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Emily Wang
Emily Wang
Website Development Expert

WebStudio Website Builder is an editor to avoid.  It has a high price tag, has a highly outdated feature set, and site templates that haven’t been used since the 80’s.


WebStudio Website Builder: Expensive And Outdated

WebStudio is a decent website builder, but it won’t give you the full set of features you’ll get with the top website builders like Wix.

Overall, I had a pretty bad time using WebStudio Website Builder.  The editor itself is lacking in customization as well as features, the pricing is high compared to similar services, and the support is very average.

Why use WebStudio Website Builder?

  • Large Template Selection
  • Quick Learning curve
  • Quick Support

Let’s learn more about WebStudio…


WebStudioLots Of Templates, But Very Little Style

Template Selection – The template selection for WebStudio Website Builder is fairly large, but all of the templates look like they were created back in the 80’s.  Needless to say they are not mobile responsive in most cases. The templates are far from flashy, but they also stay away from approaching an elegant look as well.  Instead, they fall in between the two in the worst way possible, creating a cluttered, almost cheesy look.

Customization – All of the basic elements of your page can be changed, but not by much.  Many of the newer CSS and HTML properties (and a lot of the old ones as well) are not implemented, making it hard for your site to not have an out dated look.

Multimedia – Very basic versions of all of the multimedia widgets that are normally available can be used here, including: video, audio, and photo galleries.Explore WebStudio Templates


WebStudioEverything Is Here, But Its Nothing Special

WebStudio Website Builder provides a wide range of the most popular features that are used in creating websites, but they don’t do it well. Most of the features work solidly, while a few often have problems carrying out their individual task.See full list of features

Ease of use


Almost Easy To Use With Few Features

Some nice benefits that the site builder does boast though are easy access to features such as:  being able to add flash animations, adding java applets, and adding splash pages.  While none of these are huge forthcomings, they are nice pieces that allow you to make your site just a little more interactive.See if WebStudio is Right for You


WebStudioNot pleasant, But Got The Job Done


  • Email Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • Support Center
  • Live Chat
  • SEO Help
  • Blog
  • Phone Support
  • Forum

The support for WebStudio Website Builder is helpful, but just barely. Their live chat didn’t work for me, even during the hours that they specified as support hours. Email based support was very fast, but the staff is not the most intuitive, taking much longer to solve a problem than any other provider. Eventually the support here got the problem solved, but it took much longer and was much more difficult of a process than it needed to be.


How does WebStudio match up to the competition?

Wix Compare 4.9 Compare
Squarespace Compare 4.8 Compare
WebStudio Compare 4.0 Compare
Google Sites Compare 3.0 Compare



Expensive With No Benefits

WebStudio Website Builder’s available packages are expensive.  Even more to their detriment though is that they offer little to nothing in the way of value for this added expense.  They have 8 packages available, with each package being an additional $10/month more than the last.  The first two packages they offer do not include any form of e-commerce where as the other six (WebStore 100, 500, 750, 1000, 2000, and 4000) do offer e-commerce, but limit the amount of items that can be hosted within your store according to their names.  This service never mentions how much bandwidth you will be given, does not register a domain name for you, and offers web storage amounts that fall around 1 GB.  All of that comes at the ludicrously high price of $20/month for just the most basic package.

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Bottom line on WebStudio



  • Large Template Selection
  • Outdated Templates
  • Outdated Customization
  • Expensive

WebStudio Website Builder is one of the most expensive site editors available, but it is also one of the worst.  While they do provide a large selection of site templates and fast support, they appear to have not updated their feature sets within the last 20 years, leaving a lot of things to be desired when creating a site.

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Emily Wang
Emily Wang
Emily is a Web Designer and Art Director. She is experienced in creating Brand strategy and marketing collateral for both big and small organizations.

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