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Learn how to budget with CalenderBudget

Learn how to budget with CalenderBudget

Karen Wilson
CalendarBudget puts all of your expenses and income on a calendar with your account balance at the top of each day so you can visually see when and how your money comes in and goes out. In addition, it helps you project your account balance into the future based on your spending patterns, making it easy to plan for large high items such as vacations, cars, and a house. Combined with transaction reminders, and the ability to use it both on desktop and mobile, CalendarBudget is a very simple and effective way to plan your finances and be prepared for what’s coming.

Watch the video below for more information on how CalendarBudget works:

What is the inspiration behind the company?

I created CalendarBudget out of a personal need. At the time, personal finance tools only tracked your financial history, but as a new husband and father, I wanted to be able to plan our family finances and be prepared for near-future goals. I wanted something that allowed me to look into my financial future. Since I’m a software developer and there was some hot new technology just out that I wanted to try, I got to work solving my own problem. My wife Robin took on the role of quality control. So I make it, she tries to break it. Once we knew this really solved our need in a powerful way, I adapted it for public use.

Why is it important to organise your budget according to a calendar?

2 big reasons.
1) It’s really easy to understand. Everyone knows how to use a calendar and being able to visualize your spending on the days of the week when they actually happen can reveal insightful spending patterns.
2) The concept of forecasting your account balance into the future is the best way to plan for your expenses. You can make sure you don’t have unexpected middle-of-the-month lows and be able to prepare for future expenses so you can get out of and avoid debt.
Take a look at the video below to see how CalendarBudget can work for you:

Does CalenderBudget sync directly with banking apps / does it require manual input?

At the moment, we support importing bank files (on desktop) and manual input. However, we’re excited to announce that we’ve begun the development of direct bank import.

Can transactions be made via the platform?

Manual entry is available to record transactions in CalendarBudget, but we don’t move actual money in your bank account. Therefore, transactions created in CalednarBudget only exist in your budget plan.

How often do you suggest a client engages with the platform in order to get the best results?

We recommend users log in at least once or twice weekly. However, we have many users who log in 4-5 times per week to keep things up to date and see how their money is affected by purchases and plans.

Can CalendarBudget be used by parents to teach their children how to budget and manage finances?

Absolutely. Because of the familiar calendar that children learn from kindergarten, they will immediately grasp the concept of planning your money.
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