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Copy.ai Review: Can It Improve Your Marketing in 2024?

Ivana Shteriova Ivana Shteriova Expert

Thanks to its wide variety of writing tools for different use cases, Copy.ai is a robust AI writing platform1 ideal for businesses. It can generate sales copy, create long-form blog articles, and translate your content into multiple languages. It’s not perfect, but it’s worth trying out if you want to elevate your content in minutes.


Copy.ai at a Glance

Free plan
Mobile app
Free templates
Customer support Email
Basic plan features 5 user seats, unlimited words and brand voices, Chat by Copy.ai, 25+ languages
Starting price $49/month

Powerful AI Writer for Businesses of All Sizes

Copy.ai use cases
These are just a few of the use cases you can tackle with Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a copywriting AI tool based on OpenAI’s GPT-4, its most advanced technology to date. While it primarily caters to marketers, it boasts a rich set of writing tools for various use cases – not just for business, but also for personal use. Feel like your inner romantic is failing you? Try out its love letter writer!

But back to the review – if you run an e-commerce business, Copy.ai can create website copy and product descriptions for your store. If you’re a content creator, this app can generate blog articles and social media content tailored to your niche. Copy.ai also has writing tools to boost your email marketing campaigns. You can use its digital ad tools to create engaging sales copy that aligns with your brand voice.

I’ve been using Copy.ai for a few months now, and I can confirm it delivers on its promises as long as you approach it with realistic expectations. I’m impressed with how well it generates short-form content. It’s also pretty good for producing first drafts, but don’t expect it to spit out ready-to-go blog articles.

Keep reading to see if it’s right for your content.



A Strong Set of Writing Tools for Any Use Case

Copy.ai boasts an impressive suite of writing tools and templates for different use cases. With over 90 options, some of the most popular include tools for blogging, social media, digital ad copy, product descriptions, website copy, email copy, brainstorming, and personal tools such as resume bullet points and cover letters. It offers support in 25+ languages, which is comparable to most AI writers on the market.

Copy.ai also offers a chatbot feature that works similarly to ChatGPT, but it’s easier to use due to its selection of prompt ideas and greater level of personalization.

Writing Tools for Specific Use Cases

Copy.ai stands out for its wide selection of writing tools designed for specific platforms and use cases. If you’re conducting outreach on LinkedIn, for example, there are tools to help you write various recruiting and sales emails. There’s a dedicated section where you can include the candidate’s or prospect’s LinkedIn URL to generate a fully personalized message.

Copy.ai Instagram Product Showcase writing tool
I was impressed by Copy.ai’s selection of social media writing tools

You can find tools to handle specific social media tasks, like generating content for Instagram and Facebook carousel posts or brainstorming “crazy” YouTube ideas. You can also ask Copy.ai to find the best hashtags for your posts, create social posts to engage with your audience, or produce a list of TikTok content ideas. The level of specificity you get with Copy.ai is really hard to find elsewhere.

Huge Choice of Free Content Templates

Copy.ai has over 45 templates across various categories including blog articles, social media content, emails, website copy, general business, case studies, video content, and “fun” templates for personal use.

Copy.ai’s Blog Post Wizard, exclusive to the Pro Plan, is one of the most advanced templates I’ve tested. It can generate blog outlines, general talking points for each section, and finally, actual content around the approved talking points in under 5 minutes. Depending on the topic, the Blog Post Wizard creates a decent first1 draft that can save you hours of typing. Still, you’ll need to edit it and fact-check everything before posting.

Copy.ai email templates
Copy.ai’s selection of email templates makes starting an email from scratch a thing of the past

With its email templates, on the other hand, you’re usually getting almost ready-to-use content. Similar to its writing tools, there are case-specific email templates. You just need to provide some context and tweak a few words here and there, and then it’s ready to hit your customers’ inboxes.

