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12 Best Website Templates for Photographers [Updated 2024]

Ana Marković
If you want to create an attractive photography website, you’ll need a quality template design that’ll flatter your work rather than divert attention from it.

Top-notch layout and gallery options are essential for showcasing your photos, and prominent contact and social media buttons will make it easy for visitors to reach you.

To help you get started, I’ve included six great WordPress photographer themes to choose from. But if you’d rather use a website builder, that’s fine too: I’ve put together a list of captivating site builder templates that’ll get you inspired.

Plus, if you want a truly unique design, I have a great tip on how you can get a custom template for a super low price. Read on to find out more.

WordPress Themes

Thanks to its integrations with third-party theme providers such as ThemeForest and TemplateMonster, WordPress has one of the biggest theme selections available. I’ve picked out some of the best WordPress themes for photographers in terms of design and functionality.

Blacksilver – Best Overall Theme for Photographers1

WordPress BlackSilver Theme Homepage
Full-screen images are bound to attract attention.
Blacksilver comes from ThemeForest, and features over 12 designs that emphasize your photos, with Centauri and Venus being particularly eye-catching. Every design has several page layouts, including a full-screen slideshow and portfolio, plus events, blog, and landing pages.

This theme lets you upload unlimited images, regardless of their size, and thanks to its lazy-loading galleries, your visitors won’t be bugged by low page speed. Also, visitors will be able to enlarge individual photos in lightboxes or slideshows as they browse.

WordPress BlackSilver Theme Gallery Page
You can add filters to your photographs and create password-protected galleries.
Blacksilver is powered by the Elementor website-builder plugin, so it’s super easy to customize fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more. Also, it’s compatible with WooCommerce, so you can add purchase links to all lightboxes and sell directly from your page.

Ashade – Best Minimalist Design1

WordPress Ashade Theme Homepage
I like the unobtrusive design of social media buttons at the bottom-left corner.
Ashade, from ThemeForest, proves that less is more with its simplistic design and dark colors. The homepage contains three sections – a video background, a static image, and a photo gallery with slow zooming and panning effects.

This theme has a neat client proofing feature, which lets you manage page access by creating passwords so clients can view their session photos and choose their favorites for further touch-ups. Clients also choose the type of gallery grid they want for the proofing display!

WordPress Ashade Theme Gallery Layouts
There are 18 layouts for galleries and sliders.
WooCommerce is pre-installed, so you can easily add an adjustable grid for listing products, a separate products page, and intuitive shopping carts and checkouts.

Ashade is also powered by Elementor, which comes with great widgets for photographers, including a “before and after” feature that emphasizes the results of your photo processing.

Catch Co – Best for Photography Studios1

WordPress Catch Co Theme Homepage
You can add About and Team Pages.
TemplateMonster’s Catch Co features a layout that’s ideal for studio photography services, with a polished and professional design and sections for discounts and special offers.

Even if you don’t own a studio, you’ll enjoy its intuitive interface and creative typography. Thanks to its compatibility with Elementor, you’ll be able to add widgets such as an Image Carousel, Testimonials, and Google Maps.

WordPress Catch Co Theme Gallery Page
It’s easy to categorize your images with this template.
You can choose from several different layouts for each page and create a mega-menu with dropdown list sections. Also, there are built-in pages for your list of services and current and upcoming projects.

Catch Co is compatible with Ecwid, so it’s super easy to start selling your snaps.

Tomi Solas – Best for Highlighting Testimonials1

WordPress Tomi Solas Theme Homepage
Tomi Solas works for solo photographers and agencies alike.
This theme comes from TemplateMonster and includes a services page, testimonials page, a blog, and About and Contact pages, with various layout options for each page section.

The Testimonials page has a particularly eye-catching design with a polygon background, which places emphasis on your satisfied clients. The transparent button design is an elegant detail, while the large-image sliders put the accent on your work.

WordPress Tomi Solas Theme Blog
You can add categories and tags to your blog posts.
The portfolio has tabbed navigation, and each image can be enlarged with a simple click. Social media buttons are conveniently placed above Google Maps, so potential clients will have no trouble reaching you.

