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Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: Bernard Poon on Cabubble’s Journey and Vision

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: Bernard Poon on Cabubble’s Journey and Vision

Luka Dragovic
In a recent interview with Bernard Poon on Website Planet, we were introduced to Cabubble, a distinctive taxi booking platform that adeptly bridges the gap between cab firms across the UK and customers through an array of channels.

Bernard shared the compelling narrative of Cabubble, tracing its inception from a simple idea centered around airport transfers to its growth into a holistic service that not only includes a user-friendly app and website but also boasts partnerships with corporations, enhancing both the booking experience and service efficiency. He underscored Cabubble’s unique proposition of providing direct rates from cab firms to clients without any markup, which translates into considerable savings and a hassle-free payment process.

Through this dialogue on Website Planet, Bernard articulated his forward-looking vision for the industry, championing the integration of innovative technology to support and elevate the traditional taxi and cab landscape toward a sustainable and equitable future.

Please present Cabubble to our audience.

Certainly! Cabubble is a comprehensive taxi booking platform designed to connect cab firms across the UK with customers through various channels. Our services extend beyond just a mobile app and website; we also establish partnerships with companies to broaden our reach. Furthermore, numerous cab companies in the UK leverage Cabubble’s technology on their own websites, enhancing their ability to serve their clients efficiently. In essence, Cabubble serves as a pivotal link between cab firms and their customers, streamlining the booking process and facilitating better service delivery.

Share the narrative of your company: What inspired the concept, and how has it progressed to date?

The journey of our company began with a simple idea: creating a taxi-sharing system primarily for airport transfers. However, the concept initially faced significant challenges due to the lack of technical skills within our team. Our attempts to outsource the technical development to third parties were not successful, which led us to a critical turning point.

By serendipity, I reconnected with an old friend who had considerable experience developing trading applications for major banks. Fortuitously, he had both the time and the financial freedom to consider new ventures. His interest in our project was a pivotal moment for us. He did, however, set a precondition for his involvement: we had to set aside the taxi-sharing aspect of our business model as it was too complex to implement at that stage. He suggested that we might revisit this feature in the future when we were better positioned to tackle it.

Following his advice, we shifted our focus, and since then, our progress has been characterized by steady, incremental improvements. This approach of focusing on achievable goals and gradually enhancing our offerings has been fundamental to our growth. It’s been a journey of learning and adaptation, where we continuously refine our services to better meet the needs of our customers.

Could you outline the services you provide?

Certainly! Our company caters to a diverse clientele, offering tailored services to meet the unique needs of each group. For businesses and individual members of the public, we provide seamless taxi booking services, ensuring convenience and efficiency in their transportation arrangements.

Additionally, we extend our services to cab firms, offering them a robust platform to enhance their business opportunities by connecting them with a broader customer base. An integral part of our service offering is our integration with various dispatch systems, which facilitates direct transmission of booking details to the drivers in their vehicles, streamlining the entire process from booking to pick-up.

Can you describe the process of how Cabubble connects passengers with local taxi and minicab services across the UK?

Cabubble operates an extensive network with over 650 cab firms enlisted in our system. We strategically distribute these firms’ information through partnerships with various travel companies, enhancing our visibility and accessibility. Our strong presence on social media platforms also plays a significant role, allowing us to attract users organically. Moreover, we are trusted by some of the largest global corporations for their taxi booking needs in the UK, serving a significant number of corporate travelers. This multifaceted approach ensures that passengers can effortlessly connect with a wide range of local taxi and minicab services across the UK, making their travel experiences smoother and more reliable.

What distinguishes you from other companies in the same domain?

There are several key factors that distinguish us from our competitors. Firstly, we stand out as potentially the only service, not just in the UK but globally, that enables cab firms to offer their rates directly to clients without any markup. This is made possible through our comprehensive automation technology, allowing clients to book taxis at the same rates they would get if they contacted the cab firms directly. As a result, we can offer savings of up to 40% compared to other taxi booking platforms, a significant cost reduction that has been confirmed by one of our major corporate clients who reported substantial savings since they began using our services in November last year.

Furthermore, our system features an entirely automated payment process. When a booking is made through Cabubble, the payment is directly transferred to the cab firm, bypassing us entirely. This eliminates the need for manual payment processing, setting us apart from other systems where human intervention is required. Our advanced technology ensures not only exceptionally competitive pricing but also a smooth, automated transaction process, directly connecting clients with cab firms.

What is your vision for the future of your industry?

That’s quite a challenging question. The conversation in our industry is often dominated by global ride-hailing giants, which many see as the future of the industry. The significant financial investments into these companies, despite their substantial ensure they are a central topic of discussion. This situation presents a complex landscape to navigate.

However, our vision diverges from this path. We believe in empowering the traditional taxi and cab industry through our innovative, low-cost, automated system. Our approach is designed to support the conventional model, enabling it to thrive and ensuring that individuals in the industry can earn a fair wage. This vision supports a sustainable and equitable future for the industry, where technology enhances, rather than replaces, the existing infrastructure and workforce.

In summary, while the industry’s future might seem uncertain with the rise of large, well-funded players, we are committed to a path that nurtures the traditional aspects of the industry, leveraging technology to bolster, not overshadow, the human element within it.

Find out more at: www.cabubble.co.uk

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