Next-Level Customization of Your Brand Voice

Copy.ai provides a few ways to customize your brand voice. You can select from a predefined list of tones like Friendly, Luxury, and Professional. For some AI writers, this is all you get. But Copy.ai also allows you to describe your desired tone in a few words. The coolest thing is that it can mimic celebrities – for example, if you need a copy for your new gym, you can give it some Arnold Schwarzenegger swagger.

Copy.ai brand voice feature
I used a transcript from Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech to create a unique brand voice

Copy.ai takes things even further by allowing you to create and save unique brand voices1 for repeated use. You can train it on pieces of content like blog articles and marketing copy with your desired brand voice, and it will pick it up right away.

SEO-Friendly AI translations

If you have a global audience, you can easily make your business multilingual – and for a lot less money than hiring a fleet of translators – with Copy.ai’s AI translation services.

The translation services will preserve your brand identity across all languages, keeping the copy consistent with your brand voice and tone. Copy.ai also ensures that all translated content is SEO-friendly and optimized for search engines. These services are only available on paid plans.

Highest Level of Privacy & Security

Copy.ai is System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type II compliant, an auditing procedure developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) to ensure service companies securely manage your data. As a SOC 2 Type II compliant platform, Copy.ai undergoes rigorous third-party auditsto ensure that its security practices and procedures meet the highest industry standards.


Ease of use

One of the Easiest AI Writers to Use

It took me a few minutes to create my free account with Copy.ai. The interface is very modern and uncluttered, and I was able to start using the platform immediately. Most features are self-explanatory and Copy.ai does a decent job of providing additional written or video instructions to make your AI journey even smoother.

Getting Started With Copy.ai

To start using Copy.ai, you can click on the Get Started Free button1 on the homepage. You’ll be able to sign up with an email address or via your Google or Facebook. Copy.ai will email you a magic code to complete the registration for all your future logins. This secure password-free practice ensures you’ll never have to deal with forgotten or compromised passwords.

You can start a project by using some of its tools or templates. I decided to be a fashion and lifestyle influencer for a moment. I hopped on the Social Media Bio template accessible within the Templates section to hopefully create THAT bio that will get me a front-row seat at a Versace show. Well, everyone’s been saying that AI will be able to perform wonders soon, so a girl can dream!

Copy.ai Social Media Bio template
Copy.ai showed me four decent AI-generated options for my social media bio

I filled the Social Media Bio template with some information and picked a Bold tone. Then I took one of the generated results and modified it a bit to give it some character: “I dress for mood, not occasion. I’m all about bold, colorful fashion, eclectic interiors, and a healthy lifestyle. Follow me for daily inspo.” It might not impress Donatella or bring me influencer prestige, but it’s cute, catchy, and describes me pretty well.

Simple, User-Friendly Interface

Copy.ai dashbord
Copy.ai’s dashboard is intuitive and includes most of its tools in one place – I just wish it had a built-in plagiarism checker

Even though there are a lot of features to explore, Copy.ai’s user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to go from being a novice to generating AI content within minutes. There’s a simple built-in editor that you can toggle when you need to further edit and format the text within your dashboard. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a real-time spell checker and you’ll have to manually copy the text if you want to use it outside of Copy.ai’s workspace.

Quickly Find Reference Information With Infobase

Infobase acts as your team’s brand center1. You can fill it with important information like your brand guidelines, value propositions, positioning statements, and products/services features. It’s like having access to your own trainable AI technology. Copy.ai will keep your information private and use it to personalize your generated content further.

Infobase eliminates the need to repeatedly provide context to produce relevant content – you only need to input information once and assign it a specific tag. Then, you can reference any information you need using the relevant tag in your prompts. This feature is available for Copy.ai’s Chat and Workflows tools.

No Mobile App but You Can Still Use Copy.ai on the Go

While Copy.ai doesn’t offer a dedicated mobile app, you can fully harness all its capabilities on your mobile device through its web-based application. This web-based approach ensures responsive design that adjusts to your screen size and functions as seamlessly as on a desktop. I tried out Copy.ai’s mobile version, and I have no complaints – it works seamlessly.