Photo Marketplace – The Cleanest Look1

WordPress Photo Marketplace Theme Homepage
Photo Marketplace comes with lots of built-in pages, but you can easily delete the ones you don’t need.
This is actually a layout pack from Elegant Theme’s drag-and-drop builder – Divi. The pack was created specifically for online photo marketplaces, but it has a clean and unobtrusive design that any photographer will appreciate.

My favorite thing about this theme is how the simple design plays up your photos without distracting visitors.

WordPress Photo Marketplace Category Page
You can group your work under different categories.
The layouts also feature some prominent text, so you can describe your services and projects and prompt visitors to learn more with well-designed CTA buttons.

Architecture Firm – Best for Architectural Photography1

WordPress Architecture Firm Theme Homepage
The sleek design gives out an urban feel.
Architecture is all about shapes and spaces, and so is this layout pack from Divi. Rectangular shapes create a clean and minimalist look while putting your photos in focus.

I also like the light/dark contrast, which adds a mysterious note to the elegant design. Architecture Firm features 8 page layouts, including pages to highlight your services and team members, as well as About and Contact pages.

WordPress Architecture Firm Project Page
This theme emphasizes your best projects to leave a lasting impression.
A nice touch is the contact form at the bottom of the portfolio page, which allows visitors to reach out right after they view your work.

Website Builder Templates

If you’re not already using WordPress, website builders such as Wix and Squarespace offer lots of photography-oriented templates that you can customize to your heart’s content.

Website builders are a great option in general because they’re very easy to use even if you don’t have technical experience. Plus, the templates are packed with features to help you showcase and sell your work.

Wildlife Photography – Best for Journalistic Photography1

Wix Wildlife Photography Homepage
I really like the National Geographic vibe of this template.
This template from Wix has a journalistic feel to it and just breathes elegance. The homepage displays a carousel of your best photos against a dark background to tease visitors and make them want to see more.

As visitors scroll down the portfolio page, individual images are framed dramatically by the dark background, which makes every photo pop.

Wix Wildlife Photography Blog
Wildlife Photography has a prominent blog too.
Although it’s designed for wildlife photography, this template can be used for any type of work with a magazine vibe. It also has a built-in store, so you can immediately start selling your work.

Wix logo black

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Photography Blog – Best for Photographers with Blogging Skills1

Wix Photography Blog Homepage
This template comes with a built-in page for videos, and a blog too!
If you have a flare for writing, this Wix template will let you combine your gifts to put a unique twist on content marketing. The homepage displays your most recent blog posts as large photos, while text snippets below each image entice your visitors to click and find out more.

The blog page lets you categorize your posts by topic, and the Client Showcase page displays a portfolio of your best work. I love the simple, clean design, especially the white space between photos, which lets each photo stand on its own.

Wix You can create an album for every client. Client Showcase
You can create an album for every client.
Contact info and social media buttons are clearly displayed on each page, so visitors won’t have any trouble reaching you. Best of all, having a blog really boosts your SEO, so you’ll get more traffic than you would with just a portfolio site!

Sophie – Best for Wedding Photographers1

Squarespace Sophie Homepage
There’s a search function at the top-left corner of the homepage.
Sophie from Squarespace is an ideal solution for wedding photographers because of its rustic, romantic feel. The template’s sleek design and full-width images put all the attention on your photos – exactly where you want it.

Template layouts include slideshow galleries, where you can display your list of services and prices. You also get a blog page, so you can share your expertise on documenting the big day.

Squarespace Sophie Portfolio Page
There’s a portfolio section dedicated to videos.
Plus, I like the subtle way this template incorporates social media icons at the top-right corner of the screen. There’s also a search function on the homepage so your visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for.


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Wexley – Best for Travel Photographers1

Squarespace Wexley Homepage
Hovering over an image with a mouse cursor reveals the name of the photo.
Wexley from Squarespace has a dynamic mosaic layout, but the clean white borders make it easy to focus on individual images. The portfolio page is presented as a slideshow, so visitors can browse through photos using the Previous/Next buttons.

You also get a blog page so you can share the stories behind your pics, and there are Contact and About pages you can customize to match your style, thanks to Squarespace’s user-friendly editor. I particularly like the ghost navigation buttons at the top of the page, which bring out the elegance of this template.

