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What Exactly is Integrated Marketing and How Can SEO Fit In?

Max Anderson

Finding a way to fit SEO into an already well-developed marketing system can be tough. Just as SEO has changed over the years (quite a bit, in fact), so have all of the other marketing departments and aspects such as PR, design and development, analytics and PPC work, local considerations (local SEO included), social media, international concerns, content department, etc.

Part of integrated marketing is understanding how to mesh all of these different industries together to form something significant. Although it can be a tough line to walk, once you get to the end your SEO efforts should also be improved. It’s one of those “the whole helps the individual” type mentalities.

Therefore, it’s important for every company to ask themselves: How can I make sure I’m following integrated marketing techniques and keeping SEO in the mix?

How Integrated Marketing Should Work for SEOs

As discussed above, integrated marketing is all about getting different disciplines in the marketing sphere to work together in order to improve each one individually. It helps keep things consistent and helps the overall company meet its goals.

So why is SEO singled-out? An SEO department probably has one of the toughest times being a part of an integrated marketing strategy.

SEOs need to ask two questions:

1. How can we get involved get involved in commerce initiatives, budget discussions, etc?
2. How can other departments and aspects of marketing (PR team, content development, design and development, etc.) help us reach our SEO goals?

It’s important to remember that an SEO department does not necessarily have to become involved in every single marketing aspect. In fact, this would be problematic. It’s all about using the knowledge you have and the knowledge that others have to complete your individual goals as well as the overall company goals.

How to Get Started with Integrated Marketing and SEO

There are a few steps an SEO expert or department can follow in order to get started with an integrated marketing mindset:

1. Start with marketing aspects like PR and social.

These are the two places where SEO will surely be able to find some sort of integrated marketing opportunity. PR professionals can help an SEO department earn contacts and find link building opportunities through their relationships, and SEO departments can surely help the PR pros with content development. Social is also, of course, very connected to SEO. All three of these different sections of marketing are doing similar outreach work, so this is the best place to start collaborating and getting in that integrated mindset.

2. Look at examples of integrated marketing ads and campaigns.

Stephanie Chang from Distilled wrote an article for Moz and listed out many different examples of campaigns that utilized integrated marketing. For example, one point illustrated Australia.com’s Best Jobs in the World campaign and explained why that campaign utilized many different resources in the marketing department. It’s a great read and can help give you some ideas.

3. Don’t forget communication is everything.

To state the obvious: integrated marketing (integrated anything, really) is all about communication. You never want to get in the way of another department’s work, but ask relevant questions when you think you can help or think someone can help you. Try having a meeting once every few weeks to discuss what each section is doing and how everyone might be able to benefit to get closer to the company’s overall goals.

Are you working hard to adopt integrated marketing techniques? Have you seen your SEO improve?

Let us know your story and your experience in the comments below.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Søren Pedersen

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