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Revolutionizing Website Creation: An Interview with Pulkit Gupta, Creator of PopularFX

Revolutionizing Website Creation: An Interview with Pulkit Gupta, Creator of PopularFX

Luka Dragovic
In a recent interview with Website Planet, Pulkit Gupta, the creator of PopularFX, shared the inspirations and innovations behind this groundbreaking website-building tool.

Pulkit revealed that the journey began with a desire to simplify website creation for users at Softaculous, leading to the development of Pagelayer and eventually the PopularFX theme. This theme allows users to import and modify ready-made websites quickly, enabling them to have a fully functional site in under a minute.

With over 500 templates and 1000+ blocks, PopularFX offers an unparalleled platform for content creators, ensuring a user-friendly experience from installation to customization.

What inspired the creation of PopularFX?

We always wanted to make a website-building tool for our user base at Softaculous. We have developed Pagelayer which was for the purpose of building websites. Then to simplify things further, we felt we should have ready-made websites that could be imported and modified rather than using ready-made blocks.

Hence we made the PopularFX theme which is completely geared for Pagelayer and our templates. The idea is to have a website ready in less than a minute.

Can you explain how PopularFX supports content creators?

Content creation is a lot of work. And it takes a lot of time and ideas to create content. Also, we believe that one always builds upon something already there and makes new content molding the ideas that one has. PopularFX in many ways is used as a base to form new content using our ready-made website content.

What are the key features that set PopularFX apart from other platforms?

We have over 500+ templates ranging from a lot of different categories to suit a wide variety of use cases. We have 1000+ blocks from our Pagelayer builder which is available to all PopularFX users. We have over 100+ widgets in PopularFX and Pagelayer. You can also control your sitewide font settings, CSS behaviors, etc from a single dashboard.

How do you ensure a user-friendly experience for your clients?

Right from the installation to the selection of themes, we have made the flow and user experience simple. We wanted to organize the default font settings and preferences of various tags in the Theme Settings of WordPress which is available in PopularFX. Also, we do integrate well with WooCommerce which makes setting up stores simple.

Can you share a success story from a content creator using PopularFX?

We have not done such an analysis.

However, PopularFX powers more than 200,000+ websites.

We are further simplifying the onboarding experience and adding more themes and content. AI features are something that will also soon be seen in PopularFX.

Find out more at: www.popularfx.com

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