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Transforming IT Operations with AI: An Interview with Rahul Kelkar on Digitate’s ignio™

Transforming IT Operations with AI: An Interview with Rahul Kelkar on Digitate’s ignio™

Luka Dragovic
In today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape, ignio™ by Digitate is revolutionizing traditional IT operations with its advanced AI capabilities.

By creating a comprehensive blueprint of enterprise IT, encompassing cloud, on-premise, applications, and infrastructure, ignio™ provides unparalleled visibility and dynamic data insights. This allows IT teams to predict and address potential issues before they impact business operations.

In an exclusive interview with Website Planet, Rahul Kelkar highlighted how ignio™ not only enhances operational efficiency but also supports proactive IT management, ensuring compliance and significantly reducing manual efforts.

How does ignio™ leverage AI to transform traditional IT operations into more proactive and autonomous systems?

ignio™ transforms how IT is managed. It builds a blueprint of the enterprise IT including cloud, on-premise, applications, platforms, and infrastructure. This creates a single, transparent view of everything, giving complete visibility. The blueprint also collates dynamic data like – metrics, events, incidents, and change/service requests. ignio™ then goes a step further by applying advanced AI to analyze this data.

By identifying trends, patterns, and anomalies, ignio™ can predict potential issues before they disrupt the business. This proactive approach allows IT teams to address problems before they impact their company’s bottom line.

ignio™ stands out with its patented technology that supports the observe-engage-act lifecycle and boasts robust AI/ML capabilities, including various reasoning methods and ML techniques for precise anomaly detection and predictive analytics. Its intelligent automation framework supports over 45 technologies and 10,000 service operators, and offers a range of fixes and compliance controls, significantly reducing manual IT operations efforts.

A unique feature of ignio™ is its enterprise-wide technology coverage, making Digitate the sole AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) provider with comprehensive support for hybrid cloud environments, encompassing everything from infrastructure to digital workspaces. It also ensures a closed-loop incident management process that includes enterprise blueprinting, event management, and self-healing capabilities.

At its core, ignio™ AIOps serves as a comprehensive platform addressing multiple IT operational needs including enhanced observability and actionable insights derived from extensive data monitoring. Overall, the platform significantly reduces downtime losses, improves IT operational efficiency, supports proactive IT management, and enforces compliance with industry standards, thereby enhancing overall IT operational health and predictiveness.

What are the primary benefits for businesses using your closed-loop approach to IT and business operations management?

Enterprises today face heightened operational risks like data breaches and cloud disruptions, which traditional IT risk management methods struggle to address effectively. This has led to expensive incidents and compliance issues over the years. Advanced solutions like closed-loop automation, AIOps, and ITOps (IT Operations) leverage automation and AI to mitigate these threats more effectively.

Closed-loop automation essentially reduces the risk of human error by automating repetitive tasks and workflows, thus ensuring consistent and efficient processes. AIOps utilizes ML and analytics to detect anomalies, identify threats, and enable proactive security measures through continuous monitoring. This not only enhances security stances but also the overall reliability of IT systems.

ITOps focuses on automating critical IT processes such as patch management, configuration management, and incident response. This automation streamlines the processes involved in identifying, containing, and remedying adverse incidents, which enhances security and operational efficiency.

AIOps platforms provide centralized, context-aware orchestration and automation, which reduces security and compliance gaps in near real-time across industries by leveraging built-in observability and automation capabilities.

Thus, ignio changes the role of people from doers of work to handlers of exceptions. And frees up bandwidth to focus on transformational activities.

Could you discuss the specific challenges ignio™ addresses in managing complex, multi-cloud environments?

Multi-cloud environments introduce several challenges such as integration difficulties across diverse cloud platforms, security concerns due to the sprawl of cloud resources, and increased operational complexity. Ignio™ tackles these challenges by offering AI-driven insights for anomaly detection and proactive incident management, reducing downtime and IT risks.

Digitate’s solutions offer comprehensive automation capabilities that streamline repetitive tasks and enhance operational efficiency, crucial in environments where resources are often under-utilized or wasted due to cloud sprawl.

Moreover, Ignio™ aids in achieving a unified view of cloud resources, enhancing visibility and interoperability across different clouds, which is often hindered by vendor-specific barriers. This improved oversight aids in effective cost management and optimization, addressing cloud wastage by monitoring and controlling cloud spend and resource utilization.

Ignio™ plays a vital role in modern IT operations, enabling businesses to remain agile, secure, and cost-efficient in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

How does Digitate ensure data security and compliance across its AI-driven automation services?

ignio™ leverages a pre-built library of over 5500 security checks aligned with industry standards to detect security risks. These checks audit IT assets for vulnerabilities like misconfigurations and support over 1000 automated fixes to resolve these issues efficiently.

Digitate enables real-time direct compliance status verification by connecting to assets and retrieving configuration details, which helps prevent potential data breaches and security threats. The software not only detects and diagnoses compliance issues but also offers remediation by automating security scans at scheduled intervals and providing visual reports of security failures and their root causes. This approach allows for rapid response to security threats before they escalate.

Furthermore, ignio™ facilitates the onboarding of new IT assets by assessing and ensuring their secure configuration before deployment. It supports custom compliance needs through an advanced Control Management feature, allowing new technologies and controls to be incorporated seamlessly, and is both HIPPA and GDPR compliant.

What role does predictive analytics play in Digitate’s solutions, especially in preventing IT outages?

Predictive analytics plays a crucial role in preventing IT outages by enabling advanced, AI-driven anticipatory actions within IT operations. Leveraging historical data, trends, patterns, correlations, and associations, predictive analytics within Digitate’s AIOps platform, such as Ignio™, applies statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to forecast the likelihood of future outcomes. This capacity to predict includes anticipating system behaviors, workload fluctuations, and potential infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Specifically, predictive analytics helps in predicting potential IT outages by analyzing various system metrics like CPU and memory utilization, application server heap, thread pool utilization, and database query response times. By modeling the interdependencies of different IT components, the system can identify risks and stress points that may lead to outages or system downtimes.

Additionally, predictive analytics enables real-time predictions of system behaviors and transactions, facilitating preemptive measures to mitigate risks. For instance, it can predict when a disk might fail or when a network might become a bottleneck, allowing IT teams to intervene before these issues escalate into full-blown outages. This proactive approach not only enhances system reliability but also supports business continuity by minimizing downtime and its associated costs. Thus, predictive analytics is integral to Digitate’s strategy of using AI-driven automation to improve IT operations’ efficiency and reliability.

Looking ahead, what new features or capabilities can customers expect from Digitate in the near future?

Enterprises are struggling to manage cloud costs. With applications sprawled over multiple clouds, the waste contributes to 28% of overall cloud spend. Lack of awareness and narrow visibility add to the complexity, making cost optimization and ROI defense additional challenges for finance teams.

In the next few months, Digitate will be introducing capabilities that are purposely built for finance teams. From understanding usage and costs, benchmarking and forecasting, or simply budget management, the goal is to create a centralized repository by connecting, validating, and combining data from various systems. Through out-of-the-box connectors bring in data from disparate sources, including AWS and Azure Cloud, we will provide built-in logic to understand costs due to licensing models, creating full transparency across business units, clouds, costs, and more.

Further, with spend-optimization insights, teams can understand their cloud costs by location, resource group/type, account/subscription, and even cloud vendor. Ultimately finance teams will receive a 360-degree view of their enterprise with complete visibility across cloud finance, business, and technology, which can be effectively mapped at a granular level.

Find out more at: www.digitate.com

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