Krista Reyes

Krista Reyes

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Krista is a contributing writer at Website Planet. She creates research articles about recent news and updates in the business and finance realm. Before joining Website Planet, Krista was a freelance writer specializing in various technical industries and niches. She also worked as a managing editor for a content development firm catering to an international clientele. Krista spends her free time reading books, playing with her four rescued dogs, or binge-watching her favorite sitcoms.

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Global Tech Sector Layoffs: What’s Next on the Horizon?

The tech sector has been increasingly volatile in recent years — and as 2024 gets underway, it seems that regular layoffs have become the new normal. We tracked layoffs by tech companies since the start of the COVID pandemic. We wanted to figure out what trends and business strategies are behind tech companies’ staffing decisions. In 2020, certain sub-sectors — such as...

May 09, 2024
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