Squarespace Wexley Blog
The blog section has a search function and it lets you set up featured posts.
Wexley doesn’t have a built-in shopping cart, but you can quickly add it by clicking on the Commerce button and using Squarespace’s store-builder tool.

Jonathan Bill – Best for Landscape Photography1

SITE123 Jonathan Bill Homepage
I love the neat design of top page buttons.
If you’re a landscape photographer, this template from SITE123 will highlight the beauty of your work with full-width images that grab your visitors’ attention. There are eight gallery layouts available, including a rounded gallery grid if you’re looking for something unconventional.

You have the option to choose between a single-page or a multi-page website structure, but in both cases, you’ll receive a minimalist and elegant design. The portfolio section showcases your photos with ample white space, allowing each photo to tell its own story.

SITE123 Jonathan Bill Portfolio Section
SITE123 supports bulk uploading of your images.
Also, when a visitor clicks on a photo, it’ll expand to a full-screen view so they can fully appreciate all the details (for all gallery types except carousel).

Painter – Best for Promoting Exhibitions1

SITE123 Painter Homepage
Full-width images and noticeable CTA buttons are effective ways to grow your client base.
If you intend to exhibit your photos, SITE123 offers the perfect template to promote the event (and raise awareness of your work in general). You can customize the dedicated exhibition page to highlight your upcoming projects.

All SITE123 templates have a similar modern design and clean look, but with Painter, you can create custom categories for images to keep your portfolio organized. What I particularly like about this template are the My Works and About Me buttons clearly displayed on the homepage, which immediately prompt viewers to learn more about your photography.

SITE123 Painter Exhibitions Page
You can customize the Exhibitions page to generate buzz for your work.
You can also add an online store to every SITE123 template to sell your work. If you sell your photos as digital files, you have the option to automatically upload them and email them to customers after they check out.

How to Get a Custom Template for a Great Price

If you’d rather hire a professional to design a custom template for you, Fiverr is worth considering1. This platform allows you to get in touch with top-class web designers who can create a unique template that suits your needs.

And in addition to saving time, you’ll save money too – Fiverr is quite affordable, as the name suggests.

For example, Bilalkhawaja has been working on Fiverr for over 4 years, and he specializes in website development. He has exceptional graphic design skills, as seen in his templates’ clean and elegant look.

Fiverr Designer Template
This amazing nature-based design brings your photos to the fore.
Ruchi_bhut is another experienced UX/UI designer who specializes in branding and logo design. She creates professional and modern designs that focus on gorgeous images.

Fiverr Designer Template
This great portrait-focused template plays up the intensity with high-contrast shots.

Choose a Template That’ll Put the Spotlight on Your Photos

If you’re already using WordPress, the themes on this list will make your photography website stand out. If not, you can try one of the templates I’ve highlighted from website builders like Wix1 or Squarespace1, which are extremely easy to use.

Alternatively, you can hire a designer from Fiverr1 to create a custom template so you get exactly what you need.


Do I need a website for my photography?

Apart from giving your business a more professional look, having a photography website can help you maintain brand consistency. You decide how to design your site, which photos to include, and how to display them, so you have full control over your image and presentation.

The good news is that – with the right platform – building a website can be super easy. We’ve put together a list of the best website builders in 2024 to help you get started.

What is the best website builder for photographers?

It all depends on your needs. Photography-specific platforms such as Zenfolio offer great features like booking tools, password-protected galleries, and free marketing campaigns. But on the other hand, a general-purpose website builder gives you all of these features, plus more templates and customization options.

Wix, for example, is less expensive than Zenfolio and gives you more creative control over your site’s look and functionality (even on the free plan1). Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan, but it offers extensive e-commerce features, while WordPress probably offers more themes than any other CMS.

If in doubt, take a look at our list of the best website builders for photographer portfolios to make an informed choice.

How do I make my photography website stand out?

A sleek and modern template design will highlight the quality of your photos, as will an innovative gallery layout with sliders or animations. However, your template design shouldn’t distract viewers from your photos, so a minimalist and elegant approach that brings your images to the fore is always a good choice.

How do I create a free photography website?

Wix and Weebly offer free plans with lots of features if you just plan to showcase your photos. If you want to sell your work online, though, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan. A paid subscription will also give you access to lots more customization options and tools, so it could be well worth it. To build a great photography website without breaking the bank, check out our coupon page.

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