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  • Justhost


    DO NOT BUY THIS HOSTING. I had a terrible experience with this hosting. We are a web developing company and we use many hosting providers. This is one of the worst so far. Slow and stupid replies when contacting support, just by the book they send yo

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  • Web Hosting Hub


    Actually, the price is correct for the first year only, on renewal with spark, for instance it is turning to over $100! not at all a $6.95/month! Appalling technique, you only get to know about this when you are signed up and in the end of processi

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  • Sitelio


    They are hard to get a hold of. Once you are on the line with them, they hang up or play a high pitch noise to get you off the line. I wish I was kidding. This is a BAD company to work with.

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