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How SashiDo Fixes The Top 4 Mobile App Development Challenges in 2024: Q/A with CEO Marian Ignev

How SashiDo Fixes The Top 4 Mobile App Development Challenges in 2024: Q/A with CEO Marian Ignev

Roberto Popolizio
In this interview series, Website Planet is talking to executives from the best online businesses, to cut the fluff and learn what it really takes to create a successful website and online business like they did.

Our guest today is Marian Ignev, Co-Founder & CEO of SashiDo, and passionate entrepreneur, software engineer, and visionary.

SashiDo was founded in 2016 as part of CloudStrap, and since then it has been the go-to mBaaS for over 750 clients, powering 19,000+ mobile applications.

We looked at the top four pain points for mobile app developers and businesses in 2024, and how SashiDo fixes them to simplify complex digital solutions and drive digital transformation at scale.

Introduce SashiDo to our audience

SashiDo offers a fully managed, robust mBaaS (mobile Backend-as-a-Service) platform that simplifies mobile app development and enables software developers to build any API they need in no time. Our services empower users to build global serverless apps faster with scalable NodeJS Rest & GraphQL API, easy-to-use CMS, CRUD, Object and File storage, built-in CDN, User Management, Relations, Push Notifications, System Emails, Cloud functions & Jobs, Real-time messages, and more out of the box.

Our team brings Software Development, Product Development, DevOps, System Administration, Infrastructure Management, UX/UI, and BigData expertise from top global companies such as Mozzila, SiteGround, Telerik, Neterra, Swissport, Interoute, Kantar, and more.

Currently, SashiDo is powering the applications of 750+ businesses, serving more than 25 million end customers and 41 million devices across 99 countries. At peak traffic, our infrastructure handles up to 80 to 100 million requests per day, showcasing our platform’s robustness and reliability.

What problems are you solving with your products and services?

SashiDo addresses several critical pain points for mobile app developers and businesses:
  • Scalability and Performance: Many companies struggle with scaling their applications efficiently. SashiDo’s serverless infrastructure ensures seamless scalability, handling high traffic volumes effortlessly.
  • Complexity in Backend Management: Developers often face challenges managing backend services. Our platform is a completely managed solution built on top of Parse Server open-source backend and simplifies development with features like scalable NodeJS Rest & GraphQL APIs, easy-to-use CMS, and built-in CDN.
  • Real-time Functionality: Building real-time applications can be daunting. SashiDo provides tools for creating real-time dashboards, geo-tracking, multiplayer games, and more with minimal code.
  • Comprehensive Tools: We offer a wide range of services out of the box, including User Management, Push Notifications, System Emails, and Cloud functions, enabling developers to focus more on their business and less on infrastructure.
SashiDo dashboard
Our clients, ranging from freelancers to large enterprises like KORG, USGA, and AnyDesk, have leveraged SashiDo to build applications across diverse industries such as Manufacturing, Gaming, E-commerce, and Education. For example, the Bookly app transformed millions of book lovers’ reading habits using our platform, and Parky.ai simplified parking sign recognition with AI, utilizing SashiDo’s robust backend capabilities.

“Our users love their reading data and it’s extremely important for them to know the data is safe. Using SashiDo we can offer that. With regular backups, and a professional team that tackles any issue that might appear extremely fast. – states Bookly’s founder.”
Iancu Tudor, creator of Bookly

Since you started, what helped you grow your online business?

SashiDo’s growth can be attributed to several key strategies and tools. The main one is our customer-centric approach and focus on building long-term relationships with our clients.
Additionally, our platform is built on a robust tech stack, including Parse Server, MongoDB, and Kubernetes. This setup ensures reliability, scalability, and performance, which are crucial for our customers’ success.

One of the results of the above strategy is that referrals from happy customers have been a significant driver of our growth. Word of mouth from satisfied clients has helped us expand our user base organically.

We have also invested in SEO and content marketing to increase our online visibility. By providing valuable content through blogs and tutorials, we attract developers looking for reliable backend solutions.

What are the top reasons people eventually choose you over competitors?

For starters, SashiDo offers a wide range of features out of the box, including real-time functionalities, scalable APIs, and built-in services, making it a one-stop solution for mobile app development.

Additionally, our serverless infrastructure ensures seamless scalability and high performance, which is crucial for businesses with fluctuating traffic demands. Whether you’re starting a new Parse app or looking for Parse hosting, SashiDo provides reliable and efficient solutions.

Furthermore, SashiDo specializes in Parse migration services, making it easy to migrate their existing apps. Our expertise in Parse backend and MongoDB migration ensures that your data is handled with care and precision.

And like I’ve mentioned earlier, our knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful customer support makes clients feel safe and enabled. We provide exceptional customer care, ensuring a smooth development experience.

Last, but not least, proven success is also a critical factor. Testimonials and case studies from satisfied clients, such as the USA Golf Association and KORG, highlight the effectiveness of our solutions and the tangible benefits they offer.

SashiDo Customers  Testimonials
SashiDo Testimonials

Roadmap for the future

Looking ahead, SashiDo plans to focus on several key areas to continue driving growth and innovation. The main direction is closely monitoring trends in AI and AR/VR and actively working on accommodating the needs of businesses developing AI-powered apps. This will involve products and tools to support more advanced applications.

Along that, we will continue to tailor our services to meet the specific needs of large and enterprise-level customers, ensuring they have the tools and support needed to succeed. On the other hand, we will make sure our services remain affordable and accessible for early-stage startups and freelancers with great potential.

By staying agile and responsive to industry changes, SashiDo is well-positioned to support our customers’ evolving needs and drive digital transformation at scale.

Where can we go to learn more?

  • Website: https://www.sashido.io/en/
  • Blog: https://www.sashido.io/en/
  • YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaoY71FbidHgmclsOBNplyg
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mignev/
  • X: https://x.com/mignev
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