Ben Pilkington is a freelance writer who is interested in society and technology.

Since completing graduate studies at Oxford University in 2016, Ben has reported on developments in computer software, the UK technology industry, digital rights and privacy, industrial automation, IoT, AI, additive manufacturing, sustainability, and clean technology. He has written hundreds of articles for leading publications.

He enjoys learning how the latest scientific developments can affect us and imagining what will be possible in the future.

Ben is happiest on a bicycle, loves sleeping in a tent or under the stars, and can’t function properly without coffee.

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The Future of the Billion Dollar Valuation: Unicorns Become More Scarce in a Shaky Global Economy

Of the millions of startups founded each year, only a fraction will become valuable enough to make a profit for investors. Venture capital, a type of private investment into new or expanding businesses, provides much of the funding for startups, and is well named; it’s the epitome of risky business. Venture capitalists make these risky investments because they’re chasing a...

January 17, 2024
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