Copy.ai Delivers on Its Promises – When You Pick the Right Tools

From my experience with Copy.ai, sometimes the tool that sounds the most obvious to use might not be the best. With repeated use, I got a feel for which tool was best to use for different tasks. This has significantly reduced the time I need to get from the prompt to the final version.

Copy.ai Generated Near-Usable Content After I Figured Out the Right Tool for My Task

I tested Copy.ai with a predetermined prompt about a local non-profit organization, the Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP), that rescues farm and wild animals in need and advocates for animal/welfare rights. I asked for a two-paragraph mission statement that includes a section on core values.

I found a Brand Mission writing tool from the Startup Tools category1 that seemed the perfect option for this task. I provided the organization’s name and some brief information about my fictional non-profit organization. I set the desired tone by typing “Friendly, Professional” rather than choosing one from the list of options.

I didn’t receive any results for about five minutes, which is far more time than Copy.ai’s advertised 30 seconds for this task. Glitches are quite common among AI writers, and it seems Copy.ai isn’t an exception. I refreshed the page and hit Create Content once again and this time got results within seconds.

Copy.ai generated three short introductory points to my topic. Under each generated option, Copy.ai offers a few commands like Copy, Save, More Like This, and Remove. The initial outputs were quite short and didn’t exactly meet my expectations. I requested more content from my favorite result and copied a few of the generated results in the editor box on the right side of the dashboard.

Copy.ai AI generated content about Wildlife Sanctuary Project
The first result wasn’t bad, but I decided to enrich it with some of the previous results

I decided to test the Bullet Point to Paragraph tool with the same prompt and liked the results. The content was almost usable, but I wanted to make it better. I used some of the previously generated results from the Brand Mission template and made some minimal tweaks to achieve the final result:

The mission of the Wildlife Sanctuary Project (WSP) is to rescue neglected and abused farm animals and wildlife and create a safe haven for them, where they can live out their lives free of fear and pain.

Our vision is a world where no animals need to go through the misery caused by factory farming. We are dedicated to advocating for long-term sustainability, public education, and animal welfare rights.

WSP’s core values include compassion, integrity, respect, community involvement, and environmental stewardship. If you’d like to help, please visit our donate page.

It took me about 15 minutes to get what I wanted because I bounced from one tool to another. But if I were to test Copy.ai using the same task with my current level of experience, I’d get it done within 5 minutes. As someone who writes for a living, I can confidently say Copy.ai has major productivity boost potential once you get to know the platform better.



Affordable Business-Focused AI Writer

Copy.ai’s pricing structure is straightforward. There’s a free plan, and you can also choose from two paid options: the Pro and Enterprise plan. Copy.ai is one of the few AI writers that offers a forever free plan.

That said, Copy.ai’s free plan comes with some significant limitations. You’ll only get one user seat, 2000 words per month, and English language support only. I used up the word limit just by testing a few of its writing tools. It’s substantial enough to test out Copy.ai’s features, but you’ll probably have to upgrade to the Pro plan unless you only need to write a couple of short pieces a month.

Unless you need access to Copy.ai’s workflow library, the Pro plan offers the best value for small teams1. The Pro plan costs $49/month ($36/month annually) and could appear more expensive compared to similar apps that charge less for a similar set of tools. But keep in mind that you get five user seats and unlimited words and brand tones, features that are typically relegated to enterprise plans.

If you’re a larger business, it’s worth requesting a demo for the Enterprise plan and asking for a custom quote. Workflows can amplify your team’s productivity and allow you to automate entire processes and campaigns at scale. Some of the processes you can automate include cold email outreach, follow-up emails, and programmatic SEO. You’ll also get priority support and workflow training so you can use the platform to its fullest potential.

