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10 Best AI Email Writers: Boost Efficiency in 2024

Ana Marković May 22, 2024
May 22, 2024
The marketplace for AI email writing tools is brimming with options, but not all AI email writers can improve email quality and enhance efficiency.

Whether you’re involved in email marketing, sales, or customer support, you’ll want a tool to help you manage large volumes of emails while maintaining high communication standards and ensuring personalized responses. You’ll also need a solution that seamlessly integrates into your current email platforms to avoid disrupting workflows.

After testing the most popular AI email writers, I narrowed the list to the best ten, considering integration capabilities, ease of use, and innovative features that genuinely save time. Jasper.ai stands out with its wide toolbox of automations to help streamline your entire email marketing workflow while maintaining your brand voice across emails (and other platforms).

You can try out Jasper.ai for free or keep reading for more detailed insights on other AI email writers that might suit your specific needs.

Short on Time? These Are the Best AI Email Writers in 2024

  1. Jasper.ai1 – Fully featured solution to create end-to-end email campaigns.
  2. Rytr1 – Affordable, easy-to-use AI writer for multilingual email communication.
  3. Writesonic1 – Native suite of content and image tools to improve your email quality.

See 7 More Great Options | Comparison Table

What We Look For in the Best AI Email Writers

Aside from being easy to use, an efficient AI email writer should tick a few other boxes to offer real value. Here’s what I focused on during my research.
  • Quality and on-brand output. I only included AI email writers that can produce well-structured and error-free text. These AI tools also allow you to maintain a consistent brand voice across emails.
  • Personalization. Win and retain your customers with personal emails. Every platform I listed offers versatile style and tone options, allowing you to craft correspondence that speaks to your customers.
  • Automation. The AI email tools I selected come with email templates and AI prompts to help you automate routine (and often time-consuming) tasks, such as responses and follow-ups.
  • Editing tools. All AI email writers I included come with useful tools for editing and improving text, such as rephrasing and summarizing. Some of them generate various versions of your text and even let you test their performance.
  • Integrations. Most AI email writers on my list easily integrate with different email and text-processing platforms, such as Gmail and Google Docs, to maintain workflow continuity.

Jasper.ai email use cases
Jasper offers several use cases to speed up the process of writing emails
Jasper’s use cases simplify the process of creating effective emails that engage your audience. These templates help you generate catchy subject lines and a compelling email body, even offering suggestions on send times to improve your email’s opening rate.

It’s not just about individual emails – Jasper’s Campaigns feature lets you create end-to-end marketing campaigns1 for email and other platforms. Based on the brief you upload and assets you choose (emails, social media posts, landing pages, etc.), Jasper generates a full-blown campaign in your unique brand voice to ensure consistency across formats.

Jasper’s offerings fall on the pricier side, and to get access to more advanced features, such as Campaigns, you’ll have to subscribe to the Pro plan or above. Still, you get good value with access to 50+ templates, multiple brand voice options, and an image generator. While there’s no free plan, Jasper offers a 7-day free trial to let you gauge its effectiveness without immediate commitment.

Jasper.ai Sample Text

At Talk to Me in Korean, we believe in making language learning an enjoyable and engaging experience. Our team of passionate instructors is dedicated to providing you with top-notch educational content that is not only effective but also fun! We are constantly working on creating new materials that cater to learners of all levels, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to succeed.


  • 50+ content templates. In addition to the Email Subject Lines template, you can use other Jasper templates to automate your email processes, such as the ones for generating paragraphs, press releases, and feature-to-benefit sections.
  • Improve emails with on-brand images. Jasper’s art generator crafts images tailored to your style and preferences. Additionally, Jasper acquired Clipdrop, an AI-driven platform for image creation and editing. Running on Stable Diffusion 3, Clipdrop ensures your visuals stay perfectly aligned with your brand.
  • Project management. On the Pro plan, you can access Jasper’s project management tool, which lets you view your tasks in board and calendar view. This can be useful for organizing and scheduling your email communications.
  • Integrations. Jasper’s Chrome and Edge browser extension allows you to implement its tools in any of your web-based apps, such as Google Docs. Also, Jasper lets you integrate third-party software like Webflow for creating website content and Surfer for improving SEO.
Curious about Jasper’s other features? We’ve got it covered in our expert review.

