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Simplifying teamwork and an easier way to track time with Nutcache

Simplifying teamwork and an easier way to track time with Nutcache

Miguel Amado
Nutcache slogan is “We help businesses save time. Big time”. The professional services automation (PSA) software allows organizations to track time and have complete control over their projects.

In this interview for Website Planet we talked with Alain Nadeau, founder and CEO of Nutcache to know more about the tool, what is their differentiation compared with other platforms and plans for the future. Check out this special interview below!

What differentiates Nutcache from other project building platforms?

As part of the Dynacom Group, which for over 30 years has been the leading business management company in the province of Quebec-Canada, Nutcache is responsible for developing a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software for project management that helps businesses save time and teams of all sizes work smarter and more collaboratively.

The software, also called Nutcache, encompasses technology for activities such as time tracking, task planning and distribution, budget setting, as well as invoice and expense tracking. In other words, it provides integrated functionality to manage projects from start to finish in a single environment.

Even our free version out-performs in many aspects other platforms well known in the market, such as Trello.

With the pandemic, many trends and strategies that were starting to take place and gain traction suddenly became the norm, like remote work and hiring freelancers for different projects. How did Nutcache fared in the pandemic, did you notice a change in demands and also a spike in interest?

Despite all the difficulties faced during the pandemic period, we cannot disregard the fact that it generated widespread disruption. What was not common or naturally accepted became so all over the world.

From a business point of view, I can say that the pandemic period brought very positive results for Nutcache. With the increased demand for collaborative project management tools that help people manage tasks and achieve greater efficiency when working remotely, we registered a 15% growth in 2021.

From people’s point of view, we have also come through this moment without any great difficulties. Before the pandemic, we did not have the remote format as a work model, but we had no problems adapting to it. First, because we are a technology company. Second, because in 2018 we had already started a remote operation in Brazil, which required a change of mindset and structure from our team. Now, the challenge is to take back a little of what was left in the pre-pandemic past… The remote work format is practical, convenient, and economical, but the face-to-face format also has advantages that seem to be forgotten. As a leader, I think the best way is to bring the two worlds together. Why not benefit from the advantages brought by this hybrid, flexible model?

What are the major pains that companies bring to you when they are deciding which tool to use or how to improve your platform?

Timesheets and Timetrack. These are two words often heard by our sales team when prospecting for customers.

The customers really want an easier way to track time spent on each of their tasks and, with Nutcache they can capture the time spent on different tasks running a timer on a task while they work. So they can accurately and easily account for every minute of the workday. It helps them to get an instant overview of their billable time displayed either by member or by project.

How is the process of creating a platform that is a fit for companies from all industries, sizes, cultures and also clear, concise and easy to use (I imagine that there are lots of “trial and error”)?

The first thing is never underestimate the value of planning… Good planning helps avoid mistakes. Of course, mistakes are common and necessary, but the important thing is that failures are seen as a learning process. The ideal is to test and validate your business approach as soon as possible – and not to be afraid of changing the strategy completely if necessary. Nutcache started operating in 2013 as a simple invoicing app which was transformed into one of the best all-in-one project management and collaborative systems on the market, that has the differential benefit of making business save time by tracking work hours in real-time.

The second thing is to know your target customers and be innovative to reach them. Innovation is not only about creating a new product for the market. It is mostly to promote changes that bring benefits.

And the third thing is to be backed by a group of highly talented individuals passionate about creating a product that provides an exceptional user experience.

Integrations are a major aspect for any project building platform. What integrations are possible with Nutcache?

Yes, of course the integrations are important… The integration between Nutcache and Zapier, for example, lets users connect with thousands of the most popular apps to automate their work and have more time for what matters most.

Also, the integration between Nutcache and Dynacom system allows users to record and transfer time entries to Dynacom to either invoice their customers and/or process their employees’ payroll.

What are Nutcache’s plans for the next 3-5 years?

Our plans are always centered on the mission of simplifying teamwork. So, following market trends and our innovative spirit, we will continue to improve a project management solution that is simple to use and flexible enough to meet the existing management practices, but also to provide all the control, communication and follow-up tools required to ensure that everyone’s responsibilities in a project are clear and well defined for every organization can achieve their goals.

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