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Jasper Review [2024]: Can It Revolutionize the Way You Write?

Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros Melidoniotis Expert

Jasper is a top-performing AI platform that can create high-quality content in minutes. It crafts blog posts, emails, social media posts, ad copy – and even images – with the click of a button. It’s full of features, produces excellent on-brand text1, and keeps your data safe. But all this does come with a slightly inflated price tag.


Jasper at a Glance

Free plan
Mobile app
Free templates
Customer support Email, live chat, community forum
Basic plan features Unlimited words, 50+ templates, 30+ languages, 1 brand voice
Starting price $49/month

Jasper Is Capable and Feature-Heavy

Jasper's homepage
Jasper is known for its versatility and wide range of features

After some not-so-pleasant encounters with other AI tools, Jasper surprised me pleasantly. It quickly and consistently crafted engaging content that didn’t sound robotic. Best of all? I didn’t have to spend 30 minutes optimizing prompts to get the desired result – I’m looking at you, ChatGPT. Of course, I still had to edit a few things here and there, but that’s not out of the ordinary.

Jasper offers an advanced yet accessible AI experience. I used it to create all kinds of content, from simple article headlines to more nuanced blogs and product descriptions.

 Jasper understood my brand’s style and voice with minimal effort. The templates and multi-step workflows allowed me to focus more on my content and less on getting the prompts right. Jasper also created original art for my ads and blogs.

As a freelancer, Jasper’s relatively high cost was an issue. But I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was producing great content faster than ever. So I switched to a cheaper plan and realized I still had access to all the features I needed for my day-to-day work.

It worked for me. Keep reading to find out if Jasper’s the right fit for you.



Everything You Need to Create High-Quality Content

Jasper covers everything you’d want from an AI platform. There are templates and workflows for blog posts, ads, product descriptions, social media posts, websites, landing pages, press releases, video scripts, and more. If your project relies on creative processes, Jasper can help you see it through from start to finish.

You can start with a template (or a blank document) and simply ask Jasper to begin writing for you. If you already have the beginnings of something, Jasper can fill the gaps. The more context and text you provide, the better the result.

Many Templates and Workflows

Jasper's templates
With over 50 templates, it’ll be hard to find something that Jasper doesn’t offer

Jasper has 50+ unique templates. Sure, templates are pretty standard for AI platforms, but the difference is that Jasper gets eerily specific. For example, there’s a template for crafting Amazon product descriptions and a different one for Amazon product features. There are also templates for specific social media posts (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn) and others based on marketing frameworks (e.g., AIDA, PAS).

Jasper can even create dynamic templates tailored to your needs1. I had Jasper craft an “email to convert leads that have clicked products but not purchased.” Jasper then offered fields for me to fill in (e.g., subject line, product name, offer/discount details). Once completed, I pressed a button, and behold – my email was ready! This whole process didn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Most AI tools aren’t great at writing blogs and articles. Jasper stands out as it can swiftly create accurate, on-brand long-form content. Workflows tell you exactly what kind of information you need at each stage, and you build the content step by step via a repeating loop:

  • Jasper asks about the context (e.g., what is this blog about, and who’s the target reader?)
  • You provide the information, and Jasper produces relevant text (e.g., a title, an introduction, a subheader)
  • You approve/edit the output and move on to the next section
  • Jasper produces more text
  • You approve/edit the output
  • And so on until you’re happy with the result

With Jasper’s workflows, you can build entire email marketing series and social media campaigns in a few minutes. You can group documents crafted using templates and workflows into (and assigned to) larger Campaigns. These are defined by set goals and contain even more context. Campaigns are always accessible via the main dashboard.

Unique Brand Voice

Most AI tools struggle to generate distinctive and creative content that stays true to a particular voice and style. Jasper isn’t one of those tools.

You can set your brand’s tone (e.g., informative, knowledgeable), but Jasper is pretty good at detecting your voice and style on its own. To let Jasper become familiar with your business, you can upload a document that accurately represents your brand. Alternatively, you can provide Jasper with direct text or let the software analyze your website or blog.