Free plan
Email templates
Mobile app
Integrations  (app add-ons, Chrome and Edge extensions)
Starting price $39/month

Rytr's text editor
Input your information on the left and edit Rytr content on the right
Of all the AI email writers on this list, Rytr is the easiest to use, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer plenty of functionality for crafting emails and other types of content. One of its standout features is the ability to draft emails in 35+ languages1, which is incredibly useful if you communicate with international customers on a regular basis.

You get several email use cases to choose from, such as email replies, CTAs, and newsletters. There are versatile tone options, ranging from assertive and humorous to more fine-tuned choices like urgent and worried. You can also set up different creativity levels for your content (though I’d stick to Optimal for best results!).

Rytr’s pricing model is competitively cheap, even at its highest-tier plans. While the free plan has limitations (only 10,000 characters per month), the cheapest paid plan gives you access to unlimited content and priority support. For more extensive needs (and to unlock languages), the Premium plan remains affordable and offers significant value with features like custom use cases and multilingual content creation.

Rytr Sample Text

I wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate you signing up to receive our latest content. Your support means the world to us, and we’re excited to share our best Korean learning resources with you.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sending you highlights of our top lessons, podcasts, and articles to help take your Korean skills to the next level. And please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback along the way – I’m always here to help.


  • Content variants. Rytr can generate up to three email draft versions, which you can test on your subscribers to see which one works best.
  • Tools for quick editing. The Ghost Rytr feature lets you change tone and length and rephrase or compose entire paragraphs from any selected text up to 300 characters. It’s particularly handy for making quick edits, such as refining a sales pitch or adjusting customer service responses.
  • My Voice. This tool analyzes a sample of your writing and mirrors your tone when it creates content. On the Premium plan, you can create multiple custom tones to match the needs of different projects or clients.
  • Chrome extension. Rytr’s useful Chrome extension lets you input content directly into your emails, cloud documents, and social media.
Read our in-depth Rytr review to see more benefits.

Free plan
Email templates
Mobile app
Integrations (Chrome extension)
Starting price $9/month

Writesonic email generator
I really like that you can switch from Writesonic’s email generator to Chatsonic with a single click
Writesonic’s Emails V2 generator is specifically designed to produce highly engaging email content. Just enter the recipient’s details (name and position), describe the type of email copy you want, and Writesonic will give you three email drafts you can insert into the editor to enhance. Though it lacks the versatility of Jasper’s use cases, it’s particularly effective in creating subject lines, CTAs, and cold emails.

And if you’d rather have an interactive session, the Chatsonic feature goes beyond the limits of a mere chatbot. You get real-time web search1, fact-checked content, and the ability to attach any type of file for analysis, including images, PDFs, audio files, and websites. Chatsonic can also write in your brand voice, ask follow-up questions to ensure high-quality output, and optimize your prompts for the best results.

Writesonic caters to a broad audience with its range of plans, making it accessible for freelancers and businesses alike. While the free plan is a good way to test the software, the affordable Individual plan includes unlimited generations, brand voice options, and 50 credits per month for advanced tools.

Writesonic Text Sample

To make the most of your membership, I invite you to explore our website and dive into the wide range of resources we offer. From interactive lessons and podcasts to video tutorials and workbooks, there’s something for everyone. Stay tuned for regular updates and exciting new features we have in store for you!


