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Max Anderson

Max is a Product Architect and Data Scientist. He teaches HTML, CSS, and JS to young web developers, and he wrote a few of the first guides to mobile app developments for Android and iOS.

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Pagemodo focuses on customizing Facebook Pages, offering a multitude of configurations that have cool designs and are easily implemented. Video embeds and Like Gates (content hidden until page is Liked) are some of its Premium options for businesses.

With over 25 million registered users and 12 million completed projects, is a giant of the freelance world. However, there have been recent issues with spam, fake profiles, and low-quality work. If you're looking for a freelancer, I recommend you head over to Fiverr, where you can hire someone for as little as $5.


Freelance is a neat and handy European freelancing resource with great prospects of becoming a worthy rival for our Top-3. It manages everything from job postings to payments and can even build up a team of freelancers for you.

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5 Reasons On Why You Should Broaden Your Search Marketing Methods

Since the rollout of several Penguin updates and several more Panda updates over the past two years, there has been a lot of confusion and worry within the SEO world of where we go from here. Relying on SEO in the second half of 2013 is dicey to say the least, so we wanted to open you up to a few more ideas that you can add to your overall marketing strategy. These ideas...

New To SEO? Why Original Content Matters

Are you new to the SEO game? If so, you have probably been frustrated by the information overload that exists on the web regarding SEO practices, strategies, and what to avoid. While there is plenty of information out there (good and bad) about SEO, one SEO truth that has stayed consistent is that of using original high-quality content as the driving force of successful SEO...

Why Infographics Will Help Your SEO

Infographics have been around for quite some time, but the websites that don’t take advantage still outnumber the ones that do. Infographics typically involve hiring someone to do the creating, and if not, it takes up a lot of time for your design team. It’s clear that infographics are a great way to engage with your audience and display content in a much more...

Creating Your Website Blueprint

Stage 1: Getting the Bigger Picture The first step in drafting our website involves thinking, and a lot of it. You need to be clear on the primary goal of your site. It is best to brainstorm on certain questions about what your site needs to achieve and how it will do so. Define the goal of your site. Ask yourself the following questions: Does your site serve an...

Top 5 SEO Tips for Using Keywords

Search engine optimization is essential for any marketer, business or person looking to make money online. There are different forms of SEO – both on-page and off-page – to help a website or content reach the first page of Google and other search engines and using keywords in content is one. When using keywords on your website, here are the top five tips to follow. Do Your...

Can Too Many Links Have a Negative Impact?

This is one of those age old questions that keep popping up in the SEO world over the years, can having too many links pointing into one site have a negative impact in the way that Google and other search engines rank us? A lot of people came up with the theory that there would be some kind of link velocity cap, which once hit would trigger off an alarm at Google. The truth...

Everything You Need to Know about the CAPTCHA and SEO

Online website security is one of the most important issues for businesses as online search becomes the main way to connect with consumers. Unfortunately, keeping your website secure online isn’t always the easiest of tasks. There are many different tools you can use and precautions you can take, and at least once every few years you’re still bound to run in to some sort of...

Is a DMOZ Listing Still Worth Its Weight In SEO?

Three to five years ago a DMOZ listing was classed as the cream of the crop for SEO Specialists, as this directory is used by Google as well as other search engines. Being listed in DMOZ was a tactic and strategy to help a site's search engine rankings, but getting listed was not a simple task. Depending on where in the directory you wanted to get listed, depended on the...