Jasper will then come up with a short 3-4 sentence description of your brand’s style. You can edit and save that voice so it’s always available when creating new content. More expensive plans allow you to save and alternate between more voices.

Art Generator

cute beavers eating ice cream, generated with Jasper's AI art tool
Jasper’s AI art tool can produce some pretty cool concepts in different moods and styles

Whether you’re creating blog posts, ads, emails, or landing pages, you often need visuals to accompany the text. Jasper’s built-in art generator can design custom visuals to match your content or brand style in just a few clicks. I was happy to learn that all art generated with Jasper is available for commercial use.

Since coming up with the right prompt is always half the battle, I like how this tool has an “enhance prompt” option1. You start with a brief description, set your preferences (style, mood, medium), and Jasper enhances your prompt to give you something closer to your vision. For reference and inspiration, you can also feed it your own photos/images.

It’s a good-to-have feature for the odd picture here and there – many text-based AI tools don’t even offer an AI image generator. Jasper’s images weren’t always on point, but that’s probably because my prompting game needs more work.

Privacy & Security

Jasper is serious when it comes to privacy and security. There’s an entire page dedicated to security where users can request access to private documents. These include Jasper’s security whitepaper and other data on the platform’s network security and infrastructure. I even found a support email address dedicated to security-related queries.

There’s also a robust security framework in place. Jasper employs multiple encryption strategies, including end-to-end encryption. It adheres to all industry standards and complies with SOC 2, CCPA, GDPR, and PCI DSS regulations.


Ease of use

Jasper’s a Pleasure To Use – Even as a Beginner

I set up my Jasper account and was already creating content in less than 5 minutes – it’s really that easy. The dashboard is well laid out, the sidebar menu is clean, and the buttons pop, so I had no trouble navigating the platform.

You need zero technical knowledge to create high-quality content on Jasper, mainly due to its simplified prompting process. You don’t need to get everything right on the first try. You start with a simple text processor and add more content wherever you want with the press of a button.

Getting Started With Jasper

Creating your first AI-generated text with Jasper is simple. After signing up for a new account, you’ll end up on the main dashboard. From there, click the big blue “Create New Content” button and select “New From Template.”

Use the search bar in the top right corner to find the type of written content you want to create. For more substantial projects and long-form content, check out the “workflows” tab1.

Jasper’s work interface consists of two main sections. The left section is for providing Jasper with more context, setting the tone of voice, and specifying keywords – think anything that can help it better understand what you’re trying to do, who you’re targeting, and so on. The right section is a simple word processor where all your generated text appears.

Jasper's word editor
Guide Jasper with specific commands for the best results

Once you’ve given Jasper enough context, you can paste any existing text into the processor. Clicking the “+” button or pressing “ / ” on your keyboard will bring up the command box.

The command box tells Jasper what to do. Command verbs (e.g., write, explain, simplify, paraphrase, rephrase, expand) work best. You can also allow Jasper to improvise (by pressing Ctrl+J), which yields unpredictable results but is good for inspiration. Edit Jasper’s output as you wish and continue until you have the content you need.

Jasper Academy

Jasper Academy homepage
There are two pathways with a few modules each

Jasper Academy contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step modules on how to get started and make the most of the platform. Note that it’s hosted on a different website, meaning you must create another account before accessing it. No need to worry, though – it only takes a minute.

Each module contains bite-sized lessons with annotated images, tips, and explanations. Topics include using your brand voice in templates, starting a campaign, and designing prompts for Jasper Chat. You can go through the tutorials  in less than an hour, and I encourage you to do so if you have the time. It’s one of the best-designed (and fun) introductions to software I’ve ever seen.


an interaction with Jasper's AI chatbot
Even in chat mode, Jasper will stick to your brand’s voice

Jasper’s AI chatbot is always available from the main dashboard, ready to answer questions about almost anything. It can help with research, and the quality of its answers is decent.

I like how it immediately cited sources without me having to ask. You can access the chat feature mid-work by clicking on the chat icon at the top of the screen on any active document. Jasper chat is handy, but Google’s Bard and Microsoft’s Bing perform slightly better.