  • AI Article Writer. If you run out of ideas for captivating or converting email content, Writesonic’s AI Article Writer also works great for generating short copy.
  • Highlights. This feature allows you to quickly generate accompanying promo copy for your content, such as social media posts, newsletters, and SEO meta tags.
  • Image and voice generation. Writesonic’s suite of tools includes Photosonic for high-quality image generation and Audiosonic, which converts your text into human-like voices. These features expand the range of multimedia content that you can produce directly from the platform​.
  • Botsonic. This paid add-on lets you create AI assistants trained on your data, which is particularly useful for resolving customer queries.
Explore more automation features in our expert Writesonic review.

Free plan
Email templates
Mobile app  (Chatsonic Android app only)
Integrations (via Zapier, WordPress plugin, Chrome and Opera extension)
Starting price $15/month

HubSpot AI writer
HubSpot’s AI assistant will let you regenerate content as many times as you want
If you’re an existing HubSpot customer, using its AI Email Writer makes perfect sense – you’ll be able to write, format, send, and analyze your emails within the same platform. HubSpot’s ecosystem specializes in marketing and customer relationship management (CRM), so its AI Email Writer is particularly good at generating sales emails.

You can start by choosing one of HubSpot’s customizable email templates (a welcome email, new product launch, e-commerce re-engagement, etc.). Once you hit the Generate content button, you’ll begin a step-by-step process of AI email creation. You’ll need to let the AI know the purpose of your email, key selling points, CTA you want to include, and your writing style. Once you generate the email, you can either edit it or ask HubSpot’s AI to tweak it further.

Every plan – even the free one – includes HubSpot’s AI email writing features. That said, more advanced tools, such as unlimited email tracking or email A/B testing, are only available with paid plans. HubSpot’s flexible structure allows you to mix and match modules, such as marketing, sales, and CRM tools. Just be aware that the price can increase significantly depending on your requirements and team size.

HubSpot AI Email Writer Sample Text

Short and Sweet Lessons

Our platform offers short and easy-to-digest lessons that fit perfectly into your busy schedule.

Engaging and Interactive

Learn Korean in a fun and interactive way with our engaging content and activities.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Get access to insider tips and tricks from language experts to accelerate your learning journey.


  • AI prompt commands. You can use “slash” and “highlight” commands to edit and generate new content in your emails. There is a limit of 4,000 tokens for prompts (1 paragraph equals approximately 100 tokens).
  • Sales emails on the go. HubSpot’s comprehensive mobile app lets you generate and edit emails from anywhere. You can also use the HubSpot Sales Chrome extension and the HubSpot Sales Office 365 add-in to further expand your reach.
  • Advanced campaign features. Once you’re happy with your email copy, you can save it as a template, send it right away, or schedule sending as a part of your campaign. You can also test different versions of the same email to see which one performs best.
  • Email tracking. When you launch your email campaign, your HubSpot CRM database automatically records campaign data for you (contacts and conversations), so you can track open rates and lead submissions.
Read our full HubSpot review to learn more about the platform.

Free plan
Email templates
Mobile app  
Integrations (app add-ons, Chrome extension, Office 365 add-in)
Starting price $20.00

5. Copy.ai: Best Email Prompt Library1

Copy.ai email editor
Copy.ai has an intuitive interface that lets you easily edit text generated by a chatbot
Copy.ai offers an extensive library of prompts to enhance your writing, with a dedicated section for email marketing. You’ll find prompts for creating newsletters, email surveys, and opt-in forms. You can even develop entire email outreach or lead generation campaigns.

Copy.ai provides versatile use cases to help automate your marketing and sales workflows but template-wise, its email efforts feel somewhat limited. Still, it can generate email subject lines, create personalized cold sales emails based on LinkedIn URLs, and turn documents into ready-to-email press releases.

Copy.ai’s free plan is probably not enough if you require a solid email workflow as it only gives you access to one seat and 2,000 words in its Chat feature. If you run a small team, I suggest trying out the Pro plan – you’ll get 5 seats, unlimited words, and 500 workflow credits.