Compared to other AI writers, Copy.ai’s pricing falls somewhere in the middle. It’s not the cheapest option out there. Still, its Pro plan is affordable, especially considering the abundance of features you get.



Customer Support Is Inconsistent

Copy.ai offers support via email and chat, but it’s not available 24/7. On the free plan, you can submit your requests via the chat support interface or its website form. If you become a paying customer, you’ll get priority support.

There’s a chat screen within the dashboard that syncs your communication with email support. You can use it to send your inquiries directly from the platform, which is far more convenient than having to exit your account to access the contact form on the website. The interface is like live chat, except you might need to wait a few hours (or days) to get a response.

Copy.ai customer support interaction
My detailed questions deserved more specific answers

I have a mixed experience with Copy.ai’s support team. I received a reply to my initial questions within a few hours, but the response was somewhat generic. It didn’t solve my dilemma, so I asked additional questions and requested more detailed explanations. I got a “Seen” notification on the chat, meaning they’ve received my messages. But I never heard back from the team.

Luckily, Copy.ai offers excellent resources and webinars if you want to make the most of its platform. Its Getting Started Tutorial is very detailed and filled with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials to make learning its platform easy and enjoyable. If you want to use Copy.ai to its fullest potential, I recommend watching Copy.ai’s webinars. I watched a few, and they really cover some useful features for your marketing strategy.


Copy.ai excels in writing short-form content like marketing emails, digital ad copy, social media content, sales copy, e-commerce copy, and website copy. With its advanced brand voice customization features, you can get engaging content in seconds, allowing you to facilitate greater business growth with fewer resources.

You can use it for long-form content, but it requires more direction and input from your side. If you operate globally, you’ll also benefit from its fast and cost-effective AI translation services.

Some competitors will source royalty-free images that you can use in your articles, while others have dedicated AI image generators, a functionality that Copy.ai doesn’t have. Copy.ai also doesn’t integrate with other platforms like dedicated SEO tools, but it does have some built-in SEO tools to optimize your content. There’s also no built-in plagiarism checker, but the team guarantees content originality.

Still, in my opinion, Copy.ai’s writing capabilities outweigh the few limitations.
Pros Cons
  • Excels in short-form writing
  • A range of writing tools for specific use cases
  • Abundance of templates
  • Advanced brand voice customization
  • AI translation services
  • No AI image/art generator
  • No integrations with SEO tools
  • Inconsistent customer support


Is Copy.ai better than ChatGPT?

Copy.ai shines as a writing tool for various use cases, including short-form and long-form content. ChatGPT, on the other hand, is an AI language model that excels in conversational contexts like human-like responses to prompts and answering questions.

Copy.ai is particularly good for crafting short-form marketing content like email copy and digital ads. With its vast array of templates and customizable brand voice, it caters to specific content creation needs.

Can you use Copy.ai for free?

Copy.ai offers a forever free plan, allowing you to use most of its writing tools and templates without any time limitations. The free plan only comes with 2000 words per month, unlimited projects, and one user seat, making it suitable only if you need AI-powered writing occasionally.

How many words can you get on Copy.ai for free?

Copy.ai allows you to generate content of up to 2000 words on its free plan. If you need more, its affordably priced premium plans come with unlimited words.

What is Copy.ai used for?

Copy.ai is an AI-powered writer with an abundance of tools for business and personal use. It caters to a wide audience, including e-commerce businesses, email marketers, copywriters, creators, and bloggers. It can produce both short and long-form content. It’s particularly helpful for short-form content like website copy, email copy, and digital ads.
Ivana Shteriova Ivana Shteriova
Ivana is a full-time content writer and expert reviewer passionate about tech, finance, business, and too many other things to name. After getting her bachelor’s degree in Economics, she decided to ditch a career in accounting and turn her passion into a full-time writing affair. You can find her listening to finance podcasts, reading self-help books, glamming up, and rocking bold outfits. She’s also advocating for animal welfare and women’s rights.
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