Browser Extension

Jasper comes with a convenient browser extension1 that allows you to access many of the platform’s features on Google Docs, email, and other fields where you can input text.

The extension will display a small arrow button next to your cursor. Once selected, Jasper will begin generating text for you (much like the Ctrl+J command on the editor). It doesn’t work miracles, but it’s a neat tool for completing sentences when you get stuck. You can also bring up the command box and use prompts by clicking on the cute blue-purple Jasper icon.

If you select some text, an “Ask Jasper” button will appear. You can instruct Jasper to edit your highlighted selection. There are also quick options to change the tone/voice and length, repurpose the text for another medium (e.g., Facebook post), and translations.



Jasper’s Output Is Pretty Good

Jasper’s text was consistently on point. Whether it was short article titles or emails, it generally performed pretty well. Most AI tools do relatively well with generic marketing copy, so it was time to get more specific.

We like to be fair here at WSP. That’s why I’m using the same prompt to test the performance of all AI tools. I’ll be evaluating the output based on its length, quality, and time it takes to reach a publishable state.

Jasper Aced My Performance Test

I asked Jasper to write a 2-paragraph mission statement for an animal shelter. My description was brief but precise. It included a quick overview of the organization’s goal and vision, formatting preferences, and instructions about the voice and tone. Jasper generated high-quality content that was pretty much ready to use.

And it did it all quickly. Setting up my prompt on a blank document took me less than 5 minutes. It might’ve been even quicker if I had used one of Jasper’s easy-to-use templates1. The output was then generated in a few seconds.

Initially, Jasper wrote just one paragraph but let me know it had “more to say.” Once I clicked the pop-up, the rest of the text followed. One click and that was it – my mission statement was ready to go.

The Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP) is a local non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing neglected, abused, and injured farm animals and wildlife. We rely on volunteers and public donations to fund our operations. Our mission is to provide these animals with the necessary medical attention, food, shelter, comfort, and love they need to recover from their traumatic experiences.

Our vision for the long-term sustainability of WSP involves public education, advocacy for animal welfare/rights, and the continued rescue and rehabilitation of these animals. We strive to create a society that respects and values all living creatures.

It’s worth noting that this is rarely the case with AI tools. It usually takes a try or two before you get something remotely close to what you want. Even ChatGTP didn’t get it right the first time – it generated more than what I asked for.

If something doesn’t go according to plan, I can easily adjust my prompt by adding more context or trying a different angle. I can freely edit all generated text or have Jasper rewrite/repurpose specific parts by highlighting them.

And what if you want Jasper to write more? Unlike with other AI tools, you don’t have to return to the prompt and repeat the process from scratch. Remember, Jasper is an AI tool with an incorporated word editor. Use the command box (by clicking “+” or pressing “ / ”) to instruct his next move. Alternatively, press the “continue writing” shortcut key (Ctrl+J) to let Jasper improvise.



Jasper’s Many Features Don’t Come Cheap

Jasper is a capable, easy-to-use AI platform full of features. That said, it charges more than the average user might be comfortable with. The AI landscape is still taking shape, and justifying a minimum subscription cost that’s currently double the price of ChatGPT’s premium plan is challenging.

On the other hand, Jasper’s many features really do speed up AI processes. If you’re willing to learn and make the most of everything it offers, you’ll save time and money in the long run.

The good news is that you don’t need much to begin creating top-quality AI-generated copy. The Creator plan has everything you need1. At $49/month ($39/month if you sign up for annual billing), it includes 50+ templates, full access to the word editor, and it even unlocks the chatbot and over 30 languages.

The more expensive Pro plan is $69/month ($59/month annually) and offers up to 5 seats, 3 brand voices, 10 knowledge assets (which allows you to reference specific content to provide more context), and collaboration tools (e.g., status labels and user management). It’s roughly 50% more than the price of Creator, but it’s decent for small teams.

The Business plan removes all feature limits and unlocks API access and ongoing tech support, among other things. Pricing is based on your business’s needs, so I only recommend it if you’re working with large teams/multiple departments and need the extra personalization features.