Copy.ai Sample Text

🎉 The Talk to Me in Korean experience:

Learning doesn’t have to be rigid or monotonous. At Talk to Me in Korean, we make it fun, interactive, and engaging. Ready to dive into authentic conversations, language challenges, and unique learning techniques that will keep you captivated? Join us, and let’s embrace a language-learning experience like no other!


  • Wide set of integrations. Copy.ai integrates with hundreds of apps through Zapier and you can use its features in many email and messaging platforms, such as Mailchimp and Slack.
  • Custom brand voice options. In addition to choosing from predefined tones, like “Friendly” and “Professional,” you can also describe your desired tone in a few words and even ask Copy.ai to mimic a celebrity.
  • Infobase for your brand. This feature lets you gather important brand-related information, such as brand guidelines and product services in one place. You only need to input information once and assign a specific tag. After that, it’s available whenever you need to create content, such as emails or blog posts.
  • Free writing tools. Copy.ai provides a range of free tools that can come in handy while drafting emails, such as a sentence and paragraph rewriter, a CTA generator, a lead enrichment tool, and more.
See our expert Copy.ai review for more writing samples.

Free plan
Email templates
Mobile app
Integrations (via Zapier)
Starting price $49/month

6. AI Writer: Best for Email Outlines1

AI Writer email composer
Email Composer’s output is on point, even if the customization options are limited
Like all AI email writers on this list, AI Writer’s Email Composer generates content based on the information you provide. This includes the purpose of the email and your desired tone. But unlike most email writing tools I highlighted, Email Composer does lack in some areas – there’s no prebuilt tone and style options, it’s only available in English, and it doesn’t let you edit content directly from its platform.

What Email Composer does best, though, is give you a list of key points to cover in your email, making it a great tool for creating outlines. It will also generate a subject line and the body of the email based on the suggested key points.

AI Writer’s prices are high compared to other similar tools, and every plan imposes limits on content generation. Still, it doesn’t lock features under high-tier plans so you’ll get to use all its features, even on the most basic plan. In addition to Email Composer, this includes an article writer, a tool for suggesting topics, a social media post generator, and more.

AI Writer Sample Text

Welcome to Talk to Me in Korean! We are thrilled to have you join our learning platform and become a part of our language learning community.

Please feel free to explore all the content available on our platform, including lessons, videos, eBooks, and more. If you have any questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help in any way we can.


  • Fact-checking with sources. AI Writer specializes in generating academic-like content. It includes live citations for every factual statement, making it an efficient research aid for academic institutions that also want to send out email campaigns.
  • Quick-edit tools. AI Writer has several nifty features to help you enhance your email content, including proofreading, summarizing, and text rewording tools.
  • Tailor-made content. Designed for long-form content, AI Writer’s Article Writer can easily double as an email writer – especially if your mailing list is very niche. You can specify the number, length and content of individual paragraphs, giving you great control over your content.
  • Topic Suggest 2.0. AI Writer can suggest the most relevant and trending subtopics you can use for your weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletters.
Check out our comprehensive review to see if AI Writer is right for you.

Free plan
Email templates
Mobile app
Integrations (via Application Passwords WordPress plugin)
Starting price $29/month

Other Notable AI Email Writers

7. Writerly

Writerly Cold Email Template
Writerly has a pleasant, beginner-friendly interface
Writerly works particularly well for generating cold emails. You can set up your email’s language, tone, and persona, and generate a number of versions. Based on your input, Writerly will create content you can insert into a simple document editor and tweak to suit your needs.

While you can use Writerly to craft basic emails, it lacks more advanced features such as diverse email templates and a powerful chatbot. Still, its interface is incredibly easy to navigate, which makes it a great starting point if you’re new to AI email writing.

8. ChatGPT

ChatGPT Interface
ChatGPT works well with shorter content, like emails
The OG AI writing tool, ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot that can generate content quickly on any subject. ChatGPT excels with shorter texts, especially when it comes to rewording or expanding existing content. To get the most out of it, you’ll need to refine your prompts (sometimes multiple times), but it remains a valuable tool for writing assistance or ideation.

