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eCommerce, 2020 as a game-changer and great customer service with 3Dsellers

eCommerce, 2020 as a game-changer and great customer service with 3Dsellers

Miguel Amado
eCommerce changed in 2020 and 3Dsellers was positioned to offer a great service to individuals and enterprises that wanted to explore the online business environment via eBay. We talked with Amit Fidelman (VP of Product) to know more about 3Dsellers. Check out the interview!

Please present 3Dsellers to our audience

Since 2010, 3Dsellers has been a leading source for the best eBay tools on the market. The 3Dsellers team (comprised of eBay sellers & experts) ensures you have all the features you need to maximize growth, save time, and stay ahead of the competition.

3Dsellers offers many tools that work together to provide you a complete solution for your online selling (especially on eBay) needs: we help sellers to increase their feedback score, manage their inventories, listings, cases, orders, design their store and listings, and even a full Helpdesk for their business – all in one place! Long story short – we are every eBay seller’s best friend!

In the 10 years that 3Dsellers has been active the world of ecommerce changed completely. What can you say about those changes and how to stay relevant in that environment?

The growth of the e-commerce world is kind of crazy. The consumption worldwide changed and it created new opportunities for many companies to rise (Amazon, Aliexpress and more).

3Dsellers decided to stick with eBay as we truly love what they do, the way they improve, and the superior technology options that they have (like advanced API for an example). During 10 years we worked together with our sellers to create the first all-in-one solution for eBay sellers.

And the secret for relevance? Listen to your users! They know what they want, just give to them, and do it well – it pays off for 10 years already, and we believe it will continue for much longer.

Especially in 2020 online commerce exploded and its importance in times of social distancing and many physical stores having to close its doors was evident. Did 3Dsellers notice a positive trend in leads and sales?

Yes, we did have significant growth. Covid 19 is a true game-changer in the consumption tradition. Our hearts are with the businesses that closed, and we do with them to go back on their feet after this crisis will end. Many of our new users are people that realized that the e-commerce market is the future and shifting from a physical store to an online one was the only option.

3Dsellers understood this need and the unusual times and we also offered significant discounts for a new business that joined us. We see our customers as business partners and we care for them in every step we take.

I believe you divide your clients into individual sellers, enterprise sellers and drop shippers. What is more common and what do you offer specifically for each type of client?

Well, that’s correct. Online sellers, and specifically our sellers are usually divided between these niches. Our most common sellers at the moment are individual sellers and enterprise sellers. The tools that we offer are matching to all of our types of users and can match them from the smallest seller to the biggest one regardless of the type of operations (like dropshipping or actual physical warehouses).

We do offer them all the tools that they need to manage their stores and their customer service online. Although we do not offer inventory syncing from retailers, which is relevant for online arbitrage, many drop shippers decide to use 3Dsellers as a companion to their existing stock monitor, because they do find our tools really effective and they are completing the missing parts that usually don’t exist in monitors – such as helpdesk, listing designer, smart feedback system and more.

Our enterprise sellers enjoy an easy solution to manage multiple eBay accounts from one place, with quick automation, attentive customer support, and someone from the other side of the screen that listens and improves the tools tailored to their needs.

Your feedback in Trustpilot is really great. Can you share with us some of the actions that 3Dsellers implement to create such a good relationship with your clients?

Thank you for noticing that! Yes, we have a high score on many online trust ranking websites. The team works hard to provide exceptional customer service, which in my opinion is the heart of the company. We provide 24/7 support on weekdays with teams around the world, to provide solutions to our users at any time.

I think also, the fact that the users have a place to leave their features request and ask for changes or improvements in our platform, giving us a closer look at our user’s needs and breaking the barrier that sometimes exists between the individual user to the development team.

We implement many of our users request in a timely manner and this gives the feeling that 3Dsellers it’s not just a service that you subscribed to, but a team that cares about each seller’s needs.

What are the plans for 3Dsellers for the near future?

Many upgrades and improvements are coming to 3Dsellers, such as AI in most of our systems, improved functionality for our current tools, and more new tools that will provide our users a better experience, and more solutions to their needs. We won’t stop to make our best to provide the ultimate solution for selling tools as an all-in-one platform for eBay sellers.

And at this moment I would like to thank all of the users that believe in us and what we are doing for many years, and for every new user that gives the chance to join our sellers family.

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