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Transform the world with smart solutions and immersive experiences with Visartech

Transform the world with smart solutions and immersive experiences with Visartech

Karen Wilson

Please tell us about your career and the story behind the company: What was the idea behind the company, and how has it progressed?

Though surprising, my career path began with music. However, this passion for playing musical instruments just turned out into something incredible. Namely, the compelling and extraordinary approach I used in music I started applying while creating digital masterpieces for clients.

After university graduation, I happened to hold two activities: an engineering job and music performances. However, the more achievements I reached in software engineering, the more jubilant over the idea of embracing tech opportunities I was. Later on, I entirely dived into the world of innovative technologies.

The idea of Visartech, a software development agency, started occupying more of my headspace around 2010. My partner and I had another vision of providing the greatest services to clients. Originally, we were focused on native iOS development but we realized we needed something bigger.

Therefore, we got down to combining art & technologies. Here my fondness for music and creativity came in handy. Basically, at this point, we started our game development path. We worked on games that weren’t solely aimed at entertaining, they could educate, relax or solve severe real-life challenges in simulated environments.

Finally, we noticed the demand for a mixture of games and apps. Owing to the huge number of clients’ requests we changed our focus and started developing 3D interactive applications adjusted to the particular needs of businesses.

At present our services are expanding due to the worldwide tendencies so that we keep pace with innovative approaches and technologies. For example, web 3.0 blockchain-based solutions with high security and efficiency or metaverse platforms with interactive 3D technologies.

The world has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. How has that affected Visartech both your employees and customers?

At the beginning of that pandemic year, everything seemed to be so shocking for both our team and clients. All of that took a toll on all company’s processes which brought a sort of slowdown. Owing to unpredictability some clients started suspending their projects, and some could feel discouragement because they lack social connection.

Nevertheless, the key point we’ve noticed is the increase in digital activities and the demand for offline experience interpretation. Basically, it served us up on a plate since we had worked with VR and 3D online solutions before. So we got down to working on different products that offered immersive and real-life experiences.

Though it was tough, we manage to proceed with our work. Thanks to our quick workflow optimization & adaptation the team could readily tackle tasks and continue working on the projects.

Which of your services are you most proud of and why?

For 12+ years on the market, we’ve delivered a great variety of games & business solutions. So I find it hard to highlight the best one. However, it’s worth mentioning that most of them helped our clients to take up top positions in their business industry market for years. For instance, a golf simulator company that continues partnering with us has been receiving the yearly “Best in Golf” Editors’ Choice Award since 2017, for the best indoor golf simulator.

The best thing we feel proud of is the way we assist our clients in transforming and advancing their business with technology. Most of our clients are buzzing with bright ideas and we try to guide them through the world of technology and turn it to their advantage. To elaborate, we’ve recently helped to create a groundbreaking solution for remote collaboration. It’s an immersive metaverse world for onboarding and team-building experiences. Further, Google, Microsoft, and other giants began using this solution just 2 months after its launch.

How did you develop your company values, why are these important and how do your customers see these playing out in practice?

At Visartech we believe that it’s of paramount importance to be in tune with each other. Each step we happen to take in our company’s development has been supported by our values. Moreover, we shaped them collectively during a team get-together in 2019.

Essentially, our core values are the very things that assist us in achieving constant growth and getting new ways of implementing customers’ ideas. We build our partnership on trust. Thereby one of our clients has been working with us for 8+ years.

We are passionate about the things we do therefore our team pursues high performance. By dint of constant investment in our employees’ education, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions. Our team has already delivered 140+ innovative business and game solutions to our clients.

Consequently, Visartech Team is willing to grow both personally and professionally. It encourages them to create even more outstanding projects.

Who are your competitors and what makes you stand out?

Surely, our market is pretty big. Yet, I find it difficult to call some particular team our competitor. However, defying all stereotypes, it’s important to note that we tend toward the idea of keeping partnerships rather than competition. We believe that to handle all the work there’s the only solution – to unite and help each other.

Arguably the greatest thing that makes us stand out is the people who make our customers’ ideas efficiently implemented. Solely the team of professionals is able to make extensive changes and take up any challenge.

Additionally, we make a point of keeping transparent partnerships with our customers. Thus they are always aware of all work process stages. Our team does maintain tuned communication so that everyone feels comfortable and confident. Namely, the company allocates a manager for communication with a personality similar to the customer’s temper.

What can we expect to see from Visartech in the next five years?

The world is moving into a new fascinating digital era whereas it brings new challenges and changes. One need only recall the pandemic events.

In essence, our task is to adapt to all of that and grow during the constant and unpredictable circumstances. We’ve always done that and we will keep on leveraging new technologies to implement innovative projects.

Thus Visartech was one of the first companies that started adjusting gamification to particular business needs. Our team has also embraced the current metaverse trend by developing virtual world platforms. It’s important to note that apart from up-to-date technologies, the right logic and well-thought concept of solutions are going to guide us. That entails comprehensive backend development.

At last, the tech world has created so many options for us that could enhance the ways we live, interact and do business. There’s no better time than now to take it to our own advantage!

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