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Integrations and communications using the good old email with eM Client

Integrations and communications using the good old email with eM Client

Miguel Amado
You can communicate with other people using all sorts of options, like WhatsApp, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…), Skype, Zoom, Slack. But the good old email still has its place and eM Client will help companies take the most out of the tool. We talked with Michal Bürger, CEO of the company, to know more about the software and what they deliver to their customers.

Please present eM Client to our audience!

eM Client is a complex communication tool that allows users not only manage their emails, but also their calendars, tasks, contacts, notes and chat. eM Client supports a unique range of technologies and services in this area and is able to gather all these data into one application. It makes eM Client a great tool for Microsoft (Office365 and Exchange), Google and open source technologies.

We also focus on a combination of easy to use interface and a complete functionality unseen anywhere else. All this data is stored offline and can be used even when the computer is not online at the moment.

What can I get from eM Client that I can’t find anywhere else?

Our signature feature is a one click setup of email encryption. We believe we have the easiest to use solution for secure email communication on the market. We also offer a mix of advanced features that makes communication far more comfortable such as one click translation of messages, snooze email, watch for reply, mass mail, delayed send, QuickText, support for several types of items categorization and number of integrations with other services.

All these advanced features are logically placed in the user interface and don’t confuse users that don’t want to use all these bells and whistles.

I believe that integrations are something fundamental for your software. With which tools and softwares can I integrate eM Client?

Yes, that’s right. We integrate most of the features of Office365 and Google Suite services and we also support many smaller vendors such as IceWarp, Kerio, SmarterMail etc. We also support cloud storage for attachments (Google Keep, OneDrive, DropBox, NextCloud, Owncloud), so users don’t need to send large attachments via email and they can use modern services for that and use advanced techniques like password protection, expiration or set read/write access.

We’ve also added an integration with online meeting providers (currently Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet and we are working on others), so creating an online meeting is always just one click away with eM Client. We also integrate eM Client with translation services and we plan to support some advanced grammar check tools such as Grammarly in near future. More integrations should come with version 9. Our plan is to integrate eM Client with a couple of project management services as well.

What are the major pains that your customers have when they search you and test your services?

Well there are a lot of technologies in this area and they change quite quickly. It might happen that some of the big vendors change their services in some way and we need to update the software accordingly. That’s why we are also planning our own service to prevent such situations and offer the same experience on all platforms (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and web) fully under our control.

We use computers and the internet on a daily basis for at least two decades (even more in some countries) and basically everything has changed a hundred times since then, except the importance of email. Why do you think we still value email so much, even more than other forms of online communication?

There are a lot of chat and team collaboration technologies and services nowadays and some of them are really good. However the biggest advantage of email is that it is vendor independent. Nobody owns email or its technologies, it is an open standard. This is not true with chat and other communication technologies nowadays.

All these services tend to be more and more closed and vendor locked. The email is the only free way to communicate from that perspective. That’s why it is still here and will be for a long time. And there is still a lot of space for improving and reinventing in many areas.

What are eM Client’s plans for the future?

We want to make eM Client omnipotent on all conceivable platforms as I mentioned earlier with recognizable and very similar. User interface across all these platforms. We also want to run our own service to offer our users the full user experience across all these devices including very easy to use secure encrypted communication and central management and synchronization of signatures, templates, snippets of texts and many other things. We also have eM Client 9 in our roadplan for this year with many improvements not only in email, but also in task and project management areas.

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