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Generate results by creating empathy-built content with Avalanche Creative

Generate results by creating empathy-built content with Avalanche Creative

Karen Wilson
Avalanche Creative researches, designs, and implements SEO strategies that generate quality leads and build brand authority for mid-market and smaller niche companies through an evidence-based empathy-built approach.

What is the inspiration behind the company?

An Avalanche builds momentum over time. Our team works closely with our clients to help them build momentum through website-sourced revenue.

How did you come up with your core values and why are these important to you?

Originally, my wife and business partner, Rayanne, and I came up with them. However, over the last couple of years as we’ve grown our team and developed our culture, we’ve refined them.

Each one of our core values is used strategically across the company. Internally, we rate each other on a quarterly basis on how well we live out those values. We hire and we fire based on these values. When making big organizational decisions, we ask ourselves if the outcome will draw us closer to practicing that value or further away.

How do your customers experience your core values when they deal with you?

The best way to answer that question is to break down each of them in regards to how our customers will experience them:
  • Care More – This is where we practice empathy. Not so much for our clients directly, but for their target audience(s). When we go above and beyond for our client’s customers we help their business achieve the meaningful results they’re after.
  • Whoa not go – We don’t like being in positions where our clients are telling us to hurry up. We push them. Our work is collaborative and our team makes sure that our clients are providing us with what we need in a timely manner to help them succeed.
  • Results-oriented – In the SEO industry a lot of people push vanity metrics like traffic, rankings, and even leads. We try to help our clients see the value of our work from search to sale.
  • Collaboration – Our clients are the experts at what they do. We know that the more knowledge transfer there is between our team and theirs, the better the outcomes from our work together. We enjoy learning about what our clients do for their customers and we love to work with clients that are interested in learning more about SEO.

Please explain your services, what makes them unique and who should use them?

Local SEO services

Our local SEO services are designed for service-based businesses that sell their services locally. We help both B2B and B2C companies like home service contractors, construction, and landscaping companies.

Our local SEO services are comprehensive. We assist with everything from organic visibility in search engines to sales in your CRM. It’s unique because we help our clients close the loop so they have clarity on what’s working and what’s not. We don’t report on traffic, rankings, or leads, we report on revenue that comes from our influence.

National SEO services

Our national SEO services are for companies that offer products and services nationally. We work with a lot of SaaS, healthcare, and manufacturing companies in this space.

Much like our local SEO services, we do everything from search to sale – helping companies to set a strategy (plan the work) and execute that strategy (work the plan).

SEO consulting services

Our SEO consulting services are made for teams that have the in-house talent to execute an SEO strategy but need an outside resource to help create and manage a long-term go-to-market SEO strategy. This is where we help them plan the work and manage the work over time.

Larger, mid-market companies with in-house web developers and content writers are a good fit for our SEO consulting services. For consulting clients we will even invite them into our project management software so they can execute their SEO work the way we do.

SEO web design

Our SEO web design services are for companies that want to truly maximize their results from SEO. A bad website and content management system can make even the best SEO strategy worthless.

We’re much more selective about what types of companies we build websites for. Typically, we prefer to build websites for small to medium-sized local businesses.

This service is unique because we don’t build a website until we’ve identified the demand through our evidence-based SEO approach. We do comprehensive keyword research and SERP (search engine result page) analysis to validate exactly what we need to build in order to get maximum search engine visibility for that particular client.

SEO content writing

Our SEO content is our bread and butter. Our SEO content writing is a deliverable of all of our services, but it’s the one we also offer a la carte.

This service is designed for organizations that need a content team that builds valuable content driven by SEO evidence. With this service, we also consult with our clients to make sure we are actually delivering content that generates meaningful business results over time.

We must know more about your office pets! Please tell us everything!

We have a plethora of pets on our team! Each team member proudly owns a pet. Because we function as a hybrid remote team, these adorable companions frequently make delightful appearances during our team Zoom calls. Furthermore, our office is open to them at any time. In fact, we’ve taken our pet appreciation to the next level by creating custom Slack emojis featuring images of our beloved pets. These emojis serve as fun reactions that we use to interact with one another on Slack.

Office pets

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