For advanced users, ChatGPT also lets you create custom chatbots trained with your data, which you can implement in customer service conversations. You’ll need to get on a paid account to use this feature, though.

9. Shortwave

Shortwave AI Assistant
Shortwave’s interface looks a bit cluttered
Shortwave is a chat-based email assistant that can generate emails from scratch or with prompts. One standout feature is that it provides AI-powered email search, allowing you to access specific conversations by asking questions from your inbox.

However, Shortwave lacks email templates, brand and style options, and editing tools, making it better suited for personal conversations rather than email workflows. Also, it’s only available for Gmail.

10. Flowrite

Flowrite Email Reply Options
You can save your email replies as templates and reuse them as needed
Flowrite specializes in drafting personalized email replies. It reads your emails and creates multiple replies you can use immediately or edit. It picks up details such as names to make messages personal, and it can generate replies based on your input, such as including special greetings in your emails.

However, much like Shortwave, Flowrite doesn’t provide use cases and AI prompts, which makes it less suitable for email marketing purposes but a handy tool for writing professional emails.

These Are the Best AI Email Writers to Streamline Your Workflows

My recommendations help increase productivity by reducing the time spent writing and organizing emails. I’ve made sure they integrate well with your workspace and help you maintain consistent brand voice across emails (and other content). However, the best solution for you depends on your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a way to streamline your email (and other) marketing campaigns, Jasper.ai is my top recommendation1. Jasper.ai offers versatile use cases to speed up email creation and its intuitive process of automating campaigns helps keep your style consistent across formats.

On the other hand, if you want an affordable tool to help you communicate with international customers, Rytr has what you need1. It allows you to create content in over 35 languages, and it’s one of the easiest AI email writers out there.

Or, if you’re looking for a powerful chatbot to assist you with email copy, Writesonic is a great option1. Writesonic also offers a built-in AI image generator to help you create on-brand visuals for your email and any other type of content.

If you’re still unsure which platform is the right choice for you, here’s a quick comparison of the different AI email writers I tested.
Free Plan Best Feature Best For Starting Price
Jasper.ai Email use cases Streamlining email marketing campaigns $49/month
Rytr Intuitive interface and multilingual email creation Email marketers on a budget $9/month
Writesonic Powerful chatbot and AI image generator Creating on-brand multimedia email content $15
HubSpot AI Email Writer Sales emails generator Drafting, sending, and tracking emails from the same platform $20.00
Copy.ai AI email prompts Integrating AI into your email and messaging platforms $49/month
AI Writer Editing, proofreading, and fact-checking tools Creating email outlines $29/month


Can AI email writers automate large volumes of emails?

Absolutely! Equipped with advanced algorithms, AI tools can handle repetitive tasks efficiently while maintaining a personalized touch, saving time and ensuring consistency across communications. A good example is Jasper.ai, which can help you manage high email volumes by streamlining processes like drafting and personalization.

Are there any AI email writers that offer multilingual support?

Yes, many AI email writers offer multilingual support for businesses operating internationally. For instance, Rytr allows you to draft emails in 35+ languages, which can help your business enhance its global outreach and customer engagement with less resources.

How do AI email writers integrate with CRM systems?

AI email writers integrate with CRM systems by syncing with your existing customer data. This enables the AI to personalize emails based on customer interactions, preferences, and history. The integration automates and tailors communication, enhancing engagement and efficiency without manual input. If you’re looking for an advanced integration, HubSpot offers free AI tools with its sales CRM.

What are the best AI email writers for small businesses?

It depends on your needs. If you’re looking to streamline every aspect of your campaigns, Jasper.ai is a great but slightly pricey solution. On the other hand, if you want a built-in set of AI text and image creation tools with a range of pricing plans, Writesonic is worth considering. It’s essential to research the various platforms available, as each provides unique benefits for streamlining communication and boosting productivity for small businesses.

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