews (based on a buyer’s experience with a product) are crucial. While sellers can send individual requests for feedback and reviews from Seller Central, the process is time-consuming with little reward.

FeedbackFive makes it easy to automate custom templated requests that are specific to the overall brand or each product. The software also allows sellers to automate the Amazon Request a Review message, which is 100% compliant with all Amazon policies.

Amazon sellers can also monitor product reviews with FeedbackFive. Detailed analytics make it easy to identify positive or negative trends, filter review data, see top products, and more. Sellers can receive alerts for new reviews or feedback via text or email. Sales and order volume data is also available in FeedbackFive.
MarketScout provides detailed information about products sellers are considering sourcing. Instead of spending hours researching several items, simply upload a list of ASINs/SKUs/UPCs/EANs and the cost to MarketScout. A detailed report with information about how many sellers are on Amazon, potential profit, and more will be delivered within minutes!

RestockPro is an inventory management solution for Amazon FBA sellers. Maximize profits and stay in stock with accurate forecasting and powerful restock suggestions. Amazon sellers save time by automating important inventory management tasks and streamlining decision-making processes with RestockPro.

The software makes it easy to create and track purchase orders and shipments. Build kits from existing inventory and create custom stickers and labels. There’s even a picklist feature to communicate packaging instructions to warehouse staff. RestockPro helps Amazon sellers maintain good FBA account metrics, including the Inventory Performance Index.

The world has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. How has this affected eComEngine?

Fortunately, we were always a virtual company, so we didn’t have as much of an adjustment as many companies. However, it was a difficult time for everyone, especially our customers. Due to increased demand and the need to prioritize certain products, Amazon was limiting how much inventory sellers could send to the fulfillment centers. Orders were often delayed, which caused a lot of stress for both buyers and sellers.

Overall, the pandemic challenged us to become even more innovative as we continue to grow the company. We’ve also dedicated a lot of resources to helping educate sellers during these trying times. We provide webinars, articles, and other great content to coach sellers on updates to Amazon policies and help them continue to grow on the platform.

What can we expect to see from eComEngine in the future?

We’re working on expanding our current capabilities and delivering new pieces of value for our customers. We’ll be launching new features and continuing to help our customers be successful eCommerce sellers.

Meet the eComEngine team here

ecomengine-team (002)

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