Although there’s no free plan, Jasper allows users to test all the platform’s features for 7 days. I learned that the support team can extend your trial upon request, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you need more time to decide.



Good Support, Although Live Chat Is Rarely Available

Users on the Creator plan can only use email to contact the Jasper team. You can send in queries anytime, and the team will get back to you within 24 hours (usually quicker during working hours, which are Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 17:00 CDT). The Teams and Business plans also unlock live chat, which is rarely available – more on that below.

I first contacted Jasper’s team to learn more about the platform’s privacy policy and data security. It was early in the morning, and I waited about 5 hours to receive a reply:

an interaction via email with a Jasper representative about the platform's data privacy and security
Jasper’s representative wasn’t too quick, but they included plenty of useful information in their email

The representative answered my questions and even included a helpful link to Jasper’s security portal. I learned there’s an email address dedicated to security-related concerns – excellent news.

The second time I sent an email to ask about the commercial rights of AI-generated art (spoiler alert: you’re free to use your generated images as you like). That was during working hours (9:00 – 17:00 CDT), and someone got back to me in 10 minutes. They were friendly and to the point, linking to specific resources and FAQs as usual.

an interaction with Jasper's email support team about the commercial rights of images generated with the art tool
Jasper’s email team responds much faster during working hours

Even though my plan included live chat support, I have yet to reach an agent using the help button on the website. When I asked about it, support said:

We do not have a specified time when live chat is available. If you have any questions or concerns, email us here at [email protected] – it’s the best way to get in touch with us!”

Promising live chat support and not delivering on it can create a gap in user expectations, especially when rapid assistance is needed. Live chat should either be consistently available or not listed as a selling point.

Fortunately, Jasper’s email support is pretty decent and makes up for the lackluster live chat function. There’s also a huge knowledge base available to all users and an active community forum where people discuss all things Jasper.


Jasper is speedy and accurate with its output. It’s a robust, feature-packed AI platform that’s surprisingly easy to use. You don’t need a degree in AI prompting to generate high-quality text (or images) with this platform. Jasper does most of the work for you with its flexible templates and workflows.

As for the output, it’s pretty darn accurate. With the knowledge assets feature, you can infuse your AI projects with an impressive amount of brand-specific context. Jasper is just really good at recognizing and imitating your brand’s voice and style.

Although pricey, Jasper shines in more ways than one – and I think it’s here to stay.

Here are a few key takeaway points:
Pros Cons
  • 50+ templates for simple use cases (and workflows for complex projects)
  • Relevant output with knowledge assets and learned brand voices
  • Handy browser extension for Chrome and Edge
  • Integrated AI art generator
  • Advanced security and data protection
  • Pricey plans
  • Unreliable live chat function
  • No mobile app


Is Jasper good for copywriting?

Yes, Jasper is excellent for copywriting. Setting up a brand voice and giving Jasper context is as straightforward as possible. Combine that with its 50+ templates and advanced workflows, and you’ve got one of the best tools for generating marketing copy on the market.

Is Jasper AI better than Copy AI?

Jasper AI is better than Copy AI. It offers more features, including SEO optimization and long-form content creation. While Copy AI focuses on short-form content, Jasper AI does it all – and its output quality is better too.

Are Jasper AI images copyright-free?

The short answer is yes. Everything you create with Jasper’s art generator is free for commercial use. You’re good to go as long as the result is within reason (i.e., it doesn’t violate any laws).

Is Jasper AI free?

No, Jasper isn’t free. You have three paid options, but the Creator plan offers the most value to professional writers and copywriters. There’s also a 7-day free trial, so you can evaluate its features before committing.
Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros Melidoniotis
A freelance writer and editor with experience in digital marketing, Alex has published over 40 product reviews and comparisons on Website Planet. He has tested email marketing services, freelance websites, social media management tools, and more. Before joining our team, he worked at an Australian agency where he experimented with all things digital marketing. In addition to his work, Alex enjoys cooking and